Monday, January 26, 2015

Mob Wives: Ang Confronts Gnat Sneak Peek Ep 7

Gnat and Ang meet at the park . . 
like Staten Island and Astoria are around the corner from each other!

Ang is happy Gnat moved to New York, despite everything Karen told her on the boat. Ang decides to confront Gnatalie, one on one, about what was discussed on the boat during her sitdown with Renee. She tells her Karen is pissed about what Gnatalie said on social media about her being a dead-beat mother. Gnat, who is never as a shortage for answers and excuses, tells Ang a fairy tale that Karen hacked into her mother's Facebook account and stole a picture of her. First of all, Karen doesn't hack into accounts. Second, it's too bad Gnat's mother doesn't know how to make her account private. Gnat tells Ang that Karen posted a picture of her as a kid saying it's too bad she was bullied for being ugly. Ang is taken aback. So Gnatalie says that's why she called her a dead-beat mom. Gnat's memory must be worse than mine. The way I recall it is that Gnat posted a picture of Karen's mug shot FIRST along with several abusive and provoking tweets. It was then that Karen posted Gnat's picture, trying to give her a dose of her own medicine. Then, Gnat escalated things by attacking Karen's parenting. In any case, Ang doesn't want anyone to talk about anyone's parenting or children; that's off limits! Will Ang buy into Gnat's lies once again? Tune in tomorrow night and see how it all goes down! Here's a taste: 

Video and Picture Credit: VH1

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, Ang likes to waste her time on hopeless causes, because that's the ONLY reason I can come up with for her wasting a single minute of an afternoon on this garbage can girl!

Natalie lies with a straight face. She makes up this ridiculous story about Karen hacking her Facebook for some stupid photo of her as an ugly child. Like Karen has ANY time for that.

When Karen gets her hands on this vermin with silicone implants, it's gonna be epic!

Erica Pettit said...

That girl don't know who she's messing with

Anonymous said...

I love Big Ang I really do. But, I don't know what is with her and these lost causes. If anyone watched Miami Monkey she did the same thing with that Morgan chick. I think she just likes people who like to party and have a good time and all but this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

its really pisses me off that she keeps being told families are off limits (which I agree with 1000%) and she keeps doing it! I haven't heard ANYONE talk about her family so WTF!!!!! She would go apeshit if they WERE talking about her family and whether Karen hacked the account and stole a picture (Which I don't believe) she was still talking about that human toilet bowl RATALIE/GNATALIE and NOT her family! SHes a worthless POS. I wish she would FOR REAL get knocked the fuck out

Nick said...

Drita says If she talked about you being a Bad Mother I will knock her out.. But From the Previews when Natalie tells Karen shes a bad mother no knock out punch?

I'm Just Saying said...

I have no idea who Big Ang is anymore. To have the backbone of the biggest shit stirrer eva is perplexing. This girl cant argue her way out of a paper bag just making more lies to appease the people like Big Ang and Drita. It does appear that Drita changes her tone next week. We will see. Let that have it out and let the best fighter win! Cant wait until your next recap.. :-)

Anonymous said...

What I want to say is that Karen proved who she is once again - she was looking like maybe she had matured and was not a crazy pathetic
trying to make herself a story line individual. First of all - you started talking crap about someone else on social media and then they came back
at you with something - and you think there is some rule book to follow on how low or what they will say back. Give me a break - act like an
adult and dont run around conspiring with another loser by getting photos to post with some lame comment and then cry when that person
says something back to you. Hello ?? I hope she gets her a-- kicked good by Natalie and maybe she will figure it out. If this crap is real and not
scripted - I am totally behind Natalie and the only reason I can see for their disliking her is that she is doing what they wish they could but cant
anymore and for some never could. The comments about her outfit - really ?? with the stuff they all wear screams jealousy and insecurity which
is not a good look at their age. You can dress them up and they can grow old but they really have never grown inside past jr.high or high school.Sad.
But then again Natalie seems to run a successful business and other ventures while the rest except for Angela- run from one pop up business to the next
pop up failure. I guarantee if they take her off the show nobody will watch the show unless for Angela. Also - Karen you have been a dead beat mother and
you should not let your daughter go on social media and get involved in the trouble you create - then try to blame it on someone else!! Thats another plus for Natalie - she has not exploited her son for fame or her 10 seconds - wish Renee and Karen could say that instead of the display the put their kids on. And Drita must be worried about Lee around Natalie cause she is acting ridiculous and if she doesnt think so she is seriously certifiable.

Anonymous said...

I have never posted here before so here goes ... I saw something in that Gnats eyes in the parking lot after the fight when Karen came after her it was pure fear ,, I am a former female Martial artist that was around during the tough womens circuit back in the day. I know that look pure fear and tells me she is going to fall at some point and probably drag that idiot that is living with her down with her ,, I honestly think she got him to that trouble last time he is p*ssy whipped and walking a dangerous line.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon I hope you keep posting, we enjoy reading comments of viewers. I appreciate your perspective as a martial artist. I hope Gnat does something to end her time on the show. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

thanks and a few more things the type of fighting I did was classified street and I get when Karns gets mad she goes to a zone watch her one eye that is the key and Drita her veins pop in her neck all red flags and this Gnat grabbing that glass was purely posturing ,, she knew security was there ,, she does not have the balls to follow through ,, I actually feel for her son if she is this kind of parent nothing good comes of people with her nature .. She is the type not to stay down either ANYONE GOING FOR HER put her and make her stay down she will learn ,, I sound like a bad person I am not I am a survivor ,, have a great day

Anonymous said...

I have actually enjoyed your site and have been reading it since its start keep up the good work !!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you Anon, I hope you will continue to post!