Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Ep 3 - Big Ang Meets Victoria Gotti

"You're smart, diffuse it."

Big Ang is sick of all the drama. She isn't talking to Renee. Karen and GNATalie are ready to kill each other. She's had enough of all of them. She needs some outside advice because these girls are killing her. So what does she do? She's arranged to see the boss of bosses, Victoria Gotti, at her home! Victoria shows up and they chat a little bit about John Gotti. Then Victoria asks what's going on?  Ang fills her in on all the drama that is going on and she wants some advice. The girls are always fighting and backstabbing. Ang says GNATalie stirs it up and is being very reckless. Ang isn't happy about the scene she created at her anniversary party. Victoria says she has a strong personality. Then she tells Ang, "you're smart, diffuse it."

Picture and video credit: VH1

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