Monday, December 8, 2014

Mob Wives: GNATalie the Sh*t-Stirrer

Get used to seeing Natalie Didonato
Because she means business!

Last night GNATalie was being her usual self and stirring up some sh*t with Karen Gravano. Karen didn't take the bait. As Karen says, "The b*tch is irrelevant," and we agree. But that doesn't stop her from running her mouth to anyone that will listen. Get a load of these tweets of GNATalie talking sh*t about Karen and her father:

Like we need to hear about Karen's life from a GNAT
when Karen has written a best selling book!

Then she adds this!

We all know Alicia, who plead guilty to embezzling pension funds, is afraid of Karen, that's why she won't film with her. She is hiding behind her family because she won't come face to face with Karen.

Well, Natalie Didonato must have seen these tweets too. After thanking Karen for coming to her Charity Event, Natalie had this to say:

and Karen's thoughts...

Bye, B*tch, Bye!

And I guess the time will come in season 5! So make sure you don't miss an episode of Mob Wives, Wednesday nights @ 9PM on VH1!

P.S. Why is Carla in the middle of GNAT's tweets?

And what does Carla know?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I used to love Big Ang. Now to me, she looks like one big loser for hanging out with Nasty Ratalie Natalie Guercio.

Shes gonna listen to people... Instead of going directly to Renee and asking her. Once Big Ang started talking about Renee, it was like on cue for Natalie Guercio to bring up to Drita "did you know Renee called you this?"

Big Ang looks like a loser sporting that "omerta" tat and going off being buddy-buddy with Nat. I honestly don't think Renee would talk about Big Ang.

I hate how Natalie acts like a proud italian. She must be stupid or something cause "omerta" is "code of SILENCE". Not going off and telling psycho Drita.