Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap “Storm-A-Brewin,” Ep 503

Let the drama begin!

Hello! Season 5 is off the chain! I have to watch each episode twice just to catch half of what happens. We start off where we ended last week, outside the Drunken Monkey, with Gnat getting in Karen’s face.

Police car sirens seem to be speeding to the Drunken Monkey. Karen and Gnat are still at it and security is all over the place. I have no doubt the security was requested by GNATalie because Karen doesn‘t need any protection. Gnat says she will call the cops. What else is new? Gnat repeatedly calls Karen an informant to provoke a fight. Why? Maybe she is trying to get Karen arrested and then she can brag about it on Twitter! Drita says no family talk to get Gnat to stop, but Gnat won‘t put a cork in it. Karen is totally fed up, saying this “lowlife Gnat talks about her family? Now she made this into a thing she don’t want” and Karen is going to take care of her. The fight is broken up and Gnat makes a fast retreat with London. Ang is disgusted she can’t have a party at her bar without the girls acting crazy. Drita aka flip-flopper, hates to hear anyone talking about anyone’s family, or so she says. "I can't listen to anyone talking about anyone's family. It's finished. It's done!" Ang and Karen both already told Drita that Gnat was calling Karen and her father a rat and yet Drita is STILL hanging with her at the party where she heard Gnat continue to talk about Karen‘s family. Drita your true colors are showing! Karen says the fight is over for now. Karen says Gnat is lucky she got away for now, but it’s just for now. She will be coming for her!

Drita is on phone with Lee. She is stressed out over the party and her stores. Lee is helping her with the kids. Drita feels he is making up for all the time he was away. Drita says it’s harder on the outside than the inside with work and bills. Drita seems very happy, but she says work keeps getting in the way of their time together. This is the first decent conversation I have heard between Drita and Lee where there is no cursing and he isn‘t being verbally abusive.

Gnat is on the phone with London. She went home to Philly after the party. She is concerned about their relationship. London goes to see her. She steps out to talk to him. Gnat still feels London was siding with Karen and Storm. London says she has a problem with other people. Gnat doesn’t like the way he handled the situation after Storm “jerked her off” in front of everyone, and she doesn’t want him being the peacemaker. He says she takes everything so personally. They don’t seem to be making any progress. She wants to be treated like his woman. She says her issue is with him, not them. She wants him to have her back and he can’t give her that. He says he is trying and came there to fix it. Poor London.

Karen tells Renee about the party and GNAT!

Renee and Karen talk about the Drunken Monkey party. Renee says all she is thinking is “I hope you put this b*tch in a bag and sent her to the sanitation department.”  Karen says the cops were called. Karen tells her she walked outside, everyone was there, and Gnat comes up to her and says let me ask you something: “Why is your man jerking me off?” Karen says London came over and was telling them he didn’t agree with how Gnat handle things. Karen says it confirmed to her that Gnat” is a cop caller. Karen says Gnat was provoking her when she went outside she so could call the cops. Renee says Drita and Ang make a huge mistake letting Gnat into their circle.

"[Gnat's] a no good filthy blow job"

Renee plans to call Ang because they know each other too long to let an outsider, a no good filthy blow job,” come between them. Renee says if Ang brings up Gnat’s name in the future their friendship will be completely over. If everyone can see what the hell Gnat is all about, why can’t Ang and Drita? Does a house have to fall on them? Is this nobody from Philly worth it? I can’t wait to hear what the new Natalie D has to say about her!

"Diffuse it."

Ang is going to the house of the “boss of bosses” for advice about all the girl drama, which is out of control. Victoria Gotti makes a grand entrance. She sure knows how to walk into a room! They sit down to chat. They reminisce about John Gotti and the past. The Gotti family is legendary in the lifestyle, says Ang. Victoria says there are no ethics or morals any more, those gentlemen are long gone. I am guessing she is referring to mob lifestyle ethics? Ang explains all the drama in her circle of girls and the backstabbing that is driving her crazy. Victoria says there is always one personality that stirs things up. Ang immediately blurts out GNATalie. Victoria advises her to diffuse the situation. Ang adds her long time friend, Renee, has been talking about her family. Victoria says family is off limits. When someone gets to that level they need to be reined in. Woman should build each other up. Victoria says in her circle, people act the way she allows them to act. She says set boundaries. She makes it clear, this is the line we’re not crossing. She says call out the person and tell them when they crossed the line. Keep the families out of the drama. Sometimes that is all it takes to set someone straight. Let them know if they can’t do that they better watch their backs. I have to say I enjoyed the scene with Victoria Gotti, it’s like she fits right in and makes sense.

