Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “The Anti-Social Network,” Ep 507

This is how it ends, but how did we get here?

Sometimes, I don’t know which is better, Mob Wives on VH1 or Mob Wives on Twitter (UNEDITED). I have to say that Twitter gives the actual show a run for it’s money lately as the ladies are totally unfiltered and can hit below the belt without getting any of their hair pulled out. Of course, what happens on the show overflows onto social media and NOW what happens in social media continues to play itself out on the show. From time to time, we try to blog about social network wars so those fans who aren’t on Twitter can see what goes on. (go to this link for the Original Twitter War Blog) The nasty exchanges are real and pretty much show who hates who and why. Last episode Karen ends by saying, “Bring me your friend, Gnatalie!" Now for the recap . . .

Drita is all for the poker party!

At Drita’s Lady Boss store, Drita is trying to expand her business by doing a calendar shoot to publicize her cosmetics line. She wants to showcase all her products. She plans to do an “Old Hollywood Meets the Mob“ theme. Karen drops in and thinks it‘s a great idea. Drita tells her she wants to make money with her calendar and invest it in her business. Karen and Drita are having fun chatting. Drita says, "Remember when we played poker with your grandma?" Karen laughs and says, "Yeah and she robbed us." Karen tells her she wants to have a get together with a poker theme party and invite Rena, Natalie D. Renee and Drita. Drita is all for it and thinks it’s a good idea, it gives them a chance to check out Natalie D.

"Family is off limits!"

Big Ang meets up with Gnatalie. They have their dogs at the park. I don’t know how they accomplish this since Astoria, Queens and Staten Island are pretty far apart, but oh well. Ang is happy to see Gnat and wants to speak to her one on one. She tells Gnat about the sit down on the yacht with Renee, and that they are in an okay place right now. Then she tells her what Karen said about Gnat tweeting about Karen’s daughter, parenting and calling her a “dead-beat” mother. Gnat tells her side. She says Karen hacked into her mother’s facebook page and stole a picture of Gnat as a kid saying she was ugly and must have been bullied. Ang tells her that Karen wants Gnat brought to her. Gnat says she wants Karen brought to her. Ang keeps saying family is off limits , but, as usual, Gnat doesn’t hear a word.

Ang and Neil pull up to the new “old” house. She is disgusted that the house that needs a ton of renovation. She and Neil are moving in. Ang can’t stand the unfinished work and says her husband is “a waste, a procrastinating, lazy bastard.” She wants her son AJ and his family moving in with them so he can get back on his feet. This is a new beginning for him and she wants to help. Ang is going back to her sister’s house till the work is done. Ang had a beautiful house, I don’t know why she would want to leave it for a fixer-upper?

London says it's always about Twitter, will it ever stop?
(he should ask Gnat to stop!)

Astoria, Queens. Gnat and London are having a relaxing day. I guess people stopped dying in SOUTH Philly for now, and DEATH takes a holiday when Gnat isn‘t there? She says she wants to be settled for her son. She doesn’t like the schools in New York City and she has no money for private school. She tells him about her meeting with Ang and what happened with Twitter.  Gnat denies talking about Karen’s daughter. She says Karen started with her. STOP! Once again the funeral home princess has it wrong. Karen did not start anything with her. Gnat relentlessly tweeted Karen and her father are rats, just like she does on the show. Then she posted pictures of Miss Piggy labeling them “Karen.” When that wasn’t enough to provoke Karen, she posted Karen’s mug shot. All these posts were where Karen’s daughter could see it and be hurt by it. Finally, Karen had enough and posted a picture Natalie D gave her, of Gnatalie in grade school from her yearbook, to give her a dose of her own medicine. That’s when Gnat ended up posting the last straw, “the dead-beat” mom tweet! Gnat leaves out a few details in her side of the story. Let’s continue. She tells London Ang and Drita want her to meet with Karen. London thinks it’s a great idea for her to meet with Karen. She says if Renee apologized (WAIT . . . If Renee apologized? WTH? For what?) she would accept her apology. Ha, it will be a very cold day in hell for that to happen. Gnat decides she will go to the sit down out of respect for Drita and Ang. London asks her to please "tone down." It's not happening London.

Poker Party time!

