Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mob Wives: Chiara's Wish List Season 3

Praying to the "Fairy Godfather"

Last time I wrote a wish list for season two I actually got quite a few of my requests granted by the Fairy Godfather.  So I figured, what have I got to lose if I make a few of my wishes for season three known? The filming hasn’t started yet and they have plenty of time to incorporate my ideas. Sometimes the writers, producers or whoever is behind the scenes, could use a little help in the brainstorming department and I am very generous with my ideas, if I say so myself.

Carla and Joe are both dating younger people. But many of us think there are still residual feelings between the two of them. Personally, I think they are just trying to make each other jealous. I would like to see them have it out! Address the issue of their marriage and their feelings. Carla seems very jealous of “#2” and she can’t even hide it. Joe has plenty of experience in the “con” game, he knows how to keep his cool and not show his hand. He doesn’t seem jealous at all. Like a good poker player he keeps his feelings under wraps. But, you can tell from his comments, he still thinks Carla is “hot.” I think he is getting a certain amount of satisfaction knowing Carla is pissed about the girlfriend. There is plenty to work with in this steamy storyline. Otherwise, Carla has nothing to bring to the table, except her manicotti.

I want Karen’s movie deal on her book, Mob Daughter, to go through. I want to see her working with a screenwriter adapting it for film or, better yet, on the set giving advice to the actors on how to portray her and her family. I want to see more of Karina and Karen together discussing her adjustment to living in New York. I would like it if Dave visits and spends time with Karen. Is there a future for them as a couple/family? They need time together to figure that out. I want to see more of Karen and Ramona and cousin Rena! And what about Karen's second book? What will it be about and when will it come out? What is Karen's role in Luminque Spa? Can we see how she handles clients?

Ramona has an ongoing problem with her boyfriend being in prison. We don’t know what his status is at the moment. I would like to know more about that and if Ramona is making any life decisions where he is concerned. I think it would be great to see more of Ramona with her children and how they are dealing with the boyfriend’s incarceration and their absentee father. I definitely would like to see Ramona’s group, “Final Draft” perform or rehearse on the show. How is Ramona managing the group? What does she do? Are their cds being released? Do they have a contract with a record company? The group is HOT! And also, has Ramona made any progress in reconciling with her father? I know he will never be on the show, but it’s something that can be discussed.

Who is Drita dating? The rumor mill says she is involved with someone and her divorce from Lee is going to happen. She looks happier than ever, from what I have seen and read. Maybe her fighting days are behind her now that love is in the air? How about a little more advice from her big brother, Sinan? Too bad they cut out the scene they did together and it never aired. I really think viewers would have liked to see their interaction. And we all know it’s quite a distance to visit Lee in prison, but since Drita manages to get herself everywhere else in the USA, maybe she could take Aleeya on one trip so she can see her father? Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

Renee needs a break from drama, she has too much stress. First, she needs to release her stress, so I think she should really kick Carla’s ass, for all the things she has done in season one and two, and then move on to fun scenarios. I’d love to see Renee out on a date or two, enjoying herself, distracting herself, from all the problems she has had the past year and a half. How about if Renee goes with AJ to visit college campuses? Or if they have done that already, maybe she could go with him to his selected college and take a tour? Renee should visit the Drunken Monkey, with Karen and Ramona, and maybe meet a guy there? Maybe Big Ang, Frank or Anthony have an idea on who a good match for Renee might be? A regular maybe? Can she go to the Mob Wives Chicago Reunion Show as a special guest? Maybe have dinner with a couple or all of the ladies and film it? Can she visit a dating service and watch videos of the guys and pick one? I’m sure she would have many outrageous and hilarious things to say. Give Renee scenes where she can show her great sense of humor!

How about we make Mob Wives season three a season for siblings? Drita can have her brother, Renee can have her sister, Lana, Karen can have her brother, Gerard, and Ramona, her sister Roxanne. So far only Big Ang has had her sister, Janine, on the show. Come to think of it, even Carla has two sisters, and one of them might even have a personality.

I would not complain if they added a new Mob Wife or two, as long as I get to pre-approve them. What we don’t need is another ice queen who is as boring as drying paint or an all talk and no bite, light weight boxer. Chirp, chirp.

Big Ang has her hands full with two shows, so I am going to leave her alone.

Mob Mistress has just one tiny request for season three, No Drita.

Thanks for reading and feel free to agree, disagree or add your own wishes. I know Jennifer reads everything, which I personally find amazing.

S/O To @MrsSmitty122394 ;)


Anonymous said...

Don't take this personal but I think you shouldn't tell jenn graziano how to do her job. I'm sure she is very smart lady and can handle her own being executive producer of a successful show. Also about drita, she's not going anywhere she's coming back. Sorry to disappoint mob mistress lol. And if you don't believe me look at all about real housewives.

Chiara Soprano said...

I am not trying to tell Jenn how to do her job and I have had no part in her success. I just threw some ideas out there and see if they stick. I'm sure if there is something in my blog that would benefit the show, they would use it. It's just a blog topic for fun.

Monique said...

"Carla has two sisters, and one of them might even have a personality"

OMG!!!! LOL!!!!

That was classic!!!!

Your wish list is awesome. I, too, would love some of those things. I like the idea of lighting up Renee's storyline. She needs to have some real fun after all that drama!

Keep up the great work! Always love reading this blog!

Chiara Soprano said...

Monique, where have you been? I've missed your comments LOL and thank you!

Monique said...

WOW! Thanks Chiara for noticing! I have been totally lost. Can you believe I know have to see Mobwives, Big Ang online! I use to have Directv and recently cancelled it. I have to go on to and Hulu so I am was a little behind. I am now all caught up now and I am back! Also I am so thankful for your blog because I haven't skipped a beat, but felt guilty commenting without actually watching the episode LOL!

I didn't think I was actually going to be into MW Chicago, but of course, I am now hooked. Big Ang was also a pleasant surprise. She is too much. I am all the way in the West Coast, but I am definitely going to visit the Drunken Mafia, I mean, Monkey -LOL when I make it up there!

Can't wait for our original MW to come back!

Thanks again for the awesome work you and MM do!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Don't feel bad to comment at any time. I pretty much recap everything anyway, so why can't you have an opinion? Sorry about Direct TV, it's great you can watch them online with a time lag. I'll be looking for you ;)

Chiara Soprano said...

To the Anonymous who is a die hard fan of is a NEWSFLASH for you: Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source. Anyone can post anything there they they want. On top of that, it is a tertiary source. We deal with primary or secondary sources and we double and triple check our facts whenever possible. We do not want to post false information. I hope that answers your question.