Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments! S5E9

Carole likes picking out clothes for Miami!

The whole show was a “what the hell moment” this week! Where to start? I can’t believe I am even watching this! How many more episodes are there? The whole time I am watching I am thinking, I can’t wait to read Carole’s blog about this episode…after I write this I will. She takes the very best “pot shots” and has so much material to work with this week.

Why the hell does Carole pack for Miami by going up and down the stairs with one item at a time? You would think this is the first trip she ever took. She could have taken the suitcase upstairs, but no, she goes up, gets and Item, comes down. She did this at least a dozen times that we saw and who knows how many times were edited out? I was exhausted before the episode even started.

Ramona, protector of the leg, tells Aviva to get out of the pool!

Everyone winds up at Carole’s dear friend’s Ranjana, beautiful, tremendous apartment for a dip in the pool. Aviva’s leg gets wet! Ramona decides to make herself the protector of Aviva’s leg! During the facial yoga exercises, Ramona jumps out of the pool and orders Aviva to get out! Ranjana says it's already wet. Ramona says "there's wet and wetter!" What the hell is she thinking? Can’t Aviva decide for herself if her leg is ok or not? And where is her backbone? Can’t she open her mouth and tell Ramona to worry about her own legs? It really put a damper on the visit and Carole was visibly annoyed. But Carole is also the one who enjoys Ramona because she is a “character.” What bothered me more than Ramona’s obnoxious behavior was Aviva’s statement that she doesn’t like attention being called to her leg. WHAT? She has mentioned her leg in every episode so far, and in great detail I might add. I said before that the only time I want to hear about the leg again is if she takes it off and hits Ramona over the head with it…I think that almost happened this week! 

A stunned Mario is shut out of the bathroom and I am disgusted.

Why the hell are Ramona and Sonja showering together? Is it just me who has a problem with this, or is it everybody? They get ready together? Aviva has arranged a dinner for all of them, including her father, George, so he can meet Sonja and Sonja is getting all dolled up for him. When George does arrive, instead of being enamored with Sonja, he is flirting most of the time with Ramona, of all people. It’s obvious he doesn’t watch the show at all or the Viagra is working double time. I’m not sure if Mario should be more jealous of George or Sonja at the point. Come to think of it, he did seem embarrassed more than a couple of times with both situations. 

Stay away from my wife! Who is he talking to, Sonja or George?

It was George!

At dinner, Ramona creates a couple of What the Hell Moments. First she tells everyone there will be no more talking about Harry, Aviva’s ex, basically shutting down the conversation with everyone looking stunned. Then she actually gets up and goes to the kitchen and tells the staff to skip the salad course and go straight to the entrees. Even my jaw dropped for that one. Ramona makes herself the boss of every situation and everybody.  Aviva finally has to ask Sonja how to handle Ramona. I don’t know why she just doesn’t hit her with the leg.

The final moments are between Carole and LuAnn in NYC. Carole finally gets the opportunity to tell LuAnn how upset she is about her asking to borrow a dress from her dear designer friend. LuAnn thought she was doing him a favor by wearing it to an event and giving him exposure. LuAnn must think she is really royalty or on par with real movie stars…she is neither. No one would care whose dress she is wearing at any event. She is so full of herself. I think that’s why she can’t get along with Ramona, who is also full of herself. Ugh!

How many more episodes must I endure? It looks like there is no end in sight. I keep seeing coming attractions all the time. I’m going to read Carole’s blog for a laugh. See you next week.

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Beyoncca said...

Ramona'a mouth is truely wreckless. Carole's friend Ranjana Khan has plenty of money and can afford to buy a condo in any area she wishes, contrary to Ramona's allegations that Ranjana wants to "buy cheap and sell big".