Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mob Wives: Is Drita D'avanzo Divorcing For Real?

A very credible source gave me a swallow of juicy news.  I type swallow but it was more like a sip.  Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives is dating.  Who she's dating I couldn't retrieve from the source.  However, I hear it's steamy and for real.  Allegedly Drita is oh so done with Lee D'avanzo her husband.  So I guess I was wrong and Drita will be moving forward with her divorce plans.  Time will tell.  If you know who she's dating, snap a photo & send it to us.  We NEED to know.  We really don't need to know.  We'd like to know.  Whoever he is I hope he can take a punch. [insert extreme eye roll]

Tune into VH1 tomorrow for the OFFICIAL premiere of Mob Wives Chicago @ 8 PM.  Some viewers have their feathers all ruffled because they were expecting episode 2 tomorrow night.  VH1 clearly posted the premiere date & the early viewing date.  If you didn't know, it's so not VH1's fault.


Julie M. said...

She's not my fav but I am CURIOUS to see who it is .....Inquiring Minds Want To No!!! lol

gypsy said...

Hmmm, wonder if its Pauly D. or part of his posse, then again, she could go for the darker ones this times since she's all hoodrat now...Ya know she's w/French Montana, such an embarrassment at the Summer Jam, OMG I was mortified, he stopped singing dead in the middle of song...he looked like a freakin asshole with that Versace scarf around his head. Just cause its label stuff doesnt make it look good....Even Donatella makes mistakes....HAAA!!!As Louann RHONY says MONEY CANT BUY CLASS!!!
What a mess, there were sooo many people up there, the security gave up and walked away. I tweeted her while she was at the MTV Video Awards and said, Good thing you went there instead cause your boy Montana sucked and it was an embarrassment, and thats all ppl were talking about...then Rick Rozy comes out with his manboobs and a fuckin sweatsuit in 80+ degree weather with no joking about 70ppl on stage just standing there, not even bouncing to the music, standing there like schmucks. And she's so proud to be part of that....YEAHHH SHE'S THE REMIXXX!!! LMAO, thats why people cant find her in the song, cause she's only in the remix version. Dumb ass...I could go on and on about her, but Ill spare ya. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... yes, I wonder who Drita is dating too! And how he feels about Drita's 'Baloney Tits'. LMFAO