Monday, June 11, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: A "Fight Night" Fashion Recap Episode 1

Greeting’s from Fashionland dahling’s! Being a fan of the original Mob wives series, I can type I turned in to the drama.  Yet their fashion antics is what kept me there!  From Karen’s love of a jersey dress, to Carla’s love of bandage dresses, culminating to Rene’s Statement necklace (think reunion folks), those betches worked it!  Renee Graziano's necklace by the looked as if she borrowed from the Queen mother herself.

I was anxious to see what fashion surprises Mob Wives Chicago would bring us or lack thereof… and while the cameras would be rolling I hoped that my eyes wouldn’t be. Let’s first start off with the cast photo above.  The ladies here are all in serious need of their best accessory a smile, although with the attire, no doubt picked by a stylist, I can see why it was missing. The Fur, the leopard, the big hair, perfect for Real Housewives of New Jersey, or attending a gypsy wedding.  Over all an epic fail in my opinion, I feel the ladies do a better job at their own styling. Take note VH1!

The fashion moment of the night , no question hands down, had this red bottomed devil get up off her feet and cheer.  Carrie Bradshaw should have been so lucky to wear this dress . Nora Schweihs rocked the you know what outta of a lace dress with nude underlay and an exquisitely detailed sleeve details! Perfect for a night out in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York.  Ms. Nora definitely brought it, and has set the bar high, six inches as my heels to be exact.

On to my not soo stand up and cheer moment, more like a lay down and put my hands over my eyes, was the beautiful Renee Fecarotta Russo.  Although Renee is a beautiful woman, I feel that in this shot of her it was over kill and even too much, for the queen of too much is never enough (moi)!  Even I had to put my Choo down on this one.

Can we just put the twins to bed already? The cleavage , the hot pink, the bandage dress which I assume is also a mini-NO doubt, the big sparkly earrings isn't a good look unless you are a 21 year old V.I.P. bottle service hostess in Vegas.  I find this look inappropriate on a woman of Renee’s age.  She has a rocking body.  I found her more stunning in the outfit she chose for the WWE match up.  Most notably the ring she wore, which the Queen Mum no doubt would have asked to borrow for her Jubilee.

Pia Rizza had this betch begging for more in the outfit she chose for the match. It was very chic, and on trend, the leather jeans, and silk top were simply Ah- Mazing! Made this gal wishing it was winter again to put mine back on. Pia actually chose the less is more, and boy did it pay off big!  *ladies take notes*

The remainder of the episode in regards to fashion had the gal on foot rest, sipping chai.  All in all I feel that the ladies from Chicago will keep this gal on her Choos begging for more!  Let’s just hope the ladies bring more of a passion for fashion, and not just a passion for "FLASHion".

Peace, love and labels.

Fashionista Betch 

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Carmela Corleone said...

Thank you for sharing your opionion! Loved some of your labeling on the clothes. However, I fear meeting you-lol! At least on the red carpet! Welcome!

Lady EL said...

So LOVED the blog dah-ling, now that you've gotten your CHOO's wet I cant wait to read more from you! ;) I will say agree'd on Nora's choice of dress however, I would have liked to have seen her in a pair of 6in platform booties instead of the thigh high boots she chose. A bit rocker chic. Spot on with Renee, she is a beautiful woman and therefore doesnt need to always lead with the "girls". I loved loved Pia's entire look, it too made me wish for cooler weather to rock mine. As always stay Fab! Ta-ta till next time dah-ling. ;)

Chiara Soprano said...

I'm getting a fashion education here! Great Blog, this is so out of my skill set. What a great idea for the blog! Welcome and I look forward to your future critiques!

gypsy said...

OMFG I am sooo loving this show...I have alot of faves in this one...this is absolutely the perfect show I wanted to view during the Sumertime. They're a bunch thats for sure. They're all pretty good looking, even Noriah (however its spelled) but her eyes are cuckoo...but loving it big time. I was a lil disappointed that we didnt get a new show, it was the same as the premiere one. I guess they have reasons for doing it, but I was expecting a new show.

Anonymous said...

Leah's big hair > owns all!

Kel said...

You are spot on. Pia definitely looked good. I loved her outfit. Simplicity definitely does go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Where was it that two ladies from Mob Wives Chicago visited in CHICAGO where they were able to created custom handbags?