Monday, June 25, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “You Can’t Handle The Truce” Ep 103

All's well that ends well!

Christina and Leah meet for brunch. Christina tells her she met with Pia. Pia didn’t seem interested in discussing what went wrong and Christina was trying to make amends. Leah says Nora has the “brain of a dead ant” and she is “bi-polar.” Christina says she is done with the love/hate relationship. Leah tells her Christina and Pia were fine until Nora came back from Florida, “she should have stayed in Florida and collected seashells. I’ll show her how a pitbull barks.”

Pia and Nora meet. Pia turns to Nora because they have a history and have been there for each other. Pia tells her she met with Christina and told her the friendship was over. Christina ripped her hair out and that‘s it. Pia grew up in the city and has no time for BS and nonsense, she has better things to worry about. Pia says she wants to try to get to know Renee because she is friends with Nora. Nora agrees.

Pia invites Renee to lunch, making another attempt at friendship.

Renee has a lot of things going on. She owns her business with her boyfriend, Dave and she has the custody battle going on over her daughter, Bella, which is putting a strain on their relationship. Things are a little rocky between Renee and Dave, they live together and are business partners. Pia and her daughter make a visit to Eye Candy, Renee’s business. Renee is surprised to see them. Renee tries to be nice, but it’s obvious she doesn’t like Pia. Pia invites Renee to lunch, just the two of them. Renee is caught off guard, but accepts. Dave comes out and Pia recognizes him. It seems that Pia and Dave are old friends. Now Renee is pissed because she thinks they have some kind of sexual history. Renee wonders if he put “singles in her underwear.” Renee says, “Pia is a ho-bag.” 

Renee and Christina meet at the café. Christina feels that have started to click as friends. Leah shows up too. Renee thinks Leah is cool and she loves her hair. They discuss Pia and the fight. Renee tells them how Pia showed up at her place of business unannounced. Renee really doesn’t like the fact she is a stripper and judges her harshly for that. Leah says Pia has to do what she has to do to take care of her family and she won’t judge her, she has known her for years. Renee says Pia knows her boyfriend, Dave and tells them her suspicions. Leah doesn’t think Pia had anything to do with Dave, it’s not her style. Leah hates all the drama about Pia. Renee is out to confront Dave about Pia.

Pia and Nora meet with Julie, Nora’s good friend. Pia feels bad that everyone accuses Nora’s father of being a hit man. Pia knows that Nora took the loss of her father very hard. Then Nora tells Pia that Renee was shocked that Pia knew Dave. Pia says he was just a kid from the neighborhood that she has known for years.

Renee is going to dinner with Dave and she plans to confront him about Pia. She says he better not know her from “the pole.” She tells Dave to order a drink, he is going to need it. She asks him about Pia. He says he knows her 15 to 20 years and he never knew she worked in a strip club. He adds she has always been nice to him. Renee doesn’t believe Dave and threatens him. He calls her a “f*ckin’ idiot” who has been with “scum bags” all her life. She tells him to leave and when he does, she says he leaves because he is guilty. Pia is next on her agenda.

Nora, Julie and Pia meet for a memorial luncheon for Nora’s dad because it’s his birthday. They decide to order their food and not wait for Renee, who is apparently pretty late. Nora is pissed. It’s disrespectful to her and her dad for Renee not to be there on time. Renee walks in and says, “sorry I’m late.” She blames traffic. Nora says she should have left an hour early. Now there is tension and, on top of that, Renee has to sit next to Pia with all these issues on her mind. Julie toasts to Frank “The German” for his birthday. Renee is seeing RED! Julie is wearing her shirt, the one she lent to Nora two months ago! Renee is even more pissed and excuses herself to leave. Nora says she is not even there an hour after coming late and it upsets Nora.

Leah has a plan to meet with Pia!

Leah arrives at Christina’s house with a plan, “if she doesn’t like it, too bad.” Leah thinks she should meet with Pia about the issues she has with Christina. She doesn’t like a mess and what happened between Pia and Christina is a mess. She says she is going to get in the middle of it and try to restore the peace. Christina rehashes the whole fight and Leah looks like she has had enough. Leah is going to have a sit down with Pia, “enough is enough.”

The "Boy George" hat on Renee ain't cutting it with Pia!

Pia meets with Renee for lunch to clear the air. Renee shows up with an attitude. They are barely cordial when Renee announces she wants to discuss some things. Her first issue is the way Pia was talking in her place of business, Eye Candy, dropping F bombs! Pia thinks Renee is always looking for reasons not to like her. Then Renee confronts her about Dave. Pia swears she never dated Dave and has nothing to hide. She said she made out with his friend if anything. Renee doesn’t believe her either. Pia says Renee is a bully and adds, “I want to take her and throw her and her Boy George hat out the window.” Pia is insulted as Renee always says she is better than Pia and refers to Pia as low class. Then Renee drops an F Bomb and Pia tells her that she doesn’t speak any better than Pia. Pia says Christina is a saint compared to Renee, and she leaves. Renee says that Pia left because she is guilty.

