Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mob Wives: Jenn Graziano Dishes on Season 5

Renee & Jennifer showing some sisterly love!

AfterBuzz TV caught up with Jennifer Graziano, Executive Producer of Mob Wives, to get some insider information on Season 5. Jennifer, a believer in the good old tradition "lifestyle values, picks and chooses her words carefully. The Omerta Code of silence is very much alive. Still, AfterBuzz managed to get her to talk for a good 12 minutes about the show, the cast and other gems. You'll have lots of time to listen to it because there will be no Mob Wives for two weeks, thanks to Christmas and New Year's Eve. the show will resume on January 7th, 2015 and it will be Natalie Donato's debut appearance. Jenn discusses a little about how they "discovered" Natalie and decided to bring her on the show. I gathered from the interview that Victoria Gotti will be meeting Renee and Big Ang for lunch, continuing where we left off in episode three. There is a lot to look forward to! Jenn begins talking at about the 1:43 mark (almost at the very beginning) and continues for 12 minutes. Check this out, you won't be disappointed.

Video Credit: AfterBuzz TV


Hey you said...

I hope theres a mini Season 5 marathon before episode 4......Wheres Santa :)

Mona Chicoine said...

Natalie is a straight up liar...

Big Ang is crazy to listen to someone like Natalie...

Drita does listen to Lee way to much,
"There`s a reason that Lee is never on the show." Don`t forget he is a cheater.

Storm is like every man I know, A cheat & a liar.
To put it on KG is worst then worst. KG needs to kick his ass to the curb...

Big And & Renee`s meeting at the end, did look staged. I thought i was the only one that saw that smirk on both their faces.

Victoria Gotti showing up...Was just something added for filler, she sure didn`t add much to the show.