Monday, February 2, 2015

Mob Wives: Gnat's Talking Sh*t About Girls?

. . . a nice friendly chat

Great little sneak peek of Episode 8, "Staten Island Sea Hags!" Karen goes to meet with Natalie D. to learn more about the Gnat. She tells her about their fight on the boat and how Drita and Ang were saying nothing and letting it all play out. Natalie D. has a few things she wants to share, including the fact that Gnat is bad mouthing all the women in the circle, calling them washed up sea hags! We are going to get an earful!

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maharet1965 said...

Kinda seems like GNat and Nat are both shit stirrers. But at the same time I wanna give Nat D. a chance. GNat just annoys me now, that voice is worse then nails on a chalkboard to me !!

Anonymous said...

wow Ratilie will keep her mouth going Intel someone shuts it for her..she is just a whore!!

Anonymous said...

Ratalie does it again. She has to run her mouth to stay in the spotlight and be somewhat relevant.

Anonymous said...

Love how they don't like outsiders, unless they're running their mouth about someone they do't like. This new leather bag adds nothing to the show and needs to go. She's sinking a ship that used to be enjoyable to watch, but seems desperate bringing this "thing" in. And whats the news that she's no relation to Frankie "Flowers" D'Alphonso? Her part in this is so forced..