Friday, December 12, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano AfterBuzz Interview!

Karen's Back!

AfterBuzz TV Aftershow interviewed Karen Gravano on Wednesday night, after Mob Wives aired. Karen had plenty to say too. First she talks at great length about GNATalie and doesn't know what to attribute her problems to. Karen feels it may have something to do with her alleged drug use possibly affecting her brain. Karen discusses how Storm and London both had the same story about what happened at the nightclub the night they met. GNATalie is the one suffering from delusions saying they were being threatened. Karen seems to be a little disappointed in Ang and Drita because they don't seeGNATalie for what she really is . . . trash. Obviously GNATalie doesn't respect them because she keeps talking about Karen and Renee to Ang and Drita and they are supposed to be friends. Karen doesn't allow people to talk about her friends.

Karen says she and Storm are close, he has her back. They have their ups and downs, like any couple, but for the most part things are going well. 

The interview starts around the 6 minute mark and lasts a good ten or more minutes. You will hear Karen's take on what is going on this season. And, the best part of the interview is when Karen is asked will there ever come a time when Gnat isn't running away and Karen isn't chasing her, and they come face to face? Karen says yes! And maybe then Karen will put her in her place!

Video Credit: AfterBuzz TV Aftershow

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