Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mob Wives: Gnatalie Threatens to Break Confidentiality Clause?

Getting Ready for Perez?

As Mob Wives season 5 heats up our television screens, even more drama is going on off the set. As has happened in the past, time and time again, the drama spills on to social media. Today we have a few tweets from none other then GNATalie, who appears to be a loose canon on and off the show. As much as I dislike her and her antics, I would be remiss in not blogging this situation for fans.  Her tweets seems to indicate that she is not happy with the way things are going on Mob Wives or how she is being portrayed. It looks like she is offering to speak to anyone who will listen to her about her storyline on Mob Wives. She has even reached out to Perez Hilton. Will he give her a call?

In my opinion, I think that anything Gnat has to say would certainly constitute a violation of her VH1 contract, specifically the confidentiality clause. Who knows if Gnat will actually follow through on her mission to reveal “her truth” to the world. Somebody at VH1 better reel her in before it’s too late. Obviously, Gnat is not familiar with the mafia Omerta Code of silence. Get a load of these tweets! What do you think?

There you have it. What conclusions do you draw from all this? Is GNATalie full of more hot air or will she make good on her promise? Stay tuned!

Picture credit: Natalie's Twitter Timeline


Hey you said...

Well, I think she just got a taste of MobWives and would like to rat out what ever she thinks she found, just like a cop caller.

Anonymous said...

She can't Stand the fact that the fans of the show are disgusted by her. It would be all fine if it were someone else in the hot seat. You signed up for it Gnat and your mouth is gross! You are the epitome of trash and that isn't editing. That is by what you say, you act and how you dress. Your pretend to be so hard, from Philly. Bahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't believe a single word she says... She's obviously got some issues and is really delusional... Typical RAT behavior she has no idea how old school roles... She would get whacked back in the day as much as she talks.. She must not care about her job that much

maharet1965 said...

She's just an attention whore !! But now she doesn't like the kind of attention she's getting. Poor Gnat...... NOT !!

Chiara Soprano said...

I think we are going to learn a lot more about her from someone who knows...the new Natalie Didonato! So stay tuned, this should become very interesting in a short time. January 7th is her debut date.

Anonymous said...

GNat should be careful what she says by code and respect. LOYALTY means everything.