Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E4

The Ramona lunch with "gift bags" agenda!

The episode is called, “Diss-Invite,” a very clever title. The episode is once again all about Ramona. The other five “housewives” are only in the show to listen to her or talk about her. Ramona desperately wants Heather to invite her to London with the other women. Heather basically is saying, Hell no, she won’t go…with them. I like Heather and so does LuAnn. Apparently, Sonja likes Heather too and Aviva and Carole like Heather. The only one who doesn’t like Heather is Ramona, hmmmm. Let’s get to the things that irked me most.

The show has two related themes, bashing Heather and Ramona whining about the London trip. First scene, Ramona meets with Aviva and Carole, bearing gift bags, for a lunch designed to complain about Heather the whole time. Sonja apparently blew off the lunch to meet LuAnn instead…wait till Ramona hears about this! I don’t know why Ramona just doesn’t go directly to Heather and tell her how she feels instead of giving everyone else a major headache? She tries to bribe or manipulate people into joining Team Ramona. First she thought her apology to Heather over the death of her father was going to soften Heather up. Now she is trying to rally support for her cause with gift bags for these two women? Aviva was not impressed with her skin care products either. But, both ladies were gracious and well mannered enough to hypocritically pretend to like them.

Rehashing apology and invitation to award ceremony ploy

Heather and Ramona meet for drinks and that turns into a bit of a fiasco. Heather seems to want to test Ramona’s sincerity over the apology. This tells me one thing, Heather has not watched the first four seasons of RHONY. There is no sincerity in Ramona, if anything she has gotten worse over the years and more full of herself. The issue comes up about Ramona’s award ceremony and that she can only invite ten people. She hasn’t heard back from Heather yet. Another ploy on Ramona’s part to win Heather over for a London invite. Ramona refers to Heather as a new acquaintance/friend. Heather is honest enough to say she doesn’t know yet of she fits either category! Good for Heather, keeping it real! Heather doesn’t like anything about Ramona, neither do I. Why the hell would she pay good money to take her to London and ruin her own trip?

Yay! Lu is invited to London, Ramona NOT!

LuAnn takes Heather to an art gallery. They have a nice conversation. I didn’t see Heather dominating it. LuAnn gets invited to London! Yes! I am thrilled because I know this is really going to burn Ramona’s pinot filled ass. And LuAnn is thrilled because she can actually enjoy the trip. Has anyone noticed that Ramona ruins every event she is invited to? Well, if you haven’t let’s explore Sonja’s party, which is a celebration of her being on the cover of Social Life magazine.

LuAnn must have "Royal Tourettes Syndrome"
Carole's best line of the season!

Everyone is invited to Sonja’s party and Ramona is her “friend” so of course she is there, Pinot in hand. I love Carole’s little witty quips. She observes that every time she runs into LuAnn, LuAnn mentions all the royalty she knows by name, and Carole refers to this as “Royal Tourettes Syndrome!” Carole refers to Ramona as “bossy-pants” and actually gets a kick of her as a “character.” I have to pay more attention to this unassuming Carole, because I enjoy what she has to say.

When I invite people I am all inclusive! ALL INCLUSIVE!
You think she got it?

Back to the party. Ramona is still b!tching about London to anyone who will listen. She finally confronts Heather at the party and thinks she is being oh so clever when she says, “She is all inclusive when she invites people to her house for dinner.” And she is particularly obvious to the point of embarrassing herself.  Heather doesn’t take the bait. Aviva tells Ramona her comments went over Heather’s head, but in reality Aviva lied and thinks Heather “got it.” Only a dead person wouldn’t get it. Ramona continues to bellyache about London and then throws a temper tantrum when she discovers that Sonja has accepted the invitation and is going without her. How dare she take a trip without Ramona? Ramona is hurt, disappointed and pissed, all at the same time…it doesn’t help that she is full of Pinot and sh-t too.  Everyone is appalled at the way Ramona is treating Sonja at her big night. Ramona gulps down the last of her wine and storms out in a hissy fit. Aviva calls it disrespectful.

Ramona has a Pinot filled breakdown and leaves. 
Thank God. Sonja was able to enjoy the rest of her party in peace.

Aviva irks me. First of all she brought up her leg again because she had to get on an elevator with Heather and needed her hand held. I understand she was traumatized as a child, but there are very effective desensitizing techniques to help her get over some of these irrational phobias so she can have a normal life already. I cannot believe she isn’t unintentionally passing her fears on to her four children. But, whatever the case, it’s clear she can’t stop herself from mentioning it, so can someone at Bravo edit out the “leg” comments and stories please?  Second, I see that even though Aviva makes many negative comments about Ramona and her behavior, she is pleading her case with Heather that she be invited to London. I saw it on the previews and am already steamed. Why can’t she leave well enough alone. I am going to be really pissed if Ramona gets invited. I don’t know anyone who has self respect who would accept and invitation from someone who had to be strong armed and bullied into making it in the first place. I hope Heather doesn’t let me and Lu down on this one.

If I didn’t know better I would swear Andy Cohen is having an affair with Ramona or trying to “kill” the show by giving Ramona so much air time. Which is it Andy?


Anonymous said...

I love your recap! I think Ramona brings the ratings on the New York branch! While she is getting more off her rocker with the London trip, she is the main character now, and she brings the total ratings package.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you! Are people watching just to see how far Ramona will go of the deep end? As I was only a very sporadic viewer, I haven't seen her development. What I know now is I wouldn't want to be in the same city as she is much less a room or a plane LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL Chiara! I have watched since season 1. Ramona was a little different back then ,but not much. Think she changed just a little because she had so much drama with someone she thought was her real friend, and the others she thought were friends always talked behind her back. Why I do not like when she blows steam, lol, I am a big fan of non fake, and Ramona is definitely not fake. She always tells it like it is and always to them. She used to always be funny and more clam, but I think Jill and LuMann bittered her, in my opinion. I am really starting to like Carole, she is a good addition.