Natalie D. and cousin Rena listen 
to Karen's story about Gnat

Karen’s House! Party time. Lots of girls there to play poker. Drita is excited. Ang and Renee hug, they are back on good terms. In comes Natalie D. looking great. Let the card playing begin! Dealing, chips, drinks. Ang wins the first pot. Ang says she loves Natalie D to death because she is winning all her money. Drita tells them about her Lady Boss Calendar. Ang’s birthday is June so she is going to be Miss June. Renee starts talking about Ratalie and social media. Ang tells them what Gnat said about Karen hacking her mother’s account and stealing her family picture.

She said "I robbed her mother?"

Renee says that’s not true! Natalie D says she gave Karen the picture. Renee cannot believe Ang actually might believe Gnat's ridiculous story about Karen hacking anyone‘s account. They all laugh about it. Drita says that's stupid and wants to know if you can do time for being a mother hacker. Karen tells them how Karina saw the tweets and Karina had to tweet Gnat back and tell her to leave her and her mother’s relationship out of her tweets. Karen is very upset her daughter had to be dragged into this situation. Renee and Karen are going to the sit down with Gnat. Renee has Karen’s back. Ang says Gant says she is sending a car for Karen. Renee explodes. I don’t know who is more upset over Gnat, Karen or Renee? Renee is very protective of Karen.

"It's not even my fight and I want to
chew off somebody's f*ckin' face!"

At the photo shoot, Drita shows Ang
a pose

Lady Boss calendar shoot. There are sexy models dressed in old Hollywood style clothes and hair. Ang shows up. Drita is going to dress Ang for the shoot. She gives Ang a toy gun and a toy machine gun. The shoot was a success. Ang tells Drita Gnat has a big issue on her hands. Ang and Drita thinks she talks too much and creates too much drama. Neither one of them like that. Drita says she is going to sit back and let them kill each other while she eats popcorn!

The Sit Down! Before the meeting starts, Karen is upset, it’s been a long time coming. Gnat says Karen is a wanna be gangster. Renee is really heated over Gnat. Karen and Renee are going to handle it head on. Drita hates computer fights. She believes in meeting face to face and taking care of your business.

Here are the main tweets in question:

"Dead-beat Mom" Tweet"

Karina's tweet to Gnat

Waiting for Gnat.

Ang and Renee are at the Waterside Restaurant first, sitting outside. Renee has no use for Gnat. She has disrespected her too many times, that ship has sailed. Renee is there for Karen. Renee says Gnat better come humble. Drita says now we are going to see who is a good “bulls hitter” and who is going to do a something about it. Ang says Gnat has gone too far. Drita agrees and says Gnat talked about Karen in a way shouldn’t have. Drita says violence is the answer, that’s the only way to shut someone up. Ang says sometimes you need a good smack in the face. Renee says no good will come from this. Karen arrives. She says Gnat will learn she can’t keep disrespecting her family and get away with it.  Drita says Karen is dressed like cat woman and this isn‘t going to end well. Karen says “where is she?” Karen says she already knows Gnat will be disrespectful. Renee says she has to be eliminated from the circle, she is like a cancer. Karen wants her to say what she has to say to her, not on social media. Karen is mostly upset because Karina had to get involved when she saw Gnat’s tweet. Drita says they don't like what Gnat said about Karen either. Renee says they are all on the same page.

Dressed for a sit down or for 42nd Street business?

Gnat arrives and she says she is doing this for Drita and Ang. She kisses Drita and Ang and sits down, half naked with her boobs half out. Renee says she looks like a hooker from 42nd Street. Nothing new about that. Ang fills her in about the social media issues. Karen confronts her, “Who the f*ck are you to call me a dead-beat mother.” Gnat accuses Karen of tweeting insults and taking pictures off her mother’s page. Renee says Natalie D gave her the picture from Gnat‘s yearbook. Karen says she came at her first. Karen is telling the truth. I follow social media very closely. Gnat denies it and insists that Karen started it. Karen says she will never admit what she did. Ang tells Gnat no more social media if they are to move on. Drita tells her she hits too far below the belt.

"You posted it where my daughter could see it!"

Karen says, “I’m a dead-beat mom?” Karen says you don’t get it, you did something where my daughter f*ckin sees it. Renee steps in and says why can’t you admit when you’re wrong. Renee handled it well and said what needed to be said. Gnat doesn’t acknowledge she did anything wrong. Renee just wants to choke the life out of her. Renee says she is playing a game. Gnat says she defends herself. Renee says you are out of control, you’re disgraceful and you don’t stop. Gnat still won’t acknowledge she is wrong. Karen says she will not acknowledge anything, nothing is penetrating her head. This is a waste of time. All Karen hears is Gnat disrespecting her father, disrespecting her and her daughter. Karen has had enough. Gnat says, "If yous can't handle it, come at me!"

