Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap "RATalie," Ep 504

Family first and foremost

Before we get into the show let me thank Jennifer Graziano for getting Mob Wives back on track. This is the show we fell in love with! Real Mob Wives talking about traditional mob values like loyalty, respect, la famiglia, snitches and rats. Now if we can only get rid of the “cop caller” we would have a perfect show.

We go right back to where we left off in episode three. Renee and Ang are in the restaurant trying to iron out their problems. Renee blames their issues all on Gnat. Renee never had problem with Ang before Gnat came into the picture. They both want to get past this, and in walks Victoria Gotti. She asks if she can join them at lunch. Renee is surprised and concerned about the family history between the Gottis and Gravanos. Big Ang isn’t good at talking things out and asked Victoria to come and help. Victoria says family comes first and foremost. There is no room for “outsiders.” Renee and Ang are family. Victoria tells them, you don’t let outsiders in. Renee feels they are on the same page. Renee brings up that “filthy, lowlife, degenerate Gnatalie who called her a ‘blow job’ on social media and that ain’t ok with her.” And that Ang still talks to this b*tch after all she has done to her, drives her crazy. Ang says she never has problem with people. Renee thinks Ang’s loyalty was not with her at the club.  Renee felt she was there alone and the rest of them were a “gang.” Victoria agrees that Ang should have gotten up and defended Renee right there and then. Renee is happy. Ang brings up Renee calling her a “clown” and Victoria explains that it’s not that Renee was saying she looked like a clown it’s that Gnat was creating a “circus“ and Ang was going along with it. Acting like a clown. Ang wants to know why Renee is bad mouthing her family. Victoria says family is off limits. Renee explains what happened. AJ put his hand out to two of Ang’s family members to shake their hands and they pulled away, making him out to be a jerk off. AJ is a victim because his father cooperated. Victoria says AJ is the innocent victim and it’s a heavy burden for AJ to carry. Ang agrees and says if she had been there that would have never happened. Victoria says “Rats today come a dime a dozen.” Victoria tells them they need to be tough, loving allies. Stand together. Victoria says her money is on the two of them against anybody. And off jetsVictoria. Victoria was very helpful. But Renee still found it hard talking to Victoria because of her friendship with Karen and she has to go tell her immediately to protect their friendship. She calls Karen to tell her she is coming over.

Drita is in her store on the phone with Lee. Drita tells him she is doing makeup in Philly for an Italian magazine photoshoot. Drita is happy her business is branching out outside of New York. She tells him about Ang’s grandchild.  Lee says, “Maybe you gotta get banged up again?” Lee is a piece of work. They joke about having another baby.

Heart to heart chat

Renee has to tell Karen personally that she sat at a table with Victoria Gotti. Renee is nervous. She tells Karen she met with Ang when all of a sudden Victoria Gotti walked in. Renee says she is Karen’s friend and loyal to her. Karen tells her Gotti and Gravano were a team. Karen says she has been through hell and back because of the lifestyle and so has Victoria and Renee. They were all born into it. Karen doesn’t see Victoria as an enemy. Karen realizes how loyal Renee really is by seeing how upset she is. Renee says Victoria actually understood the Gnat situation, the betrayal and not letting outsiders in. Karen is happy Victoria was able to broker peace between them. Karen says maybe now they can all go out and do something and have a little fun!

Gnat’s house. Whatever. She and London have an apartment in Astoria, Queens. She thinks her friendship with Drita and Ang is important and she now she can be closer to them too. The hell with the funeral business she is supposed to be running right? The dead people can wait, they aren’t going anywhere. Or maybe she is working the graveyard shift there?

