Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Jenn Talks About Finale!

What's brewing in the Windy City?

Loyal readers know I have written about Jennifer Graziano before. The woman is an enigma to me. I'm fascinated about what goes on in her mind 24/7. When you meet her, her demeanor is a little on the serious side. She takes her business very seriously. At the same time, you can get the sense she is studying you to figure out who you are and what are your intentions. So, believe me when I say that it's not easy to get any information out of her at all. If the Omerta code of silence still exists, it's deeply instilled in Jennifer. 

Jennifer seems calm and reserved on the surface, which makes my brief conversation with her very surprising. I happened to call her one day while she was at the filming of the Mob Wives Chicago Finale. She only had a minute, but it was the first time I had actually heard Jennifer so excited. She tells me she is at the finale of Mob Wives Chicago and, "It's on FIRE!" That's a direct quote. I press her for details, hoping she will leak something in her excitement, but all she will say is, "We are once again making reality TV history!" That sounds pretty powerful coming from Jennifer Graziano herself, who was there to see it all happen. She had to get back to the filming, so I couldn't get another thing out of her. 

I know that some fans are saying that they are finding it a little hard to get into Mob Wives Chicago. It's a little difficult to get used to new women, new accents and a new city. But, it sounds like there is going to be a lot to look forward to coming up, and that's from Jennifer's own lips. I am going to stick it out and see what the rest of the season holds in store for us. How about you? 


Deana3452 said...

It is a little difficult to get into, but I am into it enough that I am looking forward to tonight's episode. :) Definitely sticking it out.

September Waites said...

The show is hard to get into, only because it's not the original. That doesn't mean I don't like it but maybe it could have been it's own entity rather than a branch of the mob wives franchise. Plus, the women are not wives, they're all daughters. Even if they had involvement, romantically, with a mobster their stories stemmed from their fathers being in the mob. I could understand if there was 1 woman who only had the father who was involved but all of these women are like that. The show is very entertaining but it doesn't have the same feel as the original and maybe it's because of them not really being "Mob Wives!"

Chiara Soprano said...

Jennifer Graziano has said she chose the title to mean Mob Wives...married to the lifestyle, whether wives, daughters or nieces of the mob. It has a broad meaning. Let's face it, nothing is going to compare the the real life, newsworthy mob stories that weren't planned but took place season one and two of Mob Wives. The biggest mob bust and Jr's turning informant really made reality tv history. Whether there are any real life developments in Chicago that will enhance the show remains to be seen.

Hey you said...

MOb Wives Chicago...All new and different women to get to know. Im looking forward to seeing tonight's episode. Excited to see season 3 of Mob Wives. Thank you, Jennifer! Its the best reality show EVER :)

Leah j said...

Leah and Christina are best friends?
Leah and Christina have known Pia for 10 years with no problems?
Nora and Renee are friends?
Nora and Pia are friends?
Leah and Nora know each other but arent friends?
Leah and Christina dnt know renee as yet?
Is this about right.....the fact they dont all know each other i think is what makes it hard to swallow there tryint to film and get to know each other and create some drama for the cameras...?

Julie M. said...

Im liking the show so far the one thats causing all the drama is Renee with her mouth for not really knowing the rest of the ladies she is the one making the most noise about Pia's job she's talking alot a crap about her to I think maybe she has alot of insecurity issues. Can't wait to see what's going on for the final episode.

Morris Park said...

Love Leah and her admitting she's a "chubby chaser".

Should someone who married and had a child with someone with a life sentence for murder judge other people?

I want more from Leah and thanks to Jennifer for showing her "wives" living in their real homes not renting houses for them.

Dusty said...

It's not the accents, or city, it's the cast I can't get into. I was really excited since I love Chicago, but nothing holds my interest with them, I forget the show is even on