Monday, July 2, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “When Renee Attacks” Ep 104

It's not called, "When Renee Attacks" for nothing!

At the café Renee meets Nora and her friend, Julie, for lunch. Nora says things have been rocky with Renee and Renee is trying to be a good sport since Julie is in town visiting. Nora feels that Renee is playing dumb about hurting her feelings. Nora says she trusts Julie and throws digs at Renee at the table. Nora then gets into the issue of Renee being late to her father’s memorial luncheon. Renee thinks Nora has issues and is making a mountain out of a molehill. Renee is angry that Nora is throwing things in her face. The only thing they agree on is that neither one of them is being a good friend to the other.

Leah and Christina go for drinks and a meal, just to hang out. Leah says she doesn’t trust Nora as far as she can throw her. She feels Nora weaseled out of making an apology to her for the way she treated Leah at the Italian Fest. Leah says Nora may not like her, but she is going to respect her. Christina says she wants to have a one on one with Pia to clear the air. Leah agrees.

You don't need a third kid.

Renee goes to lunch with her friend of 25 years, Chrissy. Renee goes into the whole story with Nora and how she got upset because Renee was a little late to the luncheon. Then she has the nerve to throw digs at Renee about it when she met Nora and her friend Julie for lunch. Renee says Nora was pissed off when she got there and was being a complete moron. Chrissy says Nora is not a real friend and Renee doesn’t need a third kid. Renee feels she helped Nora a lot when she came back to Chicago. Chrissy says Nora is making an ass of her. Renee feels Nora is taking advantage of her kindness.

Nora and Pia take their dogs for grooming. They have to wash their own dogs and neither is happy about that. Nora tells Pia about Renee’s outrageous voicemail and text messages. She plays the message and it says, “B!tch got “F” yourself!” Pia is shocked at all the cursing because Renee told her off for dropping an “F” bomb at her place of business. Pia doesn’t get it, why is Renee so vile? Nora shows her the text messages that Renee sent saying Nora is an “ungrateful drunk.” In the texts Renee also asks for her money and clothes back.

Leah says, "I tell my dad A to W, just not X,Y,and Z"

Christina and Leah have dinner with Leah’s dad, “Wolf,” who she knows since she was ten years old. Leah and her dad are best friends, she tells him everything. Well not everything, just A to W, she keeps the XYZ’s to herself (doing the nasty). Leah says her parents were divorced when she was an infant and her father wanted to raise her himself. Christina tells them she wants to talk to her dad and tell him she is divorced. Leah feels bad that Christina doesn’t have an open relationship with her father like Leah does. Wolf tells her she needs to talk to her dad and get it out in the open. Stop making excuses. Leah says get him a little tipsy first, then tell him.

Nora goes to Renee’s house to return the money and clothes she borrowed. She drops off $350, a suitcase and some clothes. Renee complains it’s not all the money and clothes she lent her. Renee wants Nora to have a seat so she can get some stuff off her chest. Nora is shocked and jumps up of the couch to make a run for it. They start to argue. Nora says, “You’re the biggest loser!” Renee says she was late because her daughter was sick. She tells Nora to call AA. Nora ends up screaming, “I hope you lose your daughter!” and storms out. Renee is in shock. Renee says, “I’m coming for you when you least expect it!”

Christina and Pia meet once again to discuss their friendship at the Tap House. They discuss the fight and how it should have never happened. They both say they are guilty of talking about the other behind their backs. They want to move forward. They have been close friends and miss each other. They both hug and decide to bury the hatchet. Pia says she doesn’t want her friendship with Nora to come between them, she feels sorry for Nora. They both apologize. Pia announces to Christina that she is getting her boobs redone.

At Renee’s apartment we learn that Nora has dropped off some money that she borrowed from Renee and some, NOT ALL, of the clothes Renee lent to her. Dave walks in and she tells him what happened between her and Nora. Specifically, she tells him that Nora came over and got pissy and ended by saying “I hope you lose your daughter.” Dave doesn’t react at all. That only makes Renee even more pissed! He says he doesn’t know exactly what happened, maybe she was having a bad day. Renee says Nora lost her mind and Dave is as supportive as a “wet f*ckin’ noodle.”

Christina is meeting her dad, Raymond Janek, at his cigar club to tell him that she is divorced. First they do a little reminiscing and Christina tries a cigar herself. She says her dad wasn’t around much when she was a kid, he spent a lot of time in jail. The way he looks at it, he was trying to teach people a lesson not to keep valuables in the trunk. Christina finally gets up the nerve to tell him she is divorced from her husband. He answers that he wishes she never told him, “what happened to her vows?” She tries to tell him times are different now, but he doesn’t want to discuss it. She was hoping for his support, but got nothing. Still she feels relieved and it’s a big weight lifted off her shoulders.