Karen jumps up!

(Last night Karen tweeted that Gnat grabbed a glass!)

There is Gnat grabbing the glass as
security tells her to put that down!

Karen jumps up and grabs two handfuls of Gnats hair (hope it doesn’t have lice). Karen says, “I’m going to bald this b*tch.” Karen and Gnat on fighting on the floor. Security breaks them apart. They are scratched up and bleeding. Security takes Gnat away. Karen doesn’t want to stop, she follows them. Security stops Karen. Drita says they should have fought until one of them can’t fight any more. Karen breaks away and runs after Gnat. Karen yells, I'm going to kill her.”

After the fight Gnat checks her face
and nose.

Looks like Karen gave her a second nose job.

Is the fight over? Stay tuned for next week’s episode!

NOTE: Next week, February 4th, Mob Wives begins to air in a new time slot: 8 PM Eastern Time. Check your local listings and set your DVRs! Don’t miss one minute of this exciting season!

Picture Credit: VH1


Chasey said...

First off Chiara I just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog, I check in each week to see if there are any updates! I wanted to know though what's your opinion on Natalie saying that Karen started it all because all she was doing was "defending Alicia"? Who knows, crazy episode though.

Chiara Soprano said...

Chasey, thank you for your comment and for reading the blog. I stated in the cap that I follow the mob wives closely on Twitter and it's a fact that Karen did not start this Twitter war with Gnat. Karen had never met or spoken to Gnat. Karen uses Twitter generally to thank or acknowledge fans and lately to defend herself because Gnat is relentlessly posting about her. Now, as to Gnat's allegation that she is defending Alicia, I think that is total BS. If you recall the first episode of season four, Alicia came out like gangbusters trashing Karen and her father. The only way Karen could get her side of the story out was on social media and that is all she did. Gnat is lowlife trash in my book. The way she dresses, talks, behaves all speak to the person she is. Even today if you look at Gnats timeline, it is all about bashing Karen and Renee and yet Karen and Renee have said nothing about her. I hope I answered your question :)

Betch said...

Love this blog,I look forward to hearing them!
I'm with Drita-let them fight it out! Gnat is so raunchy...
What do you think about all the hype on NatD's twitter,with a girl saying NatD is NOT related to Frankie Flowers?
She's enlisted Gnat too-saw a pic of them together...
Keep 'em coming,and I WILL read them! :D

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Betch. Thanks for posting. Yes I am well aware of all the drama concerning Natalie D's connection to Frankie Flowers. His relatives say she isn't, she says she is. I have no way of knowing without doing a family tree and getting documents to verify and trace a connection. Many of us don't know our distant relatives, it doesn't mean we aren't related to them. My grandparents could have had many cousins I don't know existed. I would like to think that VH1 and Jenn Graziano looked into it before posting it on the intro. Hopefully, Natalie D will clear up the matter before the season ends so we can put it to rest.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing some photos of Karen too after the fight?

KaylahCue said...

I have to think that this Natalie G has something on Angela, like Renee said. There's just something way out of character about her defending a virtual stranger to women she's known for a lifetime. I wonder if it has something to do with her son.

Love your blog!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Kaylah, I love writing it. Interesting you would think that bout Gnat having something on Ang. I can't imagine what it could be. The whole thing makes no sense at all to me. She shouldn't be defending Gnat under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

to kaylahcue (above). I THOUGHT THE SAME THING THAT GNAT HAD SOME KIND OF DIRT ON BIG ANG! She defends this low life CONSTANTLY and I think it's weird as shit! I still can't believe that get up she wore to meet with all the girls. She looks like a trick bitch for sure pretty much all the time but that shit took the cake! Chiara, Love this blog! Super curious about Nat D as well! Keep seeing a lot about her being a fake out, hoping between you and Ed Scarpo from CNN someone can ferret out some information! It's seems like in that 'life' everyone says they are related to someone. An east coast thing maybe? I'm from the west coast and it's just a different world over here hahaha keep up on the awesome blogs! But where is Mob Mistress??? She always had good funny contributions to the blog!

