Monday, July 16, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Party Animals” Ep 106

High Drama in this episode, but first...

Christina is at home working on a garment. She wants to get back into the fashion industry. Pia arrives and Christina tells her she is making something for Renee. Pia tells her she got into it with Nora yesterday. Pia says they started talking about Christina’s party and Pia told Nora that she should go. Then Nora tells Pia that Renee has a problem with Pia stripping. Pia says Nora was a dancer so why is it okay for Renee to hang out with her but look down on Pia? Christina finds it funny that Nora was a stripper. She thinks the bar might lose money with Nora stripping! Pia says Nora accuses her of being a “whore” over and over. Christina says she saw a different side of Nora at her birthday party. Pia says Renee thinks she is better than Pia, so how can she ever get along with Renee? Pia is angry because Nora was her friend and betrayed her with Renee. She is prepared to fight Nora if she gets out of line at the party.

Nora says she has been distracted from what she came to Chicago to do, which is to find out what happened to her father. All the drama with Pia and Renee has sidetracked her. Nora recalls what the funeral director told her and calls for the death records of her father. They tell her the records are private. No one witnessed her father going into the ground. She tells them she doesn’t know if it was her father in the casket and has no closure. She wants the body exhumed. They tell her all the siblings have to agree to that or she will need to get a judge’s permission. Now Nora knows what she has to do next.

Renee feels her life is full of BS. She needs to vent and goes to see Leah. Renee tells Leah all about the drama with Nora including the fact that she told her she hopes she loses her daughter, and she heard she has been talking about beating her up behind her back. Leah tells her to “do what she has to do and not to back down for no one.”

Renee says, "I gotta get rid of this guy."

Renee and Dave are at the store. Renee tells him about her altercation with Nora. Dave seems disinterested and that pisses Renee off. Renee tells him she has to leave on a business trip and Dave gets pissed off. They start arguing and calling each other names. A customer enters the store, but they continue to argue in front of the man. Renee is disgusted and leaves. She plans to hire someone new and cut Dave’s hours. She can’t stand being around him.

Nora wants to focus on something positive. She and her friend, Desiree, go to a wine making place to create a new wine in honor of her father’s memory. They participate in the actual making of the red wine. She and her father drank wine together all the time. She hopes to make a fine, exquisite wine that represents her father, who was the best. She wants her father remembered in a good way.

Pia and her friend, Kamila, are on the treadmills talking. Pia tells her the whole incident with Nora. Leah walks in and joins them. Leah says her idea of working out is “ball busting” and that is what she is there to do. They ask Leah about Nora. Leah says she is nuts and she is making them all nuts. Leah is fed up with the love/hate relationship between Pia and Nora, it’s too much. Pia says she is done with Nora. Leah says she will believe it when she sees it. Pia says if Nora comes after her at the party she will have to go after her. Leah didn’t sound to happy to hear there may be drama at Christina’s party.

Nora and Christina meet for lunch. Christina’s opinion of Nora has changed since she went to her birthday party and saw another side of her. Nora tells her about her wine, “The German,” that she is having made so her father’s memory will live on in a positive way. Christina doesn’t know what to make of this, but jokes and says, “it’s gonna be a killer wine!” Christina asks her about Pia. Nora tells her what happened between the two of them and that they will talk again, it was nothing bad. Nora says she will go to Christina’s party and act with class and hopes her friends will show her the same respect.

At Christina’s house Leah and Christina are getting ready for the big party. Leah brings A LOT of makeup. She wants to look good. Pia, Nora and Renee all hate each other, but Christina hopes they will all get along for her sake. Leah and Christina take a limo to the party. Nora’s friend, Debbie, will accompany her to the party. She fills her in on what has been going on and says she wants nothing to do with Renee.

Christina advises Pia to tell Nora why she is mad at her!

