Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: An Opinion On The Cast

The Mob Wives Chicago Cast

Well we have just watched five episodes of Mob Wives Chicago and things are heating up. I’ve been telling readers to give the show a chance because it takes a while to get used to the cast and even for the cast to get used to each other, especially in this setting. I know this is the case because I had a little trouble myself. However“, I also have enormous confidence in Jennifer Graziano, as an executive producer. I know that she would not allow her name to be put on a product that is substandard. I also know how difficult it must have been to put together a winning cast after the world was “wowed” by the original New York Mob Wives. 

I have been asked by readers, over and over, what do I think of the cast. I reserved my opinion until I could watch more episodes, read articles, watch interviews and keep an eye on Twitter action. I think I may be prepared to offer some of my insight based on all these things to whomever cares to read it. If your attitude is “so what, who cares,” you can stop reading now.

So what do I think? I think we can divide these ladies into two groups: the “likable” and the “UN-likable.” I don’t want everyone getting bent out of shape, this is just my preliminary opinion, from what I have seen so far. We can all have our own opinions and favorites and can be civil in our discussions and comments. 

The un-likable two, as I see it, are Renee and Nora. It’s either the way they are being portrayed on the show, or it’s how they really are. Editing is like magic, it can create illusions right before your eyes. Nora has come across as a “flip-flopper.” When it comes to Pia, on the one hand, she says they are friends for 40 years and she trusts her with helping her get answers to her father’s remains. On the other hand, she calls her a “whore” many times in the show, and tells Renee she “wouldn’t trust her as far as she could throw her.” It’s hard to like someone who turns on an old friend. From what I have seen on the show, Pia has been supportive of Nora and welcomed her back to Chicago with open arms. So why the name calling and passing judgment? In addition, we have Nora’s long friendship with Renee in shambles. Renee says she has been supportive of Nora and helped her out financially when she came back to Chicago. Granted Renee could have gotten to “The German’s” memorial luncheon on time, but Nora didn’t even ask if everything was okay before copping an attitude. Any number of things could have made Renee late for lunch. Nora has even bad mouthed Christina to Pia, and she doesn’t even know Christina, does she? Then there is her unforgivable comment to Renee, “I hope you lose your daughter!” which doesn’t sit well with anyone. This is why I find it hard to trust what Nora says. The only one she really seems to care about and is devoted to is her dad.

I find Renee hard to warm up to because she snaps at the drop of a hat. She also seems to enjoy arguing with everyone. She turned on Pia about her father, without even knowing her and just meeting her, saying “a rat is a rat is a rat.” She invited her over to her place to talk about the fight and then blindsides her with “I don’t want any trouble from you.” She asks Pia how she knows Dave, and then doesn’t believe her. She asks Dave how he knows Pia, and then doesn’t believe him. She freaks out because Giana went to visit her dad in prison. And now, to top it off, she is at war with Nora. Well, at least she is okay with Christina for now and Leah hasn’t had much contact with her yet. Soon we’ll see how those relationships play out. I won’t even mention the Twitter drama (wink, wink).

Now we have the “likable” wives: Pia, Christina and Leah. Pia has suffered her whole life thanks to her dad. She has been living with the stigma of his turning informant and ratting on the mob. On top of that, he never provided for her. When she was left alone, with her daughter to raise, she took a job pole dancing. Now she is being judged and criticized for that. Nora and Renee would like it if Pia took two jobs and worked 16 hours a day to make half the money or less than she makes pole dancing, and never see her daughter. I am not going to judge Pia for her job. I am not in her position and don’t know what I would do if I were. Pia’s having to constantly defend herself and now openly speaking up for herself is earning her points in my book. It’s no one’s business how she earns a living, it doesn’t define who she is as a person.

Christina is a loyal friend. She proved that at girls’ night out, when she called Nora out for saying what she did about Pia. Too bad her loyalty backfired, but we can respect her for trying. Christina also appears to be a very loving mother to her nine year old daughter. Though we haven’t seen her daughter, we have seen Christina agonize over telling her about her divorce. We have also seen the closeness between Christina and Leah when they had dinner with Leah’s dad, and again when Leah confided in her about her mother’s cancer. These are qualities that make Christina very relatable to viewers.

Leah speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and doesn’t care who the hell likes it or not. Her openness and honesty are consistent and make her a fan favorite. Her sense of humor and choice of words and expressions are as unique as her personality. Leah likes to bring people together and make peace. She doesn’t like drama. She likes to “clean up a mess” even if it requires having a “sit down” and talking it out. You always know where you stand with Leah, she says what she means and means what she says. She gives good advice and she has your back. Leah is the kind of person everyone needs to have as a friend. More importantly, you can see how close Leah is to her mother and father. You get the sense she lives by the motto, “family first.” Her love, devotion, loyalty and respect to her family and friends is clear. For these reasons, Leah may be the most popular and likable of the Chicago wives.

So there you have it! We will see if things change over time, but as for now, this is my take on all five personalities involved. You may agree with me or not, it really doesn’t matter. All the ladies bring a lot to the table. In the end we are all fans of the show and will see it through to the finale and hopefully, season two.


linda Edward said...

You couldn't have summarized the characters of these women any hit the nail on the true. I respect Pia a lot. I don't care that she dances for a living to provide for her family ( she and her daughter) I will do anything to be with and have my girls with me as well as giving them the best life can offer.
Everyone needs a Leah and a christina in their life; friends who are loyal and honest, and tell it like it is.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Linda, it took a few episodes to see how they are all being portrayed/really are. Time will tell if there is more to the story.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what show have you been watching? Yhese "ladies" make the original Mob Wives look like the Royal Family. Pia pole dancing at her age? Where is she dancing, at an old age home. She's had years to learn a respectable profession, if only for her daughters sake. As for Nora, she is such a bitch and so homely, her father should have turned her in to the cops. Who has a memorial for their father and only invites four people, and one of them, Renee, doesn't even know the guy. Leah to me comes across as a showboater, she's all talk an no action. She claims she would stab everyone in the heart yet never says a thing to anyone's face. As for this "family first" attitude, if their father;s had cared about them they would not have gotten messed up with the mob in the first place.

BTW - love this blog.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me why Nora isnt talking to her sister or the rest of her family...Im confused why she wasnt there when they buried ber dad.

Anonymous said...

i agree with others Renee and Nora are the worst on here. renee could be more likable if she would lose the pettiness with ladies. I think I said before, with all the drama with her exes, baby daddy, she needs to go chill for a bit and raise her daughter.

angel from your nightmares said...

You nailed this