Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo Heats Up Jersey Shore

Le Club located on the Jersey Shore.
Many of you know by now I have this like/not so like thing with Carla Facciolo of Mob Wives.  She has the ability to make me smile and then irk me all in one swoop.  I wonder if Joseph Ferragamo ever feels the way I do?  Anyhow I was cruising along when Underboss asked me if I've seen the latest pictures of Carla "Fuckin" Facciolo.  Carla blocked me ages ago on Twitter.  I will concede I could set up another Twitter account.  I will concede there is a little trick one can do in order to see whichever Twitter account they wish.  However, it is so not that serious & not worth the seconds of effort.  Besides some of our readers love sending us stuff to post.  We sure do thank you from our cold heartless bloggers' hearts.

Mob Wives' Carla Facciolo soaking up the sun.
Moving along, the picture of  Fuckin' Facciolo really is impressive.  Her body is beyond sick for a woman in her mid-forties.  Sick as in unbelievably gorgeous, in case any of you thought I was being snide.  Frankly, her body is 100 times better than mine's.  She could show a few 20 year olds a thing or two when it comes to having & maintaining a rocking body.  It's hard to believe she's the mother of twins.  I have to admit my 8 year old could teach her a thing or two when it comes to the English language.  *shrugs*  Not everyone has brains & beauty.  As always you can click the pictures for a larger view.

Carla Facciolo with Handy Man the guy from season 1 who allegedly groped Renee Graziano & Karen Gravano.

I have to admit Carla epitomizes never letting them see you sweat.  She is just chilling at Le Club located on the infamous Jersey Shore with Handy Man.  Though Carla and I won't be having lunch or doing tea ever.  I hope she's enjoying her weekend @ 23 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch.  I have a feeling she enjoyed a salad for lunch.  I wonder if it was the Salade de Mesclun or Tomato Salad.  Frankly, I'd give the Roasted Heirloom Beet Salad a try.  Handy Man is a cutie pie with a criminal record of course.  I'm thinking Joseph "Joe" Ferragamo is hotter.  I got to give it to Mrs. Facciolo she likes the lookers.
I wonder if Handy Man kept his hands to himself this weekend.
Update:  We originally revealed Handy Man in July 2011, you can read here.  It got a little hot on Twitter June 11, 2012.  Derek a.k.a. Handy Man got a little hot when @LoveMajewski of I Married A Mobster & Deadly Sins revealed she use to cuddle up to his tattoo before Carla Facciolo.  You can follow @LoveMajewski on Twitter if you like by clicking her name.

Photo Credit: Le Club & Carla's Twitter


Anonymous said...

How do you know if you are blocked on Twitter and does that mean you can't view a person's tweets?

I'm really not that familiar with Twitter.

gypsy said...

Can't deny her body is insane, but since when did she become Carls 'Fuckin".Facciolo.????. Think this dumbass been hanging with Drita "
Fuckin" D'Avanzo wayyy to fkn long...... Next thing is we may see them both having word "Fucking" tatooed on the inside of both their bottom lips. Not even gonna mention which lips!!

Mob Mistress said...

Wow Gypsy! You are shy aren't you when it comes to expressing how you feel?

She became Carla "Fuckin" Facciolo due to a couple of ex-wives claiming she slept with their husbands. Once the Mob Wives Reunion aired & Toni Marie Ricci came forward it seemed like an appropriate nickname for Carla. I did consider Carla "Hot Coochie" Facciolo. However Carla "Fuckin" Facciolo had a ring to it.

Anonymous said...

So I guess that the rumor Carla's dating Ryan Labbe, Pauly D's friend isn't true? Too bad, Ryan isn't great but anybody's better than Handy Man.

Mob Mistress said...

Someone said they saw them making out in a club. I don't know if it's true or not. Carla has stated she's living as if single.

Lucky Luciano said...

"Hot Coochie" That'S way too fuckin funny.

vai said...

Carla FUCKING Facciolo sounds fab lol. Well it fits her 100% hahaha.

Julie M. said...

MM great blog you had me laugh....loved it!!!

gypsy said...

