Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap "Staten Island Sea Hags," Ep 508

"Let's handle it "one on one B*tch!"

Last week ended with a big bang. Karen throws the table and grabs Gnatalie’s hair after hearing her continue to deny doing anything wrong and saying, “If you can’t handle it, come at me.” Karen takes her up on it. Security rushes in and saves Gnat. Karen isn’t done, she follows Gnat out. She wants to handle it “one on one” . . .

And now for the recap . . . Everyone is walking away from the restaurant. Gnat wipes the blood off her face. Karen goes running after Gnat, she wants to talk to her “one on one b*tch.” Gnat keeps walking straight to her car and scurries off like a rat. Karen says next time she will kill her when she sees her, and she can take her rat ass back to Philly. Drita is pissed because this is the beginning of a war now that blood was drawn. Ang says this is why you don’t talk about family, things will never be the same again.

But the "RAT"alie scurries off!

At Gnat’s apartment. London walks in. She made him a drink and tells him about her meeting with Karen and being attacked. He notices the scratches on her face and is pissed. Gnat, in her delusional point of view, says Karen couldn’t admit to anything she did to her and all of a sudden she flipped the table. Gnat said she didn’t come to fight, but Karen lost. London says someone puts their hands on you, it’s over.  Then she tells him about what Renee said. Gnat is crazy, she thinks Renee left it open for them to make up. Renee said she gave her a thousands chances to “ring her bell” and apologize and she didn’t. It’s over. But Gnat didn’t get it at all! She apparently doesn’t understand English. There is too much water under that bridge. Gnat thinks she has some kind of a bond with Renee. Gnat completely misunderstood what Renee said, and thinks Renee left the door wide open instead of slamming it in her face. Gnat tells London that Karen went there to fight, she went there to talk. Well, she got that right, she wouldn’t stop talking long enough to hear what anyone had to say, until the tables turned! Gnatalie calls Karen a lot of nasty names.

Renee reads Junior's letter to AJ

Renee’s house. She calls Nikole. Renee tells her she found a letter Junior wrote to AJ. She reads part of it. He misses AJ. He lists all his crimes and says he is facing life with parole. Renee says she would rather Junior be dead than a rat. She is worried AJ will suffer for his father’s sins.  Renee is very upset. Junior is about to get sentenced and he testified against Ang’s cousin. She is afraid he could walk free. Renee wants him locked up. Next time she finds a letter she is going to her attorney.

Picking out calendar pictures

At Drita’s house. Drita says she is stressed out over Gnat and Karen's situation. She feels Gnat was looking for a fight and pressing all Karen's buttons. She is going to relax by going through the calendar pictures and hanging out with Aleeya and Giselle. It’s always great to see Drita laughing with her girls. Drita wants to have a little calendar party to celebrate. Drita hopes the calendar will be successful and help Lady Boss grow.

"They're all washed up sea hags."

Natalie D shows up to meet Karen for lunch. Karen wants to know more about the Gnat and she fills her in about her meeting with the girls. She tells her Gnat had a smug attitude and acting real cocky. Karen says she felt she was in kindergarten. Gnat kept saying Karen started it. Karens says she flipped the table on her. She explains to Natalie D that Ang and Drita didn’t say a word while she and Gnat were going back and forth. Neither one of them tried to mediate when they could see they weren't getting anywhere. "It's like they like the middle." NatalieD says Drita and Ang go hard for Gnat. She is a lowlife. Natalie D says she overheard a call to her boyfriend from Gnat. It was on speakerphone and Natalie D heard her talking about the girls, saying, "I don't know why Natalie D wants to hang put with these girls, at the end of the day they are all wash ups, they're all sea hags." Natalie D says she wants to skin her like a bear. Karen thinks Ang and Drita should hear the story from a Philly girl.

Three carats, just designed!

(The online full episode of this has a scene with Drita and Ang and they go shopping for an engagement ring since Drita hocked her old one to get money for her new business. At the time she hated Lee.)

