Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E1?

Welcome to "Ramona Singer's World" Plus Pinot

I took this new, fifth season of Real Housewives of New York upon myself for the sole purpose of making fun of the petty drama. I have the say, this torturous, 90 minute premiere was worse than I could have possibly imagined and thirty minutes into it I regretted saying I would watch and blog it. First of all, they should rename the show “Ramona Singer’s World” because either she is talking or being talked about. She has to be way up on the list of rude and obnoxious people ever born. Her husband is not far from it. What the hell is Andy Cohen thinking keeping her on the show and getting rid of Jill?

The show gets off to a boorish start when Ramona arrives at Sonja’s party with TWO bottles of pinot, one for herself and one for the party! I think she drank one before she arrived. Mario, probably the only man that could stand Ramona full time, insults LuAnn immediately by congratulating her on her “ring” which he assumes to be an engagement ring and then, when corrected, proceeds to say, that’s what they are all waiting for…like it’s his business.

The three new wives, Heather, Aviva and Carole (even though I had a hard time finding Carole) were sane, rational and polite so far. Apparently, although they were selected to be on the show, they didn’t bother to go back and watch past episodes to see who they were dealing with; that’s how it appeared to me. Ramona was on her worst behavior last night. She even made LuAnn and Sonja look good. Ugh! Even LuAnn! What the hell?

Ramona cannot admit being wrong, what else is new?

Luckily for me, I happened to be watching last season when Ramona made some terrible remarks about LuAnn’s parenting, saying she was only a weekend parent and that Ramona herself, spent a lot of time with her own daughter which is why she turned out so well. Poor kid. LuAnn took offense to that, as any mother would, because Ramona clearly implied that LuAnn’s daughter was not raised properly and therefore was not as “good” as her daughter. LuAnn decides to confront Ramona about this at Sonja’s party, but Ramona makes a run for it. She complains about chest pain and then makes fun of LuAnn, as she tells Mario how she was scolded and told to say she was sorry. Then we later see an art exhibit for Victoria, LuAnn’s daughter. Even though it takes place in the garage, the girl has real artistic talent and that fact makes Ramona look like an ass on two counts. One because she has the audacity to attack the child of a cast member and two because Victoria obviously has a gift and is off to a great start for someone so young. It left me thinking, what the hell is Ramona talking about?

In another scene, Ramona supposedly called LuAnn and tries to blackmail her over something that happened at her son’s 15th birthday party. Seriously? A fit-to-be-tied Luann was rattling off the details of the phone call to the new wives, before running off to settle the score with Ramona. Ramona must be talking out of her pinot filled ass again, that’s all I can figure. She has managed to alienate all three new women by bringing up Luann’s kids, not once, but twice.

If there was an award for lack of sensitivity and compassion it would surely go to Ramona. The three new wives all have dealt with some tragic life issues. We learn that Aviva lost her leg in a farm accident with a piece of equipment; Carole lost her husband to cancer; and Heather’s son needed a liver transplant when he was six months old. Even though her son is six years old, the trauma of the ordeal clearly remains with Heather as she finds every opportunity to tell the story over and over, and one of those moments is with Ramona. More proof she hadn’t watched previous season episodes! Ramona begins to play the game “can you top this” and follows Heather’s story with her own story, that no one freaking cares about, how Avery was born with the umbilical cord around her neck. 

The things I could have really done without include: Heather’s show and tell session regarding her fake legs, one is tan, one is flat and one for heels, after that I lost count. All the talk about “Harry,” Sonja’s ex who is also Aviva’s ex, and Ramona’s ironic audacity in giving Carole an etiquette lesson on how to “listen” when someone else is speaking, particularly Mario! What the hell does Mario have to say that anyone wants to hear? Come to think of it, what does Ramona have to say that we wouldn’t trade for a glass of pinot?

The three new wives discussing Ramona, the boor!

The fact is that Ramona has alienated everyone with her boorish, obnoxiously rude behavior. She insults LuAnn and her children, she attacks and embarrasses Sonja across the dinner table because she referred to Harry as her husband and not her “ex,” and totally alienates the three new women in one scene or another. Way to get season five off to a great start! NOT!

I didn’t get many laughs out of this at all. I assume that all the women will soon have enough of Ramona’s big mouth and then they will give her a piece of their minds, which believe me, she can use all the pieces she can get. Her original brain cells seem to have disintegrated from her continued drinking of her pinot. Maybe she thinks she is preserving them in alcohol? 

I am not promising I will continue watching, I may or I may not. If someone can tell me, ahead of time, that Ramona is going to get ganged up on by the others, I will tune in. So much for this premiere. 

Can Mob Wives Chicago come fast enough for me? No. Now let us pray that Mob Mistress has a Mob Wives Blog sitting in the wings, shall we?


Carmela Corleone said...

