Friday, June 15, 2012

I Married A Mobster: Season Two Cast Revealed!

Toni Marie "Fappiano" Ricci
ex-wife of Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo

The New York Post reveals some of the women who will be appearing on the second season of I Married A Mobster on the Investigation Discovery channel. Topping the list is Toni Marie Ricci, who was once married to Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo. This is the man that Karen referred to as her "uncle" in the lifestyle; the man she may have accused Carla Facciolo of sleeping with for years, during the Reunion Show. This part of the story may or may not be aired on the show, but you can find a couple of blogs on our website about it. Mob Mistress also did a recent interview with Toni Marie and you can find Carla's scars here.

The IMAM series revolves around individual episodes of Mob Wives and their stories. Season one included the stories of Love Majewski in "Love Hurts" and Diondrea Nicosia "Ebony and Ivory" and we have recaps of their episodes on the blog.  Season two has scheduled show episodes on Christine Mazza, Linda Milito, Georgia Durante and others. Linda Milito has been one of the most outspoken in recent months, complaining that VH1 and Mob Wives allegedly stole portions her life story for the show (ridiculous @@).) She also believes that Sammy Gravano was involved in her husband's murder and disappearance and holds this assumption against Karen. However, Sammy testified and wrote in his book, "Underboss," he was not the shooter in the Milito case. She has also written her own book, "Mafia Wife."

For the complete article in the New York Post check out this link: New Cast IMAM Season Two

Picture credit: Toni Marie's Twitter

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