Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mob Wives: Will Karen Cut A B*tch?

Karen on phone with her brother Gerard

VH1 just released a Bonus Clip. In this clip Karen sees what Gnatalie has been saying about her on Twitter. She lets a lot of it slide, until she sees her comment calling Karen a dead-beat mom. Then she sees red and calls her brother Gerard to vent. Here is the tweet heard round the world!

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Karen's big concern is that Karina will see this tweet and try to defend and protect her mother. Karen has a close relationship with her daughter and doesn't want this for her. During her conversation, Karen slams a bunch of glasses! One in particular . . . falls to the floor . . . 

Gnatalie's words cut Karen like glass. It's Karen's turn to set her straight.

Video and Picture Credit: VH1

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Amanda Sexton said...

Natalie needs to leave Karen's family alone. That girl needs to grow up. Karen left her daughter in Arizona to bond with her father, and to protect her.
Hot tip: What's your son gonna think when he sees his mother's coochie straddling a bottle of cheap champagne all over the Internet? Now who's the bad parent??!?

maharet1965 said...

Gnat is saying Karen stole a picture of GNat when she was a kid and called GNat ugly thats why she said Karen is a deadbeat mom. I do not know if this is true (Karen stealing the picture) But how can you " Steal " something that is there for all to see or take depending on your privacy settings on FB. Which is where she said the picture was. She's just a skank ass bitch who's voice is so annoying I could scream. I would be mad if I were Karen but I would not break my own stuff.