I agree Chiara, I tried watching it-boringggggg! And Ramona-is she ever wrong? If I keep my fingers crossed long enough maybe Mob Mistress will come thru with a Mob Wives blog! Like I said last nite on twitter - we dont want the housewives, we want the Mob Wives!

Lady EL said...

I feel your pain Chiara. I quit watching this show awhile ago due to Ramona. I just can't even stand to listen to this womans voice, its like nails on a chalkboard to me! I see not much has changed. Perhaps Andy C is doing everything possible to sink this miserable ship, and by the sound of it, it seems to be working. Honestly IDGAF about this show anymore, I just couldn't help myself from reading your blog. As always you have done a great job on your recap, and confirmed my suspicions of this show NOT being worth my time to tune in. ;)

Michelle Smith said...

Chiara and Carmela I was waiting on this blog to determine my viewing of RHONY. Based on this, thank you for saving me from the torture. From what I read, duct tape me to a chair and then you might get me to watch this show. Not even Mob Mistress could get me to do it! Give me my Mob Wives & Mob Wives Chicago. Maybe that is what this show needs - Jenn!! Then it would be watchable, no duct tape required!!

Anonymous said...

Chiara, I have to say I have watched NY wives since the beginning! While there has been changes, I was glad to see Jill and Kelli go. Jill turned into a lying famewhore,Kelli is cookoo. Im disappointed in LuAnn because she the Countess preaches about behavior but yet is a troublemaker herself. Most do not like what Ramona has said to her, but it started for a reason! LuAnn always makes nasty digs at people. She made Ramona feel like poop last year and the last straw was Morocco. She kept rubbing it in bout Mario R's husband possibly cheating. Friends don't do that! She was helping in spreading a lie- there is no proof he ever cheated. When Ramona made her digs back about her being a Mother, they were not lies! LuAnn cannot stand that someone did not cave into her for once. Ramona is not backing down and rightfully so. LuAnn was a weekend mom, while in the middle of divorcing, going into the city and leaving the kids. A season or 2 ago, LuAnn's nanny even made comments on camera that she needed to spend more time with her kids!!! Notice, the nanny whom they loved was not really seen after that!

Mob Mistress said...

"Mario R's husband possibly cheating. Friends don't do that! She was helping in spreading a lie- there is no proof he ever cheated. "

If Monica Lewinksy hadn't kept the dress, there would've been no proof she ever gave President Clinton a blow job. Therefore those spreading the news of his infidelity would've been spreading lies? That's your current logic. We don't know if Mario has been faithful or not. He knows.

Moving along LuAnn isn't an angel. I don't like her or Ramona's behavior. Hence, I don't watch the show anymore. We agree on Jill & Kelly.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon I will admit I have watched very few shows on RHONY so I cannot comment much on previous seasons. I'm not sure what the story with Mario was. Even if I were to base my opinion on just what I saw last night, Ramona takes the cake for being rude.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response MM! My logic may be off with that, I see your point. My thing was as for watching it unfold on tv, I thought it was wrong for Lu to talk to her like that and make snarky comments when she had to know it was humiliating for Ramona to hear that. To me, if thats what LuLu calls that being a friend, she is nuts! Jill had to make the dig even worse at the reunion, nice friend of 15 years!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chiara for your reply!! I guess I do not think it rude of her because I think she is being defensive right now, maybe? She ( Ramona) is a bit much but what I like with her is that she , that I know of from season 1, has not lied and always brought it to the source not 2faced like the rest! They can all have their moments of rudeness, but I think she is the least fake, if that makes sense!

Mob Mistress said...

You're welcome. Thank you for reading & commenting. Ramona is entertaining. However, she is extremely rude. The reason behind someone's rudeness doesn't change a lack of etiquette, courtesy or social graces.

Anonymous said...

Great recap- I hope you keep watching. I found it was too annoying for me, but I will come back to read your recaps, and if they do finally shut Ramona up, then I'll start watching again.

kathy fischer said...

I watch all the Housewives shows even the Vancouver which just maybe my new favorite!!! I can't stand Ramona either she is a rude drunk! and has no class. I was really sad to see Jill leave I liked her and I never really was thrilled with Betheny and felt that fight with Jill was a lot her fault too she has trouble getting along with people,I realize Jill is no angel but she has good intentions I think I just don't trust Betheny never have. I have to say what I felt was very very rude was that Carole Radziwill and her not talking about children comment how rude!!!!! I am not a lover of the Kennedy's to begin with and I am not fond of her and Idon;t like her even more now. How about if someone said Carole we don;t feel like talking to Author's???

Chiara Soprano said...

Kathy, thanks for joining the discussion! I guess we agree on a lot when it comes to RHONY, which is the only show I can afford to try and watch. I hope you will visit Stoopidhousewives.com which specializes in all the Bravo shows and helps support our blog!

kathy fischer said...

We sure do! I read that blog every night too! I comment on there occasionally too. I love talking about all the shows I watch everything, too much really. I am not a very good writer but I enjoy reading what everyone else says and adding to it.