She's trying to infiltrate this circle

Karen and Big Ang meet up at an interactive show and have a drink. Renee shows up. They all look great. They are all happy. And here comes Drita. Renee says as long as that “rat,” Gnatalie, doesn’t show up, she’s happy. No one wants to mention Gnat. Renee just has one more thing to say. Gnat has an ulterior motive and is trying to infiltrate their circle and taint it. Drita and Ang don’t want to hear it. Karen says she doesn’t like it that Gnat was going to call the police on her. Renee doesn’t want to deal with anyone who wants to associate with Gnat. Drita doesn’t want to talk about it and let it ruin their night. The show starts and they are cramped into a room with loud music, and people swinging around overhead. Karen says Gnat is petty bullsh*t and when they are together they have a good time. Renee feels Drita and Ang don’t want to hear the truth about Gnat, but it is just a matter of time and they will learn who she really is.

She was going to call the cops on me.

Astoria, Queens, Gnat’s apartment. She says it’s not as big as she would like. Oh well. Drita comes over to see her new apartment. Drita says she hasn’t seen the “rat” side of Gnat. Drita is not going to be told who she can or can’t talk to. Drita tells Gnat she likes the apartment. Nice view from the large balcony. Let’s hope Gnat keeps her clothes on while she is out there. Drita is still pretty chummy with Gnat, so she is in for a rude awakening.

He says I went crazy!

Karen is meeting with the girls, Renee and Ang, to discuss her relationship with Storm. He wants to meet for dinner to talk, and Karen isn’t sure what to do. She tells them he said she is the one who acted crazy and wants to know if she calmed down. Ang says it sounds like he is putting the blame for the situation on her. Renee says she doesn’t care, there are diners open at 7 am, she could have gone to the bathroom there. Karen feels it’s the ultimate disrespect that he brought a woman into her home. Renee says no man in their lifestyle would ever bring a woman home. Karen says they had a huge fight and he would not own his mistake. She tells them he called and he said he didn’t mean to hurt her. They tell her to let him apologize and fix it. See what he says and then re-evaluate the situation.

"In due time you find out who people are."

Drita is at her Philly photoshoot doing makeup. She thinks it’s a great job with good exposure for her. Guess who the next model is . . . Natalie D! Drita mentions she has a friend, “GNatalie Guercio,” from Philly. Natalie tells her to be careful. She tells Drita everyone from South Philly knows everyone. She tells her the story that a friend of hers, who dated Gnat and went to prison. Gnat waited for him to get out of prison. Then one day they had a huge fight and Gnat called his parole officer. Drita freaks out over that. Natalie says in due time you find out who people are. Drita wants to go to Gnat’s house, drag her out and ask her about this story. Drita hates rats.

More Gnat and London walking around Astoria. She is worried about her son’s adjustment to Queens and having no friends. Maybe she should be more worried about posting pictures of herself on Twitter, over and over, with a bottle of champagne between her legs? I mean her son could see it, his friends from school could see it. I’d be more concerned about that, but what do I know? London wants to arrange a playdate for him with 2 girls. Gnat nixes it. Gnat admits she has a big mouth and says whatever she wants. That could be a problem. Duh. She got that much right.

A sitdown about RATalie!

What next? Drita calls a meeting with Karen, Renee and Ang. No one knows what’s up yet. Drita is going to tell the girls what she learned in Philly from Natalie D. She has been sticking up for Gnat and feels bad now. Drita starts telling them about the photoshoot and the conversation she had with Natalie D. She tells them what she learned about Gnat calling her ex-boyfriend’s parole officer. Ang says that’s really bad. Drita thinks hearing about Gnat being a rat from an outsider, who is not in their circle, makes a big difference. Renee dubs her “RATalie,” and adds the b*tch belongs in a sewer.

I told you so!

She's a rat and a cop caller.

Renee says it feels great to say I told you so, but at the same time she is insulted that it took a stranger to make Drita and Ang believe it. Karen is also insulted that Drita wouldn’t take their word for it. It took a third party to convince them. Drita wants to take Ang to go see Gnat and ask her if she‘s “a f*ckin‘ rat.”. Ang feels Gnat is making them look like idiots and jerk-offs because they have been defending her all along. Renee says they made themselves look like jerk-offs by sticking by her after everything they were told. Drita wants to rip Gnat’s head off.

Now what?