Nora and Pia meet up at the gym. Pia asks her about her meeting with Renee. Nora tells her that she returned Renee’s things and was told to sit down because Renee had some things to talk about. Nora tells Pia that Renee ended up calling her a drunk and was pointing her finger in her face. Nora swears that Renee was trying to provoke her into a fight. Nora is fed up with Renee. Pia is disgusted, first Renee calls her a whore and then she calls Nora an alcoholic.

Pia goes to the doctor for her new breast implants. She is nervous, but she needs to look good for work. Besides, her boobs are a tax write-off anyway.

Leah meets Renee for lunch. Renee says she wants to give her the down-low on Nora. She says Nora came to her house and Renee told her they needed to talk. Nora didn’t want to talk and got up to leave saying, “I hope you lose your daughter!” Leah’s reaction: you never say that to anyone, I don’t care who it is or what they’ve done, they are still a mother. Leah doesn’t trust Nora so she feels she has to take Renee’s story as true. Leah tells Renee about the meeting the others all had to make amends. Renee tells Leah she will never forgive Nora for what she said to her. Leah says, she would stab her with a knife for saying that. Renee is not done with Nora.

Pia is recuperating from surgery and Nora stops by to see how she is doing. Pia wants to know what Nora is going to do about Renee. Nora answers that it’s a friendship of 40 years. Nora is hurt and confused because she and Renee have never fought before and have always been close, like sisters. She keeps saying how hurt and devastated she is by this fight. Nora says she will give Renee the benefit of the doubt and wants to see where she is coming from. Pia says she supports Nora, but doesn’t think Renee will ever apologize to her.

Nora tries to grab Renee's finger

Nora calls Renee to arrange a sit down to discuss what happened and put it behind them. Renee agrees to meet Nora. Nora wants to work things out and feels she is owed an apology. Nora hopes Renee has a good excuse for attacking her. Renee says she doesn’t care if Nora gets hit by a bus. Renee can’t believe that Nora has the nerve to want to meet with her. Nora feels that if things don’t work out, Renee is history. Nora begins by talking first. She tells Renee that have been friends forever, but Renee showed disrespect to her and her father by arriving late to the memorial lunch and then abruptly leaving early. Renee isn’t saying anything, Nora does all the talking. Renee says she was giving her enough rope to hang herself. Nora adds that Renee left her a terrible voice mail, she treated her badly and her pointing her finger in her face hurt her too. Renee starts talking and points her finger in Nora’s face. Nora tells her to get her finger out of her face, as she goes to grab it. Nora says she is sorry for what she said about Renee’s daughter, but she felt attacked. Renee doesn’t care! She starts yelling, “I’m coming for you! I’m coming for you strong b!tch!” They get in each other’s faces. Nora looks likes she is leaving, but then turns around and comes back to hit Renee in the face. Renee goes ballistic and chases Nora and throws her down to the floor. The bouncers break them up almost immediately.  Nora sounds very shook up as she says, “Renee is dead to me!”

The bouncers break it up before anyone loses any hair!


Another week where I have to take this mob wife by mob wife. I feel a lot more comfortable watching now that I have a good feel for all the women. No more confusion and their accents are growing on me.

Pia. Pia needs a boob job? Ok if she says so, but I think she looked fine to me. I’m not a believer in plastic surgery, but I guess if she makes a case that it’s important for her job, who am I to say no? But how many times do you have to have your boobs redone in one lifetime? Is there a limit? I’m glad she worked things out with Christina, but will Nora eventually come in the way o their friendship? Nora and Christina don’t mix and Pia is in the middle…not the best place to be. I’m not sure why Pia tolerates the insults and judgmental attitude of Nora. Looks like they are going to have a little fight next week according to the previews.

Christina. Christina has at least one, good, solid, long term friend in Leah, and vice versa. I have to say I am not one who believes in keeping secrets from children, especially when it concerns family matters. If you recall, I came down hard on Carla for not telling the kids Joe was in prison all those years. I can understand wanting to protect your children from the hard facts of life, but they are going to find out anyway at some point and don’t you want them to find out from you? Why risk their learning about it from another source or overhearing something? Kids don’t understand you are trying to protect them, they will feel betrayed and it could become a trust issue later. It sends the wrong message, if you want your kids to be open and honest with you. I hope her talk with her daughter, once she has it, goes well. Divorce doesn’t make kids happy, but it’s a fact of life and they adjust. Maybe, once she tells her daughter, the two of them can move out on their own and there will be less stress and tension?

Leah. Leah is a peacemaker, but she takes no BS from anyone. You have to laugh at her when she is joking, but when she is mad, run for the hills! The things she comes out with are hilarious. I really don’t see her having serious issues with anyone. If Nora ever gets the chance to disrespect her again, and I hope she thinks twice about doing that, I’m sure Leah will let her have it and move on. After hearing what Nora said to Renee about her daughter, I think Leah will not let her guard down with her.

