Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mob Wives: London's Stitches Out

London is looking good!

The past couple of weeks Mob Wives wasn’t on the air due to the holidays, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any drama. We blogged the off the air drama as we followed the story of London Rene, Gnat’s boyfriend, who had his face slashed by an acquaintance, Rodolpho Lopez, outside a Brooklyn club. Today London had his stitches removed and is doing well. There were a lot of negative comments on Gnatalie’s Twitter account calling her a “snitch” and a “rat,” some of them were directed at London too, because they called the police after the assault. Almost immediately following the attack, Gnatalie was already tweeting pictures of London with his face bandaged, the name of the hospital they went to and where they were going to see a plastic surgeon. Gnat made sure to tweet TMZ and VH1 at the time too. Gnatalie also went as far as to send messages on London’s account in order to notify family and friends about his injuries. Then Gnat started tweeting pictures of Rudy “Smooth” Lopez asking people to help the police apprehend him. Rudy ended up turning himself in. There were a couple of comments left on the blogs we wrote alleging that there may have been a motive for the attack. We have not verified the facts but, from what we could piece together, there was a tweet allegedly made by Rudy, saying he was jumped by five men and was just defending himself. London says he was just having a nice conversation when Rudy came up to him from the side and slashed his face. A reader of our blog, who seems to know Rudy and claims to know something about the situation made a comment. This reader alleges that Gnatalie was hanging out with Rudy over the summer and London didn’t like it. Maybe these are the “rumors” that London referred to in one of his interviews?

I’m glad to see that London is doing well. Like many others though, I am curious if Gnatalie’s actions or her ever-running mouth played a part in what happened to him. Stay tuned.

P.S. I just took a peek at Gnat’s Twitter timeline and this is what she had to say about the NEW Natalie Didonato . . .

"There's only 1 Natalie, riding her coattails, trying to be her, NatalieKnockOff" . . . that's rich. I don't think Natalie D is going to take this sitting down! Follow Natalie D @DidonatoNatalie

Picture Credit: Natalie Guercio Twitter Account.


maharet1965 said...

I am excited for tonight !! Can't wait !! LOL !! I cannot think of 1 person who would want to be Nasty GNatalie . She is so full of herself. I wish she would go away and was never heard from again.

Anonymous said...

Bet you any amount of money that Natalie's big, fat, STUPID, fresh mouth is the reason London now has a permanent scar on his face.

That guy is gonna end up even MORE seriously hurt with her as his girl.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for London. I don't believe the attack on London had anything to do with Natalie. Natalie needs to treat London andnthe other cast members of Mob Wives much nicer.