Ang goes to meet Victoria once again. She needs advice. Ang just found out the Junior was the informant on her cousin Ronny. Junior pulled the trigger, but he is working with the Feds. Now Ang’s cousin is in trouble and may get life in prison because an innocent person got killed in the robbery. Victoria seems to takes a shot at Karen by saying working with Feds for a slap on the wrist is called the “Sammy Deal.” It’s the sweet deal. I have to wonder if Karen has anything to say about this scene? They both agree a “rat” is the worst, the lowest form. Victoria says the witness protection program today is a joke. Victoria asks how does Renee feel about it. Ang is afraid to talk to Renee because it might send her over the edge and she self medicates. Victoria says ladies shouldn’t fight, a bigger woman should get past these things.

If you want to read the whole story and Junior and Ang’s cousin check out this link: Luigi Grasso

Well, there you have it. Let’s just savor this moment. Why? Because finally, everyone is on the same page about RATalie. I just want to see how she is going to worm her way out of this. While all the other women in the show are related to mobsters, Gnat is related to her brother, who is in law enforcement. Is it any wonder she has the cops on speed dial? Can she convince Drita and Ang that she isn’t a “rat?” Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Karens family is the King of RATS she knows it but won't own it. Renees husband is a RAT believe it or not people call the police if there has been a crime. Jeezuz if Renee isn't acting like a lunatic ass fighting with everyone this show might be better!!!

Anonymous said...

Great recap !
I have always wanted to know a few things. 1) Ang who never seems to be a gossip all of the sudden keeps taking gossip as gospel and turning on a friend she has known for almost 3 decades. Why? Due to Drita maybe? Ang is street smart but naive.
2) Drita fancies herself to be tough beyond words and you cannot fool her but she has been fooled by Gnat since she joined. Why? If she has such a problem with women she has known for at least 2 decades, why is she on the show? Why does she always take words from the street over those people she has known for years? And why does she always downplay the fact she HAS known them for years? Always a flip flopper this one.
I don't feel VG was taking shot at Karen. I think she is stating what those situations have become. Sammy was a big deal. People need to remember though that Sammy was THE MAN for Gotti. Gotti was going to have him eliminated, after all he had done for Teflon Don. He defended Gotti until he couldn't and his life was going to be taken away. Its a lifestyle most today don't understand and I agree that the kids/families should be off-limits and the girls have nothing to do with what their Fathers have done.

Anonymous said...

im starting to see where Big Ang is starting to be a hipocrite in regards to her cousin getting 30 plus years in jail no he didnt pull the trigger but he was involved and thats that ... Renee has nothing to do with that at all... yea she married a rat but ang's cousin trusted him enough to go rob someone together

Chiara Soprano said...

To the Anon who said "Great recap !
I have always wanted to know a few things . . ." I really love your comments, very insightful! I would still like to know what Karen thinks regarding that comment. Maybe I will ask her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Chiara :) I look forward to coming here every season for your recaps! Yes, if you get the chance please ask her!

Leigh said...

So sick of hearing the word 'rat' .....really. There are situations where cops do need to be called...we aren't all gangsters.
Now I like Drita but its ironic that she and ang and are taking the word of an outsider yet they don't let in outsiders??
Renee needs to take it down a notch I'm so over seeing her cry, scream, yell, whinge and whine. Put a smile on ur face and get laid...and remember u brought Natalie into the group...
Natalie was so embarrassing outside Drunken Monkey Karen can't control what her father did...low blows..

C.nikki said...

I'm confused, why confront Renee about what her husband did? She didn't make the decision to cooperate for him. Also it bugs me that if there is a problem with Ratalie they can go discuss it with her but if it's Renee there are sick of her and won't talk to her for days or weeks. And if it's true about Ratalie's brother being in the law enforcement, I don't understand how she can say that she " doesn't talk to filthy rats ". She is a joke and needs to get kicked off the show.

Anonymous said...

The problem I have with Natalie is that she's the main person calling people "rat" but she feels as though she has the right to call the "rat" to save her from her abusive boyfriend. If she would stop running around calling everyone rats maybe it wouldn't look so bad when she had to call the cops.