Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mob Wives: Natalie Didonato Calls Gnat a Rat Sneak Peek

"She called his parole officer."

This sneak peek is about episode 4, "RATalie." Gee and I thought we had the perfect name for her!

In this scene, Drita goes to Philly to work on makeup for a photoshoot for an Italian magazine. One of the models she is doing makeup for is the new Natalie Didonato. Drita casually mentions that she knows a friend in Philly whose name is GNatalie Guercio. Natalie D tells her to be careful. Apparently everyone in SOUTH Philly knows about everyone's business. GNATalie's ex-boyfriend was a friend of Natalie's and she tells Drita that when Gnat and her friend got into a fight, she called his parole officer. Drita can't believe her ears! Drita says if this is true, everything Karen said about Gnatalie is true. Drita says calling the parole officer is a "rat" move.

"She is a bonafide f*ckin' rat,
and she has got to go!"

Drita is really bugging out over this news and tries to remain professional for the rest of the photo shoot. What she really wants to do to jump in her care, fly over to Gnat's house and pull her out and ask her if she is a rat. How many times has Gnat called Karen a rat for no reason? Turns out it may be Gnat who is the real rat!

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Anonymous said...

I mean how much more evidence or just using those little brains of theirs does Drita and Ang need to finally see that Gnat should have been gone after last season? Why do they go so hard for that lying trouble maker? They cannot be that dumb . Can they?

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, I was literally sitting here thinking the same thing. I wonder if this will change what they think of her? Or if they will finally stop hanging with her?

maharet1965 said...

I can't wait for Natalie and Gnat to meet !!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what will cause Drita to open her eyes... As for Ang... She seems to take pity on This Gnat and Tries to save her time and time again so I'm not so sure how this will turn out

Hey you said...

Its abou freakin time!