Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mob Wives: Reporting London's Attack Is Not Snitching

London says, "There's snitching and there's doing the right thing."

There has been a lot of talk of "snitching" the past couple of days over the assault on London Rene. Many people are tweeting that it was snitching to call police and report the slashing that lead to the identification of the perpetrator. London has come out publicly to say this is not snitching and I have to agree with him if he is an innocent victim, as he claims. Innocent victims must come forward and report crimes to authorities. If they don't, all the criminals would be out on the streets committing crimes without consequence.

The meaning of the word "snitching" and "rat" used to refer to gangsters cooperating with authorities against other gangsters. They did this to get out of going to jail or for a reduced sentence themselves. However, for some reason, the meaning has been generalized over time, in some places, to include people who are innocent victims of crime and report it to police. I do not think most people would call that "snitching."

London has been through a serious assault and is now having to deal with people calling blowing up his timeline with the word "snitch." As far as we know, London did not have any dealings or altercation with the assailant and was minding his own business when attacked. Do we really want a criminal out there who would go up to anyone and slash them with a box cutter? I don't think so.

Now can there be more to the story? It's possible. We may learn more in the following days when the suspect is apprehended and has a chance to tell his story.

Here is an interesting blog about what snitching was about and what it has become. It was written by a prosecutor: The Law on Snitching

Picture Credit: WPIX11

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