Leah and Christina get to the party first. It starts on a positive note with a toast. Nora shows up with her friend and Christina goes over to give her a hug and welcomes her. Pia goes to the party with Kamila, a friend of hers, who thinks Nora is at the root of the problem. Pia says she has been defending Nora and making excuses for her, but no more! Pia is going to take care of Pia. Pia gets there a little late and hugs everyone. Pia ignores Nora, she is there for Christina. Christina feels Pia is uneasy. Nora introduces her friend, Debbie, to Pia. Renee and Crystal are late to the party. Renee is not happy with Nora. Nora said something unforgivable and Renee needs to talk to her, but she plans on acting like a lady at the party. Meanwhile, Renee is already two hours late to the party.

Pia says her love/hate relationship with Nora is done. Leah thinks Christina is playing with fire by telling Pia to confront Nora and tell her why she is mad. Leah is sick of the “ring around the rosey backwards.” Suddenly, Nora says she wants to leave, she feels sick, she has food poisoning. Christina is confused, they didn’t even eat yet. Nora is pissed that Renee is so late again, like she was at her father’s memorial lunch. Nora leaves because Renee is late. She tells Leah she doesn’t feel well and a few other excuses. Leah says Nora was trying to escape like a fugitive. Renee adds, “Run b!tch, run!”

A truce between Pia and Renee?

Christina is confused by Nora’s exit. Why does she care if Renee is late? She doesn’t even talk to Renee. Renee says Nora was scared and Pia agrees with Renee, they think she pulled her exit to get attention. Christina calls Nora on the phone to get her to come back to the party. Nora says she will come back after she gets some air. Pia and Renee start talking about Nora and tell each other that Nora talks badly about them behind their backs. Pia says she offered Renee an olive branch, but Renee treated her badly. The two form a temporary “truce” because they are both so mad at Nora.

The "eyes" have it...rage!

Nora returns and apologizes to Christina or leaving. There is rage in Renee’s eyes when she sees Nora. Renee immediately confronts Nora. Nora says she doesn’t know who she is. Christina says she doesn’t want them to fight at her party. Renee demands that Nora says what she has to say to her face not behind her back. Nora tells her she doesn’t trust her, she is a piece of crap and low class. Pia joins in the argument and asks why are you pointing the finger at me when you used to dance too? Pia tells her she took care of her daughter and Nora with her dancing. Nora calls her a “whore” again and again.

Black outs and Black eyes

Pia hits Nora in the face. Nora and Pia fight. Pia says she has been dancing for 15 years to support her daughter. Christina notices that Nora doesn’t hit Pia back. Then Renee goes after Nora and hits her between the eyes. Nora feels that Pia and Renee ambushed her. Nora is ganged up on. Christina feels bad for Nora because no one deserves to be hit. Nora yells out, “Your father raped you every day of your life!” Renee goes ballistic and goes after Nora. Pia and Renee “beat the sh!t” out of Nora. To be continued…


Definitely the hottest episode yet. I have a few thoughts on this party. Why would you have a party when three out of your five invitees are at each other’s throats? Why not wait for things to cool off, for them to make up or call truces first? It’s a recipe for a disaster if you just think about the party, BUT it’s a lottery ticket bonanza for ratings, if it’s for a reality television show. Drama is what viewers live for and drama is what we got!

Now sometimes the basis of an argument on a reality show is just plain BS. There is no substance to it, like on the Real Housewives of New York. But, last night, on Mob Wives Chicago, the arguments were heated and had merit. I have been as angry and hurt as Pia and Renee, at a friend, for a lot less, in my lifetime. I have been spitting nails mad and it didn’t take the degree of provoking that Pia and Renee got from Nora to get me there. I tried putting myself in their shoes and asked myself what would I do if a long time friend of mine called me a “whore” time and time again OR said to me “I hope you lose your daughter.” Fahgettaboudit!!! I would NEVER talk to them again. No way would I show up at any party they were at. I am not the type to confront people or get physical, but I am not on a reality show either. So, that being said, Mob Wives Chicago delivered us a pot full of drama last night.

