Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Ang: Recap “Big Dogs” Ep 103

Louie is not a fan of grooming!

So we've made it to Party 3 - I mean Episode 3 of the Big Ang show. This episode clearly justifies what I mentioned in my earlier blogs, that Big Ang's parties just get bigger and better. This episode starts out with Big Ang bringing Little Louie to Pup Hollywood for some styling. For a minute I thought maybe the sign said Poop Hollywood. I was wrong.  Big Ang lets the staff know that Louie is going to be in a dog show. They bathe Louie and Big Ang tells them how she has discovered that Louie only has 1 ball. They all laugh and one of the workers says "it’s better than none!" Louie doesn't seem to be too fond of the huge “vacuum like” dryer and he nips at the staff member. She actually doesn't even seem to be bothered by it. After they notice how Louie behaves, they do an eye roll and tell Ang that Louie is gonna do just great.

Lil Jenn shows up at Big Ang's to help with the move. She's happy that Big Ang will be closer to her. Big Ang is overwhelmed at the amount of boxes stacked up, both inside her house and out. There's an array of furs on the sidewalk and Lil Jenn says it looks like a zoo. Big Ang just wants everything to vanish on its own so she can have a housewarming party. They walk out to the backyard and Lil Jenn makes note on how quiet it is. And then she says that the neighbors better enjoy their last quiet night on the block! Big Ang just wants to have a great big party like her uncle Sally Dogs. When he had parties everybody wanted to come.

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Big Ang takes Louie over the to Staten Island Companion Dog Training Center. She meets Terry, who lays out what it will take for Louie  to be in a dog show. She explains how the dogs need to have  basic obedience. Uh-Oh, Big Ang thought he just has to look good. Louie takes a dump on the floor. Terry explains that that's a sure fail. She brings Big Ang in the back to show her what the other dogs are training to do.  Big Ang looks as though she’s looking at an equestrian training center. Louie now takes a pee. Big Ang is determined that Louie has to win because she doesn't like to lose.

Big Ang heads over to the Drunken Monkey to tell Frank Russo about her housewarming party. She asks Frank if he has a girlfriend, and he says no. She tells him that she’s got a girl for him. She's blonde, has big boobs and a big a$$. Big Ang tells Frank that her parties are great. One time she got 65 stitches by falling back on one of those toilet bowl brush cleaners. For just a second I got a visual. Ouch!

Big Ang heads over to meet with Louie's trainer Debbie. Big Ang tells her how she is competitive. Debbie asks Big Ang to walk Louie. He's not exactly walking, Louie is peeing-again. For a little dog, he has to go a lot! She shows Big Ang a variety of hoops and planks for Louie to practice on. She tells Big Ang that she has to talk firmly to Louie and he has to learn to walk. What the hell Big Ang says, how can he walk well when I'm always carrying him. After about a 100 times of Louie's name spoken in the famous Big Ang voice,  Louie does manage to walk the plank. I think we may have a star here.

Frank Russo's date for the party, Sandy

The housewarming party is here and I scan the room and the crew is in the house. Shots are being poured and not only in glasses. Big Ang shows Frank where his hot date is. He looks shocked, but being the charmer he is, Frank goes along with it. She is blonde, she does have big boobs and a big a$$, but she's 65 years old!  He dances with Sandy, pours shots in her mouth and takes her out to the jacuzzi. Side note to Big Ang, can you add on to this room? It was way too small! Next thing you know, Frank is down to his underwear, Sandy's down to her underwear and Linda's upset that Sandy gets to gyrate with Frank, after all, it should be her. Frank is being a good sport having fun with Sandy, but then, as Sandy is getting out, she takes a fall out of the jacuzzi. Big Ang looks to be in a panic and the ambulance is called. Sandy is upset that she has to leave and miss the rest of the party. The party goes on and Frank tells Anthony that he breaks hearts...and elbows. Frank may have been the hot hottie in this episode, but I'm still waiting for Tan Tony to show us what he's got.

Frank, the heart throb, knocks women off their feet!

The next day Sandy, the "Plumber with the Hummer," another friend of Big Ang's who was at the party, stops over. Big Ang is impressed by Sandy because she never had a girlfriend who had a job like that. Seems there may be some trouble with her sink, but it ends up being a quick fix. They drink and chat about the party last night. Sounds like it ended in fun. Sandy, the plumber, said that when Sandy was in the hospital she said it was all worth it. Big Ang seems to think nothing is worth 40 stitches.

Louie brings home a trophy after all!

The dog show is here and it' s a Saturday morning.  Both Lil Jenn and Linda show up to support Big Ang and Louie. I think Linda has a crush on Louie. They  both mention that they rolled in at 4 am. They watch the other dogs who are walking with their owners and performing. Lil Jenn notes she can't even get her son to do that and Linda wants to know if they train men there. Lil Jenn takes photos like a proud aunt.  They don't think Louie is going to do well. In fact, Lil Jenn thinks Louie may win the dumbest dog award. Big Ang takes Louie out with some help. He didn't do so great in any of the stunts, but he walked like a champion! Big Ang was proud. Little Louie ended up winning a trophy for smallest dog.  Louie is a pisser and he could of won an award for that also! And I don't only mean his funny personality! All in all Big Ang says she didn't want to lose and she didn't. She got the house of her dreams and had the biggest party ever! Most of all she won the hearts of her fans. No drama. all fun. Stay tuned next week when Big Ang goes to Miami.

Written By: Carmela Corleone

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Anonymous said...

Great recap! Love the Big Ang show! comedy, comedy! You really "keep it real" and I love that!

Carmela Corleone said...

Thank you ! Its a great fun show!

Monique said...

Great recap! And wow, Frank is one fine specimen! LOL