Monday, December 1, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen and Renee on PIX 11 News

Team Karen and Renee all the way!

I had to tune in this morning to PIX 11 to hear what my favorite Mob Wives, Karen and Renee, had to say about season 5. Like the die-hard fan I am, I cannot wait till the premiere of season 5 this Wednesday at 9 PM. Inquiring minds need to know what is going to happen! So, did Karen and Renee drop any blog worthy news today?

Renee explains how certain words can fuel a fire when you are a Mob Wife. She was , of course, talking about the word "Rat" which will be coming up a lot. Karen says she missed being on the show for season 4 and she missed Renee, but it's was good to be away from it too. Renee says a lot of drama revolves around her because she tells the truth and people don't like it. Karen likes having Victoria Gotti because she has real history, unlike those Philly chicks. Renee has no comment. However, Renee adds, interestingly enough, she is the one who has the conversation with Victoria Gotti. Then they played a little game and the answers are Renee is the cook, Ang is the biggest shopper, Drita has the hottest temper.

Well, there was nothing really new dropped, but Renee and Karen looked absolutely fantastic!

After the show, Renee and Karen were dropping meatballs off a truck in New York City and greeting fans!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why Renee says that she was the one who had a conversation with Victoria, yet the super trailer clearly shows it was Ang who met with Victoria and Victoria herself said her appearance is only lunch with Ang.

Chiara Soprano said...

I thought the same thing and then it dawned on me that maybe their conversation wasn't filmed. Not sure, I will have to ask about that.