Pia and Frankie meet. Pia tells her friend about all her issues with Renee and Christina. Frankie tells her she doesn’t have to explain herself or defend herself to anyone. Pia has plenty to say about all the insults Renee has said to her about her and her dad, all very negative stuff. Pia explains that her father and Frankie’s father were bookmakers together and that Pia’s father informed on Frankie’s father which caused him to go to prison. Pia and Frankie have always gotten along even under those circumstances, so why do other people have issues with her? Now Christina is sending Leah to talk to her.

Pia and Leah meet and hug. Leah says she isn’t going to beat around the bush. She asks Pia to tell her what happened. Pia and Leah have always gotten along and know each other many years. Pia tells her that her talk with Christina didn’t go well. Leah tells Pia that Nora talks about her behind her back. Pia makes excuses for Nora. Leah is disgusted with the excuses and Pia’s defense of Nora. Leah doesn’t like Nora, period. Leah tells her if she values her friendship with Christina, she shouldn’t let it go. They decide to make plans to have dinner with Nora and Christina to clear the air.

"My hair ain't slicked back for nothing!" says Leah

Christina, Leah and Nora and Pia meet for dinner. Leah has something to say to Nora too. Leah and Christina get their first and don’t want any fighting. Pia and Nora arrive. Pia seems open to making up with Christina. Leah is on guard and says her “hair ain’t slicked back for nothing.” Pia is going to lay it all out. She has a big problem with getting her hair pulled out. Christina says she doesn’t think when she fights. Pia admits that she isn’t completely innocent, but the hair pulling was over the top. Christina say they are here now, so let’s move on. Leah tells them they are friends, if God can forgive why can’t we. Leah wants peace. 

Nora's policy, "I don't talk to or dance with strangers, sorry!"

Now, Leah wants to address Nora for what happened in the past. Leah tells Nora that she went to take her arm to dance at the Italian Fest and Nora took offense and told her to “let go of my f*ckin’ arm.” Leah says she was extremely offended. Nora says she doesn’t talk or dance with strangers, especially girls. Nora says she will never change, that‘s how she was raised. Leah says that was poor behavior and Leah has a problem if she won’t change. Nora doesn’t want to change, but says she knows Leah now and will dance with her any time. Nora says we can’t change the past but we can change the future. Let’s let bygones be bygones. Leah says she will take Nora one day at a time, she is on probation and Leah has a deadly weapon…her mouth.


This whole episode was about trying to resolve the Pia/Christina fight for the most part. However, in the process, we have a very good idea of where the alliances and enemy lines are drawn with these women. I think I will break this episode down mob wife by mob wife, in no particular order.

Pia. I have to say that I feel for Pia. I am not a fan of stripping or strip clubs, but I know as a mother, you do what you have to do to provide for your children. Pia could have gotten two full time jobs, made less money and not been there for her daughter all these years. Or, she could be a dancer and work nights, make more money and be there all day for her daughter. It may not work for everyone, but it works for her. So be it. 

Pia’s friends are Nora, Leah and Christina. I knew Pia and Christina would patch things up. This fight was not worth losing a friendship over, especially if it got out of hand for the sake of show drama or because of alcohol. Christina does not judge Pia. She is loyal. Nora says she is Pia’s friend on the one hand, but criticizes how she makes a living on the other hand. Maybe she wants better for Pia, but the “whore” comments are out of line and not what a real friend would say. I think that friendship is on shaky ground. I also think the show will bring Leah and Pia closer together, they are both down to earth and straight shooters when they talk. Pia’s enemy is Renee. Renee chose to judge Pia without even knowing her. She is looking for reasons to attack her all the time and she blindsides her too. Her attacks are all without provocation on Pia’s part. Here is what I don’t get: Renee’s uncle was an alleged hit man for the mob, who she says was her best friend and mentor. How can she cut her uncle slack for alleged murder and not cut Pia slack for trying to support herself and her daughter by harmless pole dancing? Something to think about.

"I got my brass knuckles, but I don't want to fight." says Christina

Christina. Christina makes me laugh for some reason. Maybe it’s the way she explains things. Her friends are Pia and Leah. She thinks she is going to like Renee. How can she? The reason she got mad at Nora in the first place was because she disrespected Pia. No one disrespects Pia more than Renee. There are going to be issues between Christina and Renee, I just feel it. Also Renee seems to be having issues with everyone anyway, what‘s one more? Christina’s enemy is Nora, who thinks of her as an acquaintance at best. Nora did a little pot stirring between Pia and Christina. I see Nora as the common enemy who will unite them and make their friendship stronger.

Nora. I am not sure what to make of Nora still. She says she is friends with Pia, but has said some negative things that a friend would not say. She says she is friends with Renee, but we have seen previews of a huge blow up there too. I wonder if they are going to have a sit down about being late for the luncheon for her dad and the “shirt.” Nora is just getting to know Leah and Christina, the dynamic duo, and I don’t think things are going to go well with either of these ladies either. I guess time will tell.