Storm is all for the medical marijuana business

Karen and Storm are sitting by the water. Karen wants to focus on her life and goals for the future. She says she was on the phone with her attorney discussing starting a medical marijuana business in Arizona. She thinks she can get the business started even though she is in New York. She and Storm are discussing names for the business. Karen said she did some illegal things in the past, but now she wants to do everything legally. Karen says she and Karina will be going to AZ soon because her brother Gerard opened a restaurant and she will look into it while they are there.

"What did you hear Gnatalie say?"

Natalie D is at the gym in Philly and Drita walks in. Drita heard from Karen that Gnat was talking about the girls and she wants to hear want Natalie D has to say. They sit down to talk it out. Natalie thinks Drita is cool and tough and tells it like it is. They talk about “fighting” like old friends. Drita wants to know what she heard Gnat say. Natalie says this is what happened, Gnat probably heard I was at your magazine party and she called my boyfriend again and he puts it on speaker. She said, "Drita, Ang, Renee, Karen they're sea hags." "You heard her say that?" "Word for word." "If she f*ckin said that I will crack her head the f*ck wide open." Natalie says, "100% I swear to God I should die right now, I can't make this sh*t up." Drita is bugging out over the fact she and Ang are being abused when they have been defending Gnat. Natalie D says Gnat has no heart, she turns on people, and she wants to knock her f*ckin’ chicklets out. Drita does not look happy.

Renee is sick over Junior’s sentencing situation so she goes shopping with her friend Tiffany for a distraction. Karen meets up with Renee at the store to tell her in person that Junior got sentence. He got 11 years. Renee has to sit down, she gets a little dizzy. She is happy that she can have peace for 11 years. Renee is glad her son is going to be away from a “monster.” She doesn’t want her son subjected to or be influenced by a rat.

Karen's Mom is not happy about her business idea

Karen says the blessing

Karen is at her brother’s new restaurant, with their family, to celebrate before the place opens. They all toast to the success of the restaurant. Karen’s mom tells stories of how her kids used to sneak out the window at night in Staten Island. One night she and Sammy hear a noise and Sammy goes out with a gun, when it suddenly dawns on her it’s the kids and stops Sammy. They could have gotten shot. Karen brings up the medical marijuana business that she is considering starting. Karen’s mom flips out. She doesn’t think the name Gravano and marijuana is a good idea and is very worried. Karen says it’s perfectly legal. Karen’s mom thinks Arizona will be all over her daughter. She says that Karen is killing her.

"I'm used to it by now"

But Renee is very emotional, her son doesn't have
a dad like the one she had.

Renee and AJ are at the house. Renee is concerned for AJ, he has been quiet since he got the news about Junior being sentenced for 11 years. Renee asks him how he feels about it. He says what is there to talk about? Renee says she thinks he deserves that time for what he did. AJ says he hasn’t seen his father for half his life so he is used to it by now. Renee is emotional for her son. It’s heartbreaking to watch. I think Renee feels guilty for bringing AJ into this life, but she did a damn good job raising him practically alone under extremely difficult circumstances. I think Renee should focus on the future she is building and try to put the past behind her, for both their sakes.

Drita jumps on the all against Gnat band wagon

Big Ang, Renee go to support Drita’s calendar party. Drita is so excited, the pictures are amazing. Karen can’t come, she is in AZ. Drita did invite Gnat because it was before the fight. Renee says she can't sit near her if she comes, she doesn't like her. Ang says, "Sometimes you just gotta forgive." Drita says Ang, this is how I feel. You forgive people you have history with or family, Gnatalie  is nothing to Renee. Did I just hear that? Gnat is nothing? Ang doesn’t seem happy about it. Drita says she is not important enough to Renee to forgive her and honestly I'm not going to keep fighting for her, she is not important enough for me either. I'm tired of that Ang." Wow, finally! I wish Karen was there to hear that!  Drita is sick of sticking up for Gnat when everyone else has an issue with her. Ang is sick and tired of everyone ganging up on Gnat.