No Mob Mistress I am far,very far from expressing my feelings raw or ladylike!! Regarding why Carla was now called Carla Fucking Facciolo, I must of missed a post. In the pornography world (which I know a lil too well-hangs head in shame)some of the girls have Fuckin tattooed on their bottom lip mouth part:) :)
One regret is that I judged someone too quickly by a stupid post that was made and I called ToniMarie Ricci an awful name, for that I do apologize. But since we are all adults, I do NOT think that another person (supposedly an adult) telling me what to do and when to apologize is necessary, NOT in my book anyway, If I feel I was wrong, I will do it without any peanut galleries. After further research, yes I'm taking the high road & adult enough to admit when Im wrong, so I am APOLOGIZING to TONIMARIE RICCI, those were not my true feelings after I learned more about you as I investigated. I am sorry if I hurt you in anyway....Really am sorry. But for some of the bloggers on here or fans to come at me the way they did was just plain Childish, which is why I ignored it and blocked, Im not here for hate, Im not a hater, I truly love all the housewives, I have my faves, and I love all the Married Mobster Shows, Etc. But when I post a comment there will be no hair on my tongue as 45 yrs of living in Brooklyn in a certain neighborhood, surrounded by mostly men, was taught to not have hair on my tongue, at home I was the same, very Italian family and a female who disobeyed every chance she got, only child and a blacksheep. Just saying all this to say I love the blog and always read even though I dont comment. I wrote to Mob Mistress and she totally dismissed me, again childish, so I said block her too..which I didnt want to cause Ive always liked her posts(still calling them posts thats how old school I am, I know its Tweets :p) and it was a post complimenting what she said and I was going to be borrowing what she said about dickbump or something to that affect. If my apology is not accepted, fine by me, I will NOT lose any sleep, I just came here to say whats been on my mind and had to clear that up as it was bothering/nagging at me that I jumped on a woman I know nothing about other than reading her tweets one time. I am not a Carla fan, and again, I apologize to you ToniMarie, I hasty judged when I shouldn't of. That is all!!! Thank you for keeping us up to date daily for everything in between Mobwives, I like that you dont just focus on them, I really do enjoy your writing and the blog, job very well done by all who is involved in this. Again, not meant to cause hatred or be a hater, as I am very far from one, but if I feel something I will say it. That was uncalled for, but other things Ive said about Drita to her, (she now ignores me but hasnt blocked me yet, and has blocked my GF Skillz) and I say way harsher things to her than Skillz ever did. But whatever, keep on keeping on and congrats on your 2million. xo

P.S. I know this post dont belong in this spot so if you could do me a favor and put it in her spot so that she can maybe see it, Im short on time. Thanks again M.O.B.
Ive stuck up for you in the past when Drita keeps telling her fans that your blog is bias, hey, you like who you like, and its your blog you can do whatever the fuck you want with it. She obvs reads it or wouldn't know so much about it, CORRECT??

gypsy said...

Gotta comment on the handyman, did he strategically place his penis in that picture to make it look huge, cause that can be done if you pick up ur testicles & lay the penis right>>>Cause wow he looks like he got the only package...maybe she's a size queen. Okay enough...I could go on and on, my mind is always in the gutter, most peoples minds are in the gutter, I just have the mouth to say what others wont...Again no hair on this tongue.

Mob Mistress said...

Gypsy I don't think I've ever dismissed you. I remember the dick bump comment and laughed.

Anyhow it's Twitter and the internet, I don't take anything online too seriously. People follow, unfollow, follow again and then block...


gypsy said...

MOB, I'm glad u feel that way,...same here, glad to read ur tweets again.
Admit that there r some ppl who take Twitter seriously. Look how fast you & the other writers blew up. So some do care.
Have a good rest of the weekend!!!

Mob Mistress said...


I just got in from work. It was a long one. You comment made me smile.

I'm taking a break from Twitter. The backstabbing, positioning, lack of reading comprehension and just plain thirstiness is a bit much.

I'm going to let some of the Fruit Loops play w/ others for awhile.