Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen & Renee Talk Season 5 on OK!

Karen & Renee dish about season 5

Karen and Renee discuss friendship and what it's all about on season 5. Right now all Karen knows is she and Renee are friends. Karen discusses how she "met" GNATalie for the first time on social media. But, she says, after meeting her in person she found her irrelevant. Karen says Gnat saw her for the first time, gets dramatic and runs out. Renee says she is able to deal with the ignorance that comes out of Natalie's mouth, somehow. Renee wishes someone had educated her a little bit more on everything . . . well that's asking a lot Renee. And Karen adds she wanted to fight her verbally, but how do you argue with an ignorant person? The worst of it for Karen is that Gnat goes after her family, people that she loves, and her nature is to attack back and protect them. Neither of them wanted to say a word about "poor, poor, pitiful me," Alicia.

Picture and Video Credit: OK! Magazine

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