And there it is, delusional Gnat's text message!

Renee gets a text message from Gnat! Unbelievable! Drita thinks it's f*cking weird! Gnat is texting to “ring Renee’s bell,” and adds dinner and drinks her treat. Wow! Gnat is freaking demented. There will be an Ice Age in Hell before Renee goes to dinner with Gnat or thinks about making up. Ang is still defending Gnat and Renee tells her she is f*ckin’ nuts. Natalie D shows up. Renee tells her the about the “ringing the bell” conversation. Natalie D says Gnat texting Renee is a f*cking joke. Ang says she is trying.

Natalie D says, "You go hard for her."

Natalie D tells them Gnat said, word for word, “why would she want to be friends with sea hags from Staten Island?” Ang doesn’t believe it. She says Gnat wasn’t talking about her and Drita.  Drita tells Ang she has a problem with that. Natalie D says she heard her say all their names and she also said they are “old sea hags, f*ckin washed up.” Natalie D says, “I’m just letting you know she is not who she says she is.” Drita says she is finished with Gnat. Ang gets mad at Drita. Ang isn’t happy with Natalie D, she says she is just there to stir up the pot. Drita tells Ang she better open up her ears. I got some Q-Tips if Ang needs them! Both Renee and Drita find it odd that Gnat suddenly wants to be Renee's friend. Drita cannot believe Ang doesn't see that something is f*cking going on with Gnatalie! Ang takes off in a disgusted huff, "I'm not here to talk about Gnatalie, I'm here for the f*ckin' calendar, where are the f*ckin pictures?" I honestly got the impression that Natalie D had more to say about Gnat, but for some reason it was cut out. I can’t see Drita totally flipping out for being called a “washed up sea hag.”  Drita was getting some flack on her Twitter timeline last night from fans for turning on Gnat. But, Drita admitted on Twitter, that there was more to it.

Hmmm, a lot more to it!
(what could it be???)

P.S. I want to add a Big Congratulations to Karen Gravano for being chosen as one of the TOP 10 women in Reality television! Do you have any idea how many women are in reality television today? Way to go Karen, the fans have spoken!


Nick said...

Wait Chiara don't they always have bonus scenes on You know show the scenes they didn't show on VH1... Would like to see the scene..

Also whats Dritas relationship with Nat G now.. Whom will be sitting with Whom at the reunion.. Will Love be their?

Chiara Soprano said...

Here is the link to the bonus scene shopping for the engagement ring (copy and paste it)

I have no idea if Drita and Gnat are friends now. I can tell you I don't see any exchanges between them on twitter. As for the Reunion, no one is talking. Love wasn't on for her season so it is very unlikely she will be there for this season.

Wade said...

Gnat ran to her car as fast as she could, but talked about how she will beat Karen up the next time she sees her. Why wait? Karen was RIGHT THERE!

Big Ang is looney toons right now. Ratalie talks crap about EVERYONE. I'm sure even Ratalie can't keep track of all the people she talks ish about. Gnat is SLOW, she really thinks she and Renee -the woman she outed as a cocaine user on national tv, will be her friend again??? Woooow as Flavor Flav would say

Anonymous said...

Read the comment asking if Love Majewski would be on the Reunion Show. Since she was fired off the show last season for scrapping with Carla, who threatened to sue everyone, it's not likely.

However, if I were Karen, I would probably round up Love and Ramona and go pay Natalie Guercio a visit.

Casey said...

Can't believe how grown up Karen's daughter is, since we last saw her. Wow!

Hey you said...

Well, I was looking forward to seeing NatG getting mauled by Karen. NatG moves onto attacking the other mobwives, she is insane!

It was nice to see Karen's mom. I would have to agree with her on the Karen's new business venture, but thats me then again if I needed it I would also run to her dispensory, lol

NatD seems to be an okay kinda person, gonna have to watch more of her.

This is one of my favorite episodes. :)