Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mob Wives: Who Slashed Natalie Guercio Boyfriend’s Face?

Rudy flipping a bird with a Colgate smile and beverage.

Dare I type, London is delicious.  Recently about 2 hours ago a little birdie dropped a dime into Chiara’s lap.  Many of you know Chiara by now.  She doesn’t mess with no criminals.  She’s a good Italian girl that any mama would be proud of.  She’ll give Shirley Temple a run for her tap dancing shoes.  I mean she was making fig cookies during the Christmas from her mother’s treasured Sicilian recipe.  Didn’t give me one by the way, NOT ONE.

Unfortunately, for my mama I’m just an @sshole.  So with that typed let me share the juice with you.  Allegedly Rudolfo Lopez a.k.a. Smooth a.k.a Rudy is the suspect in the slashing of London’s face.  Now let me make this perfectly clear as if a bottle of Ciroc Grey Goose, I WAS NOT THERE NOR A WITNESS.  So I do not know what in the hellfire happened.  I am just sharing with you what I think you’d like to know.

Rumor has it Rudy turned himself into authorities.  It is also my understanding he is unable to bail out, at this time, due to some other pending legal matters.  An individual wrote that Mr. Lopez was only defending himself, at the time of the incident.  The claim is that he was jumped by 5 guys.  There are two sides to every story and only one truth.  At least that’s what I say.

"Violence is never the answer”, someone really enlightened once said.  Who was it?  Drita D'Avanzo maybe?  Hell, I wouldn’t know I love me some Mob Wives and bad weave flying.  Tune into VH1 on Wednesday January 7th to catch some of the baddest mob daughters, molls and whacked weaves at 9 PM.  Where is Kim Kimble when you need her?  Never-mind that’s a different network.  My bad.

Update: 31 December 2014

Go to TMZ to see the awful wounds London Rene suffered CLICK HERE!


ZiaTheBest said...

You are such a thug after my own heart! And dang, fig cookies, that sounds DELICIOUS!

Give me the tea, all day baby! I definitely want to hear what Rudy has to say because the way RATalie went on twitter to break the news to TMZ seems fishy. But then again, we are talking about a rat.

Happy New Year chicas!!!

maharet1965 said...

I think there is definitely more to the story. I also still think it had something to do with GNatalie and her huge annoying sounding Voice and her trash talking mouth. I love this show but with her on there I am beginning to want to watch something else. I am looking forward to meeting the new Natalie though. Anyway with that said I hope London gets his head out of his a$$ and dumps her and I hope he heals well.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Natalie dated Rudy last summer and London found out about it and wasn't too happy about it which what caused all of this mess. Rudys not a bad guy. He's well known around NJ NY and everyone loves him. He was just trying to defend himself. Too bad TMZ doesn't know the real Rudy. The one who's a family man with a daughter. His family and friends didn't want him to turn himself in but he went and did it anyway like a real man because he doesn't snitch or run from the law

Chiara Soprano said...

That's an interesting rumor and if it is true, it will surely come out and do some damage to the "victim" scenario. I put nothing past Gnatalie.

Anonymous said...

That rumor is true..do a google search and it will come up. Better yet read the comments on londons and nats instagram everyones talking about it...she made this guy rudy a fan favorite now. Everyone loves him more than they love her

Anonymous said...

Who the hell goes to a club with a box cutter? You can't just run around slashing people. Obviously this isn't his first run in with the cops. If it was then please explain the no bond hold. Bunch of thug losers today!