It was no surprise to me that Christina’s party was a fiasco. I was surprised that Pia and Renee seem to have bonded over their anger for Nora. They had a common enemy! Let’s face it, it wasn’t just anger, although that is what we saw take place. It was more about their deep feelings of hurt and betrayal by Nora. They were both long time friends of Nora and they both helped her over the years. As for Nora, for someone who doesn’t like to fight, she does a lot of provoking and hitting way below the belt. One time can be a “mistake,” but when you say extremely hurtful things over and over again, it’s not a mistake, it’s deliberate. I think Pia finally got it, had enough and decided to stand up for herself. As for Renee, while I have found her to be quick to anger, she had every good reason to be furious at Nora. That line about losing her daughter, I can’t even get over it, how can Renee? On top of that, Nora yells out that Renee’s father raped her every day of her life??? What? Where the hell did that come from? Renee was very justified to snap over that remark. I have to wonder what Nora is thinking by lashing out at lifelong “friends” with comments like these? Even your worst enemy might have a hard time hitting that far below the belt.

Which brings me to my next question. We all know that Nora’s dad, “The German” was an alleged “hit man” for the mob. He may not have been convicted of anything, but there has been plenty of talk about it. Considering his reputation and Nora’s great love and devotion for him, I couldn’t help but be surprised that neither Pia nor Renee lashed out by making comments about Nora’s Dad. That’s her real Achilles’ heel, her weakness. A few choice digs at him would have hurt her more than any black eye. Yet, they would not stoop that low as to insult her father. If they said anything about him I sure didn’t hear it.  I have to give them tremendous credit for showing that kind of restraint. They stuck to their issues with Nora the whole time and didn’t drag anyone else into it. Kudos to Pia and Renee!

For comic relief we have the team of Christina and Leah, who had some of the best lines of the night. Christina’s referring to Nora’s new wine as a “killer wine.” was hilarious. She even made herself laugh! Her reaction to Nora being a stripper and the bar losing money, was funny too. Leah, Leah, Leah! It was pure genius having her in the cast. She is never at a loss for new expressions. The only exercise she does is “ball busting!” I want to know how you play “ring around the rosey backwards?” And her makeup case? There is enough makeup there to do all of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall for an entire year! Leah has many “looks,” but my favorite is when she is doing the “green screen’ and has those beautiful, soft curls!

As for Nora, I did feel bad that she was physically attacked and hurt by both Pia and Renee. I don’t think she could fight them one on one, let alone the two of them together. But, at the same time, her actions and words have consequences. You can only push people so far before they fight back and you don’t know how they will do that. Some people chose to fight back with words. However, when you are very angry and in the heat of the moment, things can often get physical. Last night they did and it wasn’t pretty. Will Nora apologize for her comments to Pia and Renee? Will they accept her apology? Will she lash out at Christina and Leah next? Jennifer promised us a finale that’s “on fire” and I am wondering what, or who, lit that match! What did you think of this episode?

You can catch up on previous full episodes of Mob Wives Chicago at VH1. Don’t miss out on the drama! Stay tuned!



Perfect recap as always Chiara. I have felt bad for Pia for being ridiculed about being a "dancer" even though I am not a fan of that occupation. She has always been very sweet & kind and THAT is what she should be judged on. I must add that though I don't think anyone should judge.

I think Renee does get aggressive very quickly & turn to being physical in the blink of an eye. BUT the comments that Nora made are inexcusable & unforgivable.. at least for me. If someone ever said that to me I can guarantee that I would be in Jail and she would be sleeping with 6 feet of dirt on top of her.

Hats off to Jenn for keeping us all on the edge of our seats. Thank God Big Ang was on right after, for me that was like a shot of Valium after drinking a 6pack of Red Bull

Casey said...

I love your .02 and look forward to it every week!

OMG!! Serious drama last night! I agree that Renee had every right to be upset by Nora, but I still can't stand Renee, to the point of I don't care if she's right or not. I actually dislike her that much. While she's justified in being angry with Nora, the way she treated her boyfriend and Pia over absolutely nothing really turned me off to her. Bitch just isn't a strong enough word for that. I think she is worse than Drita has ever been. She actually makes me think more of Drita :)

Now, onto Nora: I think she has serious mental issues and needs help. Pia has been a really good friend to her and Nora is treating her terribly for no reason.

LOVE Christina and Leah! They are such genuine people.

Chiara Soprano said...

