Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Ang: Meet The Cast of Her Show!

Big Ang is bigger than life!

We all know that Big Ang is coming alive on the television screen on July 8th at 9 PM ET/ 8 C on VH1. What we all are wondering about is what the premise of the show was going to be. VH1 and Jennifer Graziano have revealed some of the details of this 10 episode series. 

I got to meet up with Jennifer last week and she told me that the show will be based on Big Ang's life, loves and relations within her inner circle. Although Big Ang grew up in Brooklyn, she holds many ties to Staten Island. Surely these stomping grounds will be part of the premise of the show along with her love of wise-guys, diamonds and furs. Another prize possesion is her dog, Little Louie. One Sunday, a few weeks back, Little Louie went missing and there was an all-out search for him on Twitter. Luckily, he was found in a few hours. This proves Big Ang is a big favorite to many fans. Her robust personality and trademark voice have many impersonating her. The show will feature scenes from the Drunken Monkey, Big Ang's bar, a favorite hangout of many Mob Wives. I also met Big Ang's sister, Janine Detore, who spoke candidly about her excitement of being on the show. Janine, who is the little sister, seems to be the true guardian to Big Ang and the other family members. Neil, Big Ang's strike 2 husband, will also surface. This sanitation worker's identity has been hidden so far, but fans will be lucky to see him on the show. Big Ang spoke about giving Neil one more chance before saying Strike 3, he's out. Big Ang and her very close friend of 30 years, Linda Torres, have a long history together and will prove real friendships dont die. Linda also has a part in the new show. The two have remained connected and claim to have torn up the neighborhood in their day. Jennifer Patalio, aka "Little Jen," who is devoted to Big Ang and the wise guys, as well as her red lipstick, scotch and stilettos, will also add some color to the cast.  I'll be interested to see Jens' shoe line and if they are any comparison to the ones Big Ang has been sporting. We'll also see more of Big Ang's son, AJ, who we saw on season 2 of Mob Wives exercising his playboy personality. To complete the rat-pack is Anthony Cracchiolo. Anthony has  recently opened Anthony's Pizzeria on Hylan Blvd in Staten Island. I attended the grand opening and got to meet Anthony. He is a young  business entrepreneur who  has helped the expansion of the Drunken Monkey will add some serious eye-candy.  

I conclude this by telling you that meeting Big Ang in person has proven to me that she lives up to every marvelous, splendid, and worthy words that the Mob Wives cast have spoken about her.

Written by: Carmela Corleone

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