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon above, thanks for commenting! I am waiting before jumping to conclusions about Natalie D. As far as I know VH1 and Jenn vouch for her connection. Mob Mistress is very busy in real life, I miss her too, but if there is anything big to report I guarantee she will be on it.

Nick said...

Just wanted to know do you know whos hosting the Reunion.. Their have been different ppl every year.. I think Andy Cohen should since hes dont the housewive franchise.. I don't know why that never came to me sooner..
I see Love is frequent on Twitter will she be at the Reunion..
A month ago I heard that Natalie wanted to do a tell all with Perez Hilton about Mob Wives.. Has she done it yet.. Chiara remember me and you used to chat about Mob Wives all the time on Facebook.. Anywho thanks Nick

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Nick! I have absolutely no idea who might be hosting the reunion. Andy Cohen? Interesting choice, but I haven't even thought about it. I doubt Love will be at the reunion, they didn't even let her attend after season 3 when she was on the show. If Gnat does interviews she should be careful, there are plenty of audio tapes out there that don't put her in a good light. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that runt Natalie Guercio posts nonsense on Twitter all day long making DUMB comments about Karen, yet she's yet to post any admission OR denial regarding her racist audio tapes?


Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, she blocks anyone who says anything she doesn't like, so if anyone demands an explanation they are gone. The only people on her timeline are those who agree with her. I wish a bunch of her followers would post the audio recordings on her timeline looking for answers.

Anonymous said...

OMG I thought Angy Cohen should do the reunion too!!!! IDK that he could keep the girls under control though hahaha I remember Teresa Guidide pushed him back down in his chair at at RHONJ reunion and I think he got a little nervous hahahaha

Anonymous said...

There is one problem with your post.
You fail to mention Karen's tweets to Natalie that she deleted.
Karen deletes her tweets so she come off as the victim.


Chiara Soprano said...

The tweets you refer to are on Gnat's Twitter page and at VH1 and all over the internet. Karen posted them AFTER Gnat's incessant tweeting of insults, pictures, etc. If she deleted them I do not know or care. If she deleted them maybe she regretted getting down to Gnat's level in a moment of anger. At any rate, that's Karen's business and the blog is mine. If you want a blog that defends Gnat, start one.

Anonymous said...

I watched every season and there is always a target girl who they all go after and it's like who wants to get paid to go in the ring with them. I also don't think they are social outside the show either. This season is the most glued to and I really like Karen she seems more calm and happy. I think Natalie is vicious attacking Karen's family and hopefully she doesn't get hurt with hiding behind a key board. As for Big Ang, still love her, and I really think she is just a people person who sees the good always giving the benefit of the doubt and she doesn't like to be told how she should feel.

Hey you said...

Karen's house party looked like alot of fum. It was good to see her cousin, Rena. :)
Gnat sure did push it over the edge. She got what she asked for, hahaha.
Can't wait to watch the next episode!

Anonymous said...

I can not stand people who use their children/ family as a shield. If you want them protected then stay off these drama filled shows. Otherwise all's fair in love and war.

That's how Philly gets down. Recognize the difference.

Also, Karen is a punk. She orchestrated the entire thing from the beginning. The theme Karen's party was perfect, bc the other ladies played right into her hand of poker. She wanted them to set up the sit down BC that would give her an opportunity at a sneak attack. She came to the sit down dressed to fight. Hood chick.
Karen has been living the hood life for years. That's the mentality, violence aka beat down as a solution. It solves nothing. Smh

I am not necessarily gungho about NatG, but you can tell she is the scapegoat here. Karen should not have ever sent her man to talk to NatG. Talking about somebody crossing the line...smh

NatG is being bullied (although she adds to her misery). She needs to deal with Karen properly and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about Emma Grosso, or the fight she had with Ratalie? What about that audio of Ratalie saying she can't deal with "f*ckin' n*ggers"? Is it real?

Chiara Soprano said...

I don't know anything about Emily Grosso except that she has an issue with Gnat. The audio is allegedly real, we leave it up to you to decide by the voice. we did a blog on it and this that you can read.

Wade said...

Renee gave Natalie an opportunity to admit all that she did. Admit you started the beef with Karen on social media. Admit that you talk hella ish about people you don't know. Admit something, anything. Natalie would admit NOTHING. Ratalie is delusional, and Karen had to "put them paws on her".