Tweet and Casey, thanks so much for commenting!

Paula said...

I agree with Casey. Can't stand Renee. She gets along with no one. Renee fights with her boyfriend, friends. Renee has crapped on everybody. Even on twitter. I would not let my kids near someone like that. NEVER.

As far as Pia's job. Its OLD warn out news. So what that she strips. Move on people! Let it go already!
I do like Pia. She need to get away from Renee.

YES TRUE Nora has not been a good friend to Pia at all. Agree.

Did people forget how nasty Renee was to Nora first. With the texts messages & voice mail. Hello people! If I had a friend talk to me that way. She should be lucky all I did was say nasty things back to her. Nora & Renee need to end it & I believe they have.

Leah - She keeps me rolling.

Christina - Love what she is doing. Make me a dress. Never mind what Pia said (NOT COOL PIA). Keep doing what you are doing. You have my support.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am new to Mobwives. I don't get the chance to watch many shows during the fall, but my slack summer left me the option to catch the Chicago series. I like these women, they seem (somewhat) down to earth. On episode 6 I didn't dig how Pia sided with Renee to double team Nora. Thank you for this blog spot. It is lovely to have a place to discuss the show with fellow viewers.

Chiara Soprano said...

Welcome to the blog we love new comers and I hope you enjoy the show!

Misha said...

I am just curious as to why all the girls on the Chicago show think they really need to be friends with Renee? Right off the bat she came off rather uppity about Pia being a stripper. She slightly offended Leah with her rude comments, and definitely struck a nerve with Pia.

Still we saw Nora putting down Pia in order to stay friends with Renee. Leah and Christina still don't mind hanging with her knowing full well she looks down her nose. Even Pia herself seems heartbroken that Renee won't be her friend.

I don't understand why there is this trend to be buddy buddy with Renee. I thought this show was about Nora and how she reconnected with everyone and everything in Chi-town. Why has it turned into the "Everybody kisses up to Renee" show? Is this how things went on the NY series?

Chiara Soprano said...

Misha, first of all I love your take on the show. I never looked at it that way and I am going to pay more attention the rest of the season. The New York show is different due to the story lines, issues and personalities. I don't know if they have all the full episodes still up at VH1 of the two seasons, but you night want to try and catch a few and see what you think. The recaps of season one and two of Mob Wives are also written up here on the blog, but watching is better. Season three may start in early 2013 so you have time to catch up if you want.

Deana3452 said...

Great recap and 2 cents! JMO, Renee is annoying. Her getting down on her hands and knees....SMH. And, although I really can't stand Nora at this point, I DID feel bad that she got pummeled. BUT, she sure does say horribly provoking things. I was thinking the same thing when she came out with the whole rape allegations...I was like WTF!?!?! lol Off topic, Leah and Christina are just great on twitter. They either respond to what their fans are saying or retweet what they like. I like when people have fans and they are receptive to them. Does anyone know how many more episodes left to the season?

Ridikulous_Moi said...

My 2 gripes for this epi are with Christina and Pia. 1. I let it slide after watching Christina beating Pia up for not letting her defend her in front of Nora. 2. Why the hell did she invite three battling heifers to a party? A.) She tried to stir the pot by egging Pia on. B.) She further instigated by requesting Nora to come back (I guess she didn't want to sit there all nite and listen to Pia and Renee dissing an absent guest). C.) She didn't really have Nora's back when things went south. I hate how "surpised" she was acting by what went down. In a normal situation it would've been safe for Christina to assume that three grown azz females could act like they had class and common sense. From what I saw Nora held her end of the bargin. She didn't come there to fight, and when she felt uncomfortable she bolted. I didn't dig the way everyone was dissing her for leaving, when actually that was the best thing to do. Pia might not have come to fight, but Renee sure did.

