Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Notice to Infiniti Boy

Mr. Infiniti,

Your interview is typed and ready to go.  I have yet to receive the verification information we discussed in my inbox.  The window to publishing your side of things is closing.

It was nice talking with you.  And if you’ve changed your mind, I am 100% good with your decision.  As I’ve shared with you before this blog isn’t my bread, butter or Tom Ford shades.  It’s a hobby; I share with my friend.  Tweet, e-mail or smoke signal are acceptable forms of communication.  You may also call.



Anonymous said...

Please, no more Natalies on this show. They are both disgusting pieces of trash. Renee and Karen are being a little hypocritical when they get pissed at Drita and Ang for taking Nat G's word because she's an "outsider" when they do the same thing with Nat D. The only reason they care about what Nat D has to say is because she hates Nat G.

The addition of Nat D. has done nothing to help the credibility of this show. She comes off to me so incredibly fake and phony.

Carla Facciolo is back next week, that who Renee is screaming at at the Mob Candy party. I saw a picture on Carla's instagram from about a month ago of her, Renee and Karen and they are all wearing the same clothes as in the preview for next week.

If this show gets a Season 6, get rid of both Natalies, bring back Carla full time and maybe Ramona too and lets get back to the times when this was the best reality show on TV.

Izzy said...

You have a point but Nat D is only in the group to an extent and plus Nat G cause problems. Renee and Ang were friends over 25 years and basically fought over Nat G .This season has been BETTER then s4 thanks to Karen and Nat D (she is only recurring no big deal). And yes this show does need to go back to it's roots and work on the cast. Karen was the first step.