Friday, January 23, 2015

Mob Wives: Do Renee & Ang Remain Friends?

Back in the old days of Season 1
when friends were friends

After watching Episode 6, and the whole hands on the Bible ceremony, it left me wondering just how long Karen's peace brokering would last. After all, some pretty ugly things were said by Renee and Ang, things that are not easily forgotten or forgiven. I think that scene was filmed back around September. We still have no idea what is going to happen in the next six episodes, but there is some good indication right now that the "peace" has lasted and Renee and Ang have gotten past their differences. During the show, both Ang and Renee tweeted public apologies. Their apologies seem sincere to me. Here are the tweets for those of you who do not follow along on Twitter:

Karen and Renee have every reason to be concerned as long as outsider, Gnat, keeps stirring the pot. What I don't get is Drita has said time and time again she doesn't like the things she is hearing about Gnat, and yet she is always defending her. Ang keeps saying she is going to talk to Gnat about this issue and that issue, but has never gotten as upset with her as she has with Renee. Drita and Ang still continue to hang out with Gnatalie. I'm confused. I hope common sense prevails in the second half of this season. P.S. I want to know when I can say "Bye, Felicia" to the Gnat?

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Mona Chicoine said...

Karen is one smart girl.
The boat scene when Ang & Renee shook hands & brought out the Bibles, I literally cried. There friendship is to good & long to let an outsider like Gnat ruin it.
Karen, Renee, Ang & Drita...You girls are to smart to let this nobody(Gnat) come between you gals. Remember girl power don`t include RAT`s/trouble makers like Gnat.
I love you girls.