Second gripe is with pitiful Pia. At first I felt sorry for her for the way everyone treats her, but then she lost all her kudos at Christina's party. Let's be real folks; Pia wasn't mad at Nora for talking ish about her behind her back, she was really pissed cuz Nora seemingly ruined any chance for Renee to be Pia's new bff. Everybody on the show talks bad about Pia. I'm pretty sure she is use to it. That's why when Pia's cousin told her that Nora was talking junk she didn't get too bent over it. Renee's fake alliance with Pia just shows how desperate and pathetic Pia can be. Pia was willing to lay aside the fact that Renee put her down to the ground just to jump on the "let's get Nora" bandwagon. Pia barely had a mumbling word to say to Nora, but after she teamed up with Renee she was ready to get crunk and lay hands on Nora. Sad thing is that Renee still don't like Pia and thinks she's trash.

All I'm saying is if you want to have a beef with someone and even throw elbows over it 1.) make sure you can hold your own 2.) make sure it's worth it.

Chiara Soprano said...

Deana, there are either 4 or 5 left as far as I know, a total of 10 or 11.

Ridikulous, excellent points. The best thing for Nora to do was to leave. But when she went back did she have to provoke and already bad situation? She may not be able to handle a fight, but she pushes people beyond their limits.

Deana3452 said...

Thank you, Chiara! I appreciate it!

Ridikulous_Moi said...

I've never been in a fight. At 34yrs old right now and with military training, I still can't imagine being in Nora's situation. They were dogging her out and she felt like the only way to get up was to use her words. It's true that she only made things worse for herself, but in my opinion it wouldn't have mattered what she said or did cuz Renee was gonna tap that azz regardless.

Christina, or at least somebody with good sense, should have never let Renee get to Nora. The way Renee was popping off after Nora left and then said "It's on blankity blank" should've told everyone that she came to throw down. Renee doesn't give a rat's behind about anyone but herself. She didn't care about ruining Christina's party. She only came so she could talk smack about Nora to anyone who would lend their ear. The fact that Christina called Nora back to the scene of the crime just made Renee feel validated.

Nora didn't handle herself that great, but considering that she tried to avoid the situation in the first place, I'm not mad at her...for that lol.

Anonymous said...

Holy $#@%. these broads are nuts. I like Pia, always have. Im starting to like Leah more, Nora is a wack and I think Renee is crazy also. This episode is all over the place. Is it me or is Christine a shit stirrer? Anyways, love the recap. Nora has been nasty behind Pia's back and it made me feel bad for her! Pia was a very loyal friend to her. I was hoping they would bring the lady Frankie( IDK the name ) of the lady Pia met with and episode or so back.

Leah B said...

There were 3 brawls on mobwives New York over 2 seasons.....there have been 3 brawls on mobwives Chicago in 6 episodes!!
It is very over the top but i am enjoying it i actually really like Renee and Leah and Christina.
Pis ia a sweetie and i think Nora has some mental health issues..
I am so excited for Season 3 New York especially with 3 new mobwives coming into the mix who are not liking ramona......
I do hope Chicago story does twist soon Renees paranoid ideas and pia getting hated on are getting old!!
Anyway love the blogs on these 2 shows

TooMuch said...

Here is my issue with these ladies!! They complain about something that someone does and then turns around to do it themselves.

Example: 1st episode Renee makes the comment about Pia being rude for showing up late. Renee has been late to everything since.

Example 2: Renee talks about class and then speaks like a sailor and crawls on the floor. Or maybe I am just doing classy all wrong.

Example 3: Nora being a stripper for a minute and then putting someone done for it.

From the previews of the next episode it looks like Christina is going to be upset that Pia attacked a friend, but didn't she do the exact same thing to Pia.

I know this happens on most of these shows, but it is so in your face with these ladies.

On sidenote, I love Leah. She is the only one so far that has a real normal story line. Seeing her with her family is so refreshing. She doesn't seem (as of now) wrapped up in the drama.

Chiara Soprano said...

Too Much, let me say I love your comments and wish I had made them myself! Excellent examples of the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing another! Bravo!

Morris Park said...

Here in Las Vegas, strippers are usually 18-25. The older ladies do NOT work the pole, but do private VIP lap dances.

Isn't Pia a tad too old to strip, even with new breasts? And where did she get the money for new ones?

Renee married a killer - what does she have to brag about? She had a child with a murderer.

Where are the men at these parties?