Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mob Wives: Wanted, New Mob Wives?

New Mob Wives!

When I am not writing, I am reading or researching. That’s how I get ideas for my blogs. I read everything: articles, interviews, facebook accounts, tweets, blogs. I watch videos. And many times, my system is very productive in generating ideas to share with readers. Sometimes my followers on Twitter inspire me or point me in a direction. Other times, my bright ideas come from pure speculation or humor.

For example, the other day I was reading tweets and someone said that there was going to be a “new” New York Mob Wife and her name is ******. The name sounded familiar to me so I made a note to ask Jennifer. Meanwhile, I surfed the internet to see if there was any confirmation on this name or any other name, announced for season three’s cast. I found a mention of this name somewhere online, but not a reliable source. So without facts, I find myself in the realm of speculation. I needed to go straight to the top, and I did.

I asked Jennifer Graziano about this “new” mob wife I was hearing about and she laughed. She said people may have seen her with ******, but she says she is just a friend of hers and Renee. So that lead fizzled out without the confirmation I was hoping for. I asked about whether Big Ang would be replaced? Jennifer said "no" and she confirmed that Big Ang was going to continue to be part of Mob Wives, as well as, star in her own series. Now what?

I am left wondering where all the storylines will go from here? We can’t rehash the same issues for a third season. There have been “truces” made and mob wives “forgiven.” So what to do? If I was Jennifer I would start looking for some new blood to inject into the series. There must be plenty of New York mob wives out there wanting to join the cast and have a fight or two? If you are a New York mob wife with legitimate ties to the mob and a little "extra" hair to lose, why don’t you “pitch” yourself and your story to Jennifer Graziano at JustJenn Productions? Season three hasn’t started filming yet.  If your story is good enough we may just see you on the third season of Mob Wives. At any rate you have nothing to lose (except hair) and many opportunities to gain. Tell Jenn I sent you! I won't even charge you my usual 15% manager's fee.

Oh, just a tip, if you do manage to pull this off and you end up doing a scene at Renee’s house,  please do NOT leave crumbs in her kitchen.


lilolme said...

I'm surprised by you Chiara. After all the times you've critisized Drita for fighting or talking about fighting or bragging about fighting, surely your not saying the fighting drama is something you tune in for. This is why "reality" t.v. becomes so distorted over time. The thirst of the audience for drama results in the "stars" doing anything they can to hold on to their 15mins. Whether that be faking fights, or freindships, etc... I would much rather see our cast stay "real" as possible and grow in positive, productive, healing ways. Sadly, I know I am not in the majority on this.

Chiara Soprano said...

My comments did not say that's what I tune in for. I was going by what has been shown on Mob Wives AND Mob Wives pulling fights. It's something a NEW mob wife would have to expect to happen, going by past experience. There has to be some drama for viewers to tune in. Everyone would stop watching if all we saw was carla at the gym, drita rapping, Renee having sex talks with AJ, Big Ang walking Little Louie, Ramona shopping for shoes, or Karen typing her next book.

lilolme said...

Like I said, I know I am the minority, but actually, I do like those kind of scenes better than the fighting/drama ones. Not only on Mob Wives, but Real Housewives, Basketball Wives,Dance Moms, Jersey Shore, etc... I still think there would be drama (Renee finding out Junior was a rat; Drita finding out Lee cheated;Ramona and the feds...)just not the juvenile kind I see so often on the show. He said/she said etc..

Mob Mistress said...

One cannot blame the audience for the drama. The production team and the cast own their own actions, decisions and choices.

I can even reference the last season of Basketball Wives. Keisha a new BBW wanted no part of the fighting. Any time someone seem to be getting violent she intelligently removed herself. When someone stole her purse, she took the necessary steps. Yet, during the reunion the aggressors were given the spotlight & time.

I frankly would've love to here from the woman who refused to cheapen herself or what she stands for in order to feed the reality game monster.

Some of the drama moments are entertaining and/or shocking. Some aren't entertaining at all make no sense in why they've even taken place.

lilolme said...

I agree that the cast has a choice on how they conduct themselves. However, if people find them "boring" and don't watch, the production team often replaces them.
In the case of Keisha and BBW, the public outcry was so loud the show is now talking about a "kinder, gentler" new season. (not their description, but it fits). We do have power as consumers as to what we will and won't watch.

Lucky Luciano said...

I agree MM. there was a lot of public outcry about the Keisha incident. And then they end up firing her, Jen and Royce and they keep the mean girls.