Friday, January 9, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie vs "Ratalie" on Twitter

Natalie D. taking care of business

Time and time again the show's drama spills out on to the social media pages. I woke up to some tidbits this morning that I couldn't pass up. From reading yesterday's tweets, Ratalie has been taking potshots at Natalie D. But, before posting her zingers, she made sure she blocked Natalie so she couldn't see what she was saying. Word must have gotten back to Natalie D. because she had a few things to say for herself. I am not surprised Ratalie blocked Natalie D. or anyone else. She doesn't seem to like the truth and likes to keep her timeline clear for her few adoring fans. Fans who are apparently hard of hearing because they keep posting about how great that awful "Delicious" video is. Outside of a handful of her crazed fans, I doubt anyone would download that video even if it was free. She shouldn't give up her day job, and by that I mean funeral home receptionist, for a career in music. Just sayin'.

Here is the drama you may have missed between the two. You never know, it may end up escalating and we want to keep you up with the events as they happen.

Someone must have told Natalie D. what was being said so she took to Twitter to answer with her own comments:

The picture Natalie D. refers to is below

Picture Credit: Twitter Accounts of Natalie Didonato and Natalie Guercio


Anonymous said...

You are right she blocks anyone who says anything negative about her. I called her a one hit wonder and she blocked me and oddly enough so did London which shows who wears the pants in the family. Good article and thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Did she have a hit?