Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mob Wives: Aleeya Graduates!

Absolutely beautiful!

There is no question that Drita has done a wonderful job raising her girls Aleeya and Giselle, under difficult circumstances.She has had to be both mother and father to her girls. Every fan who has expressed an opinion about the show seems to comment that they enjoy the scenes with Drita and her girls the most. You can see how much she loves her children and enjoys spending time with them. Today Drita is extremely proud of her older daughter, Aleeya, who graduated yesterday from elementary school. Drita shared a picture on Twitter for fans.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here at the blog when I say, "Congratulations" to Aleeya for all her accomplishments on her special day. We wish her nothing but the very best in her new school and we know her future will be filled with hope and promise. Way to go, Aleeya!

Picture credit: Drita's Twitter



She is adorable. God bless her. Continue with your education.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful like her mother. I can't remember if it's Chiara or MM that isn't too fond of Drita but it's still very good to see you guys put the differences aside when it comes to their kids. Shows you guys have some class (thumbs up)