Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E3

Heather helps Sonja with branding, then invites her to London!

Episode three is titled the “Boozy Brunch” but I keep seeing “Boozy BUNCH.” Oh  well. I don’t know how I watched the entire hour this week. There were hardly any real “what the hell” moments for me to even poke fun at. This episode was really, almost entirely, to set up next week’s episode, where all the fighting will take place. Here is what happened…

Aviva gets a call from Heather inviting her to London, Ramona isn't a happy camper

Heather helps Sonja get her “brand” together for her new business venture. In the process she gets a call that requires her to go to London and she invites Sonja and tells her she is going to call Aviva and Carole too, since all four women had a very enjoyable brunch earlier in the episode. No mention of Ramona or LuAnn, who are away on business. Of course, Sonja is only too delighted to accept the invitation and so are Aviva and Carole. In fact, Aviva gets her invitation on the phone while Ramona is right there!

There is a lot of nothing happening in most of the episode and chit-chat we could all do without. Ramona manages to get a few more digs in about Heather’s “not listening” when people speak. However, when Ramona gets wind of the London trip she is the one who starts “tripping.” She is waiting for an invitation, but it doesn’t come. Then we see previews of next weeks’s episode. The previews were the best part of this week’s episode. Ramona is going to attack Sonja for not being a good friend because she had the audacity to accept Heather’s invitation to London. I may tune in for this one because LuAnn does in fact get her invitation next week too! That is sure to burn Ramona’s sorry ass. Once again Ramona will be at odds with everyone else.

LuAnn and her daughter both seemed shocked at the "baby" idea.

Then there is a “What The Hell” is LuAnn thinking? We saw previews of this season and we are now getting around to LuAnn’s bright idea of having a baby with Jacques. LuAnn is a mere 47 years old. I wouldn’t say that’s old, but I do think it’s too old to have a baby with her 37 year old French boy toy. First of all it takes time to get pregnant and to carry the baby. She could be 50 before anything happens, if in fact it can, and she hasn’t started going through menopause yet. Just last year I recall she was ridiculing Ramona (not that I fault her for that) for thinking she was pregnant and now she wants a baby? I can’t believe she is really serious. It’s just a new, outrageous storyline designed to keep us tuning in. What next? Fertility treatments?

Most boring scenes of the show? The prolonged scene of Aviva giving her two kids a bath! Please! I thought that would never end. When it finally does she gives us her education and employment resume and it seems she has a law degree. I guess she will be giving legal advice later in the season. As long s she stops mentioning her leg i will be happy. Meanwhile she loves being a stay-at-home mom, good for her. Just what stay-at-home moms want to see when they escape to watch television, more domestic duties.

Best part of the lunch with Mario and Carole are Ramona's expressions!

Next snooze fest is when Ramona Mario and Carole go to lunch because Ramona wants Carole and Mario to meet. Why? I’m not sure, maybe she has a secret agenda. However, all the while they dine, Ramona complained that Heather never lets anyone talk. Then Ramona proceeds to cut her husband, Mario, off three or four times, when he is trying to get a word in edge wise. What a hypocrite!

I'm not wild about Harry Dubin

I’m not wild about “Harry,” but he has slept with three out of the six women: Aviva, Sonja and LuAnn and none of them seem to be complaining. I say let’s have a big, awkward “What the Hell” moment and invite him to a party where all six women will be. It beats talking about him behind his back every time they get together.

Most tacky moment is when Ramona realizes she wasn’t very sympathetic when Heather mentioned her father had died in episode one, so she goes over to her, in the middle of a party, and apologizes and gives her a hug. Does anyone besides me think this was a ploy on Ramona’s part to get an invite to London? Do the sayings “a day late and a dollar short” or “too little too late” mean anything to Ramona? Oh well she is not invited anyway, as far as we know and let's hope it stays that way.

Finally, I have to mention that I actually heard Ramona say, “It’s too early [in the day] for Pinot.” I could have sworn I heard that last night, but this morning it feels like a dream.


gypsy said...

I'm sorry but Ramona is one bis pain in the ass.
She never lets anyone talk, shes always drunk and shes just plain annoying! IMO anyway.

sKILLz said...

That last comment was me, not Gypsy...

Danielle B. said...

I thought the same thing about Ramona and the "I'm sorry". We'll see.