Leah. Leah is the fan/viewer favorite from what I can see in the comments. People love her funny side, as well as her intense side. They love her Italian expressions too! You always know where you stand with Leah. As she says, she says what she means and means what she says and she doesn’t beat around the bush to do it. I love that about her. Leah is a peacemaker. She doesn’t want to be around fighting. She loves to have a good time. Her friends are Christina and Pia. I am almost sure she will never take to Nora or Renee. I could be wrong, but I rarely am. Leah doesn’t have an enemies yet. Maybe Nora, but it’s not that serious at this point.

Renee. Renee seems intent on having issues with everyone, I don’t know why. She started with Pia. She never gave her a chance and “sucker punched” her with words every opportunity she has gotten. Pia has made a couple of attempts to forge a friendship with her too. Right now Christina thinks she likes Renee, Nora is her “friend” and Leah just met her (and didn’t care for how she judged Pia). Her enemy is Pia, for no particular reason. We have seen Renee fight with her daughter, Giana, have issues with Pia, and start an argument with her boyfriend, Dave. She jumps to conclusions and then believes her own suspicions. Seems to me she has trust issues that are going to affect all her relationships. 

Renee had two sit downs this episode. She confronted Pia in one and Dave in the other. Neither scene showed Renee in a positive light. She was curious as to how they knew each other, but instead of asking them both and getting the facts, she made up a story and convinced herself she was right. Everyone who walks away from an argument with her is guilty? That’s faulty thinking. A person cannot defend themselves against lies that someone else is all too willing to believe. 

The show. I think the issue with the show so far is that the arguments have little to no substance. These women get worked up over little things or not the right things. For example, Pia attacked Christina because she wouldn’t let the Nora's "whore" comments go at the dinner and she was trying to be a loyal friend, instead of attacking Nora for making the comments about her in the first place. Christina gets upset over being deleted from “facebook.” Renee creates a fictitious drama in her own head about a hot steamy love affair between Pia and Dave, and then attacks both of them as if it is the Gospel truth. 

I think we all have a good “feel” for who the women are now. I am anxious to see how the rest of the season unfolds that is leading us towards the intense finale that will make reality television history. What did you think of this last episode? What are your thoughts on the women? Have any favorites or any you love to hate? We’d love to know.


Julie M. said...

Hi Chiara great job as alway :))
I got my 3 favorites Pia, Leah, Christina The jury is still out on Nora.... haven't made up my mind yet. Now Renee im just not feeling it with her she has a mouth that just don't stop I don't like how she judges Pia and what she does for a living and all the name calling she don't know Pia. Renee sounds like a constant nag.

Funlady28 said...

I love Leah and like Pia and Christina. a little cuckoo but I am still on the fence about her. Now Renee... Is one of the most insecure women I've seen in a while. She definitely needs to work through her trust issues. She is determined to think the worst of Pia no matter what. I don't think anything happened with Dave and Pia but I do think he was dishonest about seeing her strip. He looked a little shaky when he answered that question. I wonder if he issue with Pia being a stripper has somethin to do with her past. Maybe one or more of her exes spent a lot of time at strip clubs and she taking it all out on Pia.

vai said...

My favs are Leah and Christina. I'm starting to like Pia too. Nora not liking her at all and Renee very judgmental but there's something about her that I liked. She's not scared to let them know how she feels about them eventhough her feelings are shitty lol. Christina kind of remind me of Karen. Low key but always ready to defend herself, idk I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

You're right! The fights and conflicts are of no substance, which leads me to wonder what kind of connection did any of these women have with eachother prior to the show that was in a negative light? If they all knew of one another at some point, if not always just being friends, I could see where things thought/said of one another could be serving as background history to what we are seeing on the show. Because, just watching up until now, something just doens't feel right. Maybe its poor editing.

At least with some of the other conflicts from Season 1, and 2 (NY), there were long time issues, that were brewing before fights were had. It just made more sense.

EnglishMobWLuva said...

On the money again Chiara, great recap and two cents. I started a little wary of Leah, but she's definitely my outright favourite, very closely followed by Christina and Pia all of whom seem inately genuine. It's early days, and I too suspect a little bit of scripted drama. Hopefully it will settle into it's own stride soon and we'll all be hooked just as we are with our beloved original mobwives cast.

Deana3452 said...

Hey...someone tell me what they think about this....I was just re-watching the episode from Sunday and I wanted to know people's thoughts about when Renee sat down with Dave. When he first got mad at her, she covered her mouth with her hand it looked like she was smiling....any thoughts?

Morris Park said...

Leah loves chubby men with big assas! How great is Leah? More of Leah, she's a real find!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Renee, I think she is overboard with personal attacks on Pia. I am really starting to like Leah after this last episode. I loved that lady Frankie that talked to Pia, I would like to see more of her.

Anonymous said...

Mob wives Chicago is a far cry from the original mob wives. Can't get into it unlike staten island ladies who I couldn't get enough of. Rene seems fake all around. Pia seems like a pill popper druggy, Nora is crazy like 51/50 crazy, Christina is boring, although I do love Leah she's real I would like to see her on staten island with the original mob wives. Hope this show gets better otherwise it will for sure get cancelled!!!!!