Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Ang: The Official VH1 Supertrailer!

Big Ang's Trailer looks like Big Fun!

As we all know The Big Ang Show will premiere on July 8th at 8pm ET/ 9C on VH1. There have been a few ads for the show so far and recently, VH1 put up the official supertrailer. I watched the trailer a few times.

First I watched it to see who I noticed in it and then, I watched it again, pretending to be at the party. All I can say is this 3 minute preview clip has more material in it than a whole episode of "Girls Gone Wild." As I watched, there were a few OMG's that I blurted out. We watch as Big Ang shows us what her life is all about and what makes her happy. Big Ang believes in enjoying her life each day as though it's the last. The clip shows how she interacts in her lively spirit with her friends, co-workers and family members. Looks like Big Ang has full-bodied personality inside and out. To say she is the "life of the party" is probably an understatement for Big Ang. She says she's been through it all and has survive it all. I'm looking foward to seeing this colorful cast. I'm not so sure why I waited so long to visit the "Drunken Monkey,"  Big Ang's bar, but after seeing this clip, it's been moved to my must-do list.

To conclude this blog,  I thought just maybe I'd quit my job, bartend at the Monkey, date a hot bartender like Frankie, and drink champagne all night, while throwing dollar bills up in the air. Well, if I can't do it in my real life, I can every Sunday at 8PM. Dont forget to tune in and read the recap blogs on Mondays.

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Written By: Carmela Corleone

Video Credit: VH1


Julie M. said...

Carmela can't wait I believe your gonna have fun with the recap of the show.....looking a all that partying going on I wish I was there. BTW loved the blog you had me laughing.

Carmela Corleone said...

Thank you Julie. I think Im going to recreate the show in my house with my friends while its on -lol! Thanks for reading. I appreciate it!

Deana3452 said...

You must go! My mom and I went when we took a trip to New York. I HAD to take the Staten Island Ferry over to see the Drunken Monkey. Unfortunately, Big Ang was not there, but Frank was and he was SO nice. The other people there were just as nice. I can't say enough about gracious!