Renee. They didn’t call this “When Renee Attacks” for nothing! Renee has had more fights than anyone in four episodes. She argued with Pia, she argued with Dave, she argued with Giana, and now she is arguing with Nora, the person she is supposed to have the most history with. I’m getting the feeling that Renee likes to argue. None of the arguments were on solid ground either, in my opinion. She got mad at Pia for pole dancing, which is none of her business. She got mad at Pia because she imagined she had a “thing” with her boyfriend, Dave. She got mad at Dave because she imagined he had a “thing” with Pia and wouldn’t admit it. She got mad at Nora because Julie was wearing her shirt and because Nora had a pissy attitude with her for being late to the luncheon for her dad. She argued with Giana for going to see her dad. All of these things did not have to end in a screaming session.

However, that being said, Nora’s comment about hoping Renee loses her daughter, was unforgivable. That is more than enough to end a friendship over. A line has been crossed and words said that cannot be taken back. Sure she said it out of hurt and anger, but it’s inexcusable. Renee is no stranger to saying nasty things to everyone either, and she likes to hit below the belt herself. She has say some really bad things about Pia and now she keeps calling Nora an alcoholic. But, Nora’s comment to Renee really puts her in a bad light now and I don’t know how she is going to maintain relationships with the other women.

Nora. I don’t think Nora wants to get into any physical confrontations. I’ve seen her blurt things out and offend and insult people and then just brush it off with a “let bygones be bygones” mention. You can’t keep doing that and get away with it. Once you say something hurtful, it’s a cloud over the relationship till the end of time. People do not forget hurtful things. So to call Pia, your friend, a whore several times, is wrong. She isn’t a different person because she pole dances for a living. She is the same person she always was and there should be acceptance not judgment, where she is concerned. As for her comment to Renee, I can understand why Nora was angry about Renee being late and the voice mail and texts messages. Renee really provoked her. But her striking back with that comment about hoping she loses her daughter, really didn’t sit well with anyone, let alone Renee. This is the fuel for a huge finale fight. Mark my words! You heard it from me first. You don’t mention innocent kids and attack a mother, using her kid as a weapon. All hell is going to break loose. Who will side with Nora now?

What did you think of episode four? Are you getting more comfortable and into the show? Someone said it me it’s not like Mob Wives. No, it’s not the same. You have different women, different issues, different histories. The drama is heating up. What are your thoughts now?


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping us so well informed on each different episode. I've been watching this shown since the beginning, and continue to tune in every week hoping to see something of substance. I realize that this is a different show with different women, however I have yet to find anything either personal or part of the storyline that connects me to them and makes me want to watch as with the "original" gals. Does anyone else feel this way?

Anonymous said...

I don't like the Chicago cast I think their all fake and really the producers could of did a better job at finding cast members. They are all like little two faced poodles runin around ankle biting. Please save us all n take it off the air. Statin island is real the Chicago cast is fake

Christina G said...

I am enjoying this show, but it does lack that unifying element of "the book" that the NY wives had. Also - as strange as this may sound - the NY wives had a much better theme song & opening credits. It took me a while to get into the original - but - I loved the opening credits and got hooked that way!
As a Chicagoan, I wish they had gotten some of our more A list connected wives/daughters, but just as Leah says, Chicago is all about STFU.. nobody says nuthin.. so being on reality show is kind of a bad idea... and I think these chicks are brave to even attempt to put themselves out there. Also - why did they only get gals from Taylor Street- that's like the tourist Italian neighborhood. The real deal follows old Ogden / Grand avenue, from Old Town to May Street all the way to Elmwood Park & beyond, and that's where all the real wives are, in their McMansions..
Still, I like these women, love Leah, Pia is OK but kinda long in the tooth to still be stripping, srsly! And Norah ... hmm
Seems a bit strung out to me!

Chiara Soprano said...

Hey Christina G! I enjoyed your comments, you seem to know a lot about the Chicago mob wives. Throw in a couple of recommendations for Jenn, she might be reading!

Rosey said...

It has taken me a while to connect to the chicago mobwives which was exactly the opposite with the staten island mobwives.
I don't like Renee as she walks around with her nose in the air thinking she is better than everyone. I don't like Pia pole dancing but I am not going to talk bad about her. I think she is just jealous of Pia. She thinks her man slept with Pia! Nora is Nora. She has her wacky but likable personality. Leah and Christina are just bad asses who would give Drita a run for her money!

Anonymous said...

Renee is too much. She should not be on tv. Needs to focus on fixing herself and staying sane to raise her daughter.

Leah said...

i think the women are watchable but i dont follow religiously like staten island.
Renee has a lot of anger in her life with the custody battle and i think it is overflowing into every other section of her life....well i hope so or she is one crazy broad!!
saying that Renee is much scarier than Drita....Drita only punches on when there is a crowd around whereas Renee seems to hope no one is around when she does that...that says a lot!!