Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Ang: Happy Birthday Big Ang!

Big Ang as Marilyn on Next Magazine!
Get your copy!

Today is Big Ang's birthday and all I can think is that this celebration will be grand. Big Ang loves to party, something she learned from her uncle, "Sally Dogs." Whatever her plans are, I hope her day is filled with fun, family and lots of bling!  Big Ang claims she always gets what she wants so I hope she wished for the stars! Happy Birthday to the very loveable Mob Wife from all of us at the blog!

I came across this photo and realized Marilyn Monroe's signature song certainly sums up a lot of what Big Ang is like. I can almost hear it playing in the background of her show or as her theme song.

Big Ang tweeted this cake!

I guess Big Ang is celebrating with her younger sister, Janine, either on the same day or very close to Big Ang's day. So happy birthday to both sisters! Wow! What a cake!

Written by Carmela Corleone

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Picture credit: Next Magazine, Big Ang's Twitter

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