Just taking in all Gnat's stupidity.

Oh no, not Gnat again. This time she is meeting Drita and Ang. Ang wants to talk to Gnat and set her straight because all the sh*t she is pulling is not ok. First, Gnat complains about London and they stick up for him. He is a good guy, he doesn‘t want to fight. Gnat is still not satisfied. What the hell is really wrong with this cosmetician? Did all those funeral embalming fumes really go to her head? She just doesn’t get a damn thing! Then Ang wants to talk to her about what she said to Karen at the Drunken Monkey. Both Ang and Drita tell her she said the wrong thing to Karen and it was below the belt. Drita says Gnat throws verbal grenades. Ang says Gnat said vicious things and it will get her in trouble one day. And what does Gnat get out of all that? Gnat says no one is going to change who she is or what she says. Perfect. I am convinced her brain is fried.

Big Ang gives up trying to talk sense to the Gnat.

Renee goes to visit Karen in her new home. Karen says she has her daughter here in New York now, no more back and forth from Arizona. Karen says she is very stressed with everything that is going on and she doesn’t even have furniture. She tells Renee she is upset. She went to Storm’s house to stay because she had an early appointment and then overslept. He came home at 7 am and she jumps up out of her sleep realizing her alarm never went off.  She gets a weird vibe from Storm so she gets up and finds a b*tch in her living room. He claims she wasn’t with him she was with his friend and she just wanted to use the bathroom. Karen says the b*tch starts running away and Karen hits Storm. She moved her daughter here and thought she was in a solid relationship and now this happens.

Best  Friends 

Karen starts crying. Renee comforts her. Now Karen doesn’t know what was going on while she was in Arizona. She says she thought their relationship was built on trust. They have to talk once she calms down and thinks about it. She feels violated. I have lived a long time and know a lot of women and no one has ever told me about their man bringing a woman into their home, any time of the day of night, to use the bathroom. I suppose it could be true, but I do not blame Karen for having some very serious doubts.

Ang says her son, AJ wasn’t there for the birth of his baby, Angelina. He violated his parole and was sent to Rikers Island. Ang drops in on Drita. Drita asks about AJ. Ang tells her he is in Rikers, it’s disgusting. The lawyer is trying to get him in a rehab program. He wasn’t clean when he was tested and they cuffed him and took him away. Drita thinks maybe this is a wake up call for him. Maybe it’s what he needed and maybe it even saved him from something worse. Drita says Lee is such a different person now that he served his time. Then Ang tells her that Renee called out of the blue and wants to meet up. Ang says she is the bigger person and will meet with her even though she doesn‘t know if the friendship is worth saving. Drita says why meet her, you do nothing but help her out. Why isn’t Drita encouraging two old friends to make up? Drita is no friend of Renee’s and never was.

Renee, AJ and his girlfriend, Andrea go out to eat dinner. They have been dating over a year and she is a positive influence on him. AJ is living with his grandfather. Renee asks if they are moving in together or getting engaged. AJ doesn’t like her in his business. He says he wants to be like 25 or 26 before he takes that step. Renee says she would like to get married one day and move away from New York.

Ang gets a call from AJ in prison. She hates the thought of him being at Rikers. She can’t wait for him to come home and see his daughter and her nursery. AJ has two strikes against him, one more and he will go away for a long time. Ang says when he gets out he needs a good job with benefits to take care of his family.

Karen and Storm talk but don't get very far.

Karen is overwhelmed with everything going on in her life. Storm comes over to Karen’s unannounced. Karen hasn’t spoken to him since she found that sorry ass ho in his living room. They go outside to talk. She says she needs a good explanation and apology. He says the ho came up to use the bathroom. He can’t help it if he gets home at 7 am. Karen tells him, b*tches shouldn’t be in her house without an explanation. Karen says there is a level of respect and communication when you are a couple and they don’t have it. He says she ran out because Karen flipped out in her face. He tells Karen if she would have stayed calm she would have gotten an explanation. Karen feels he isn’t sorry and is he is trying to turn the situation around to put the blame on her. He put her in this position. Karen is hurt and angry. Karen says she is disgusted that he can’t understand what she is trying to say. He doesn’t apologized or take responsibility. She goes inside. He goes inside. What kind of man brings a girl home and then flips the script and blames it on his girl. Karen thinks sometimes maybe she picks the wrong guy. She isn’t happy with the situation. He says she loves drama. She screams she doesn’t love drama. This is her home, a sanctuary for her daughter. Karen says she needs space. They are done! She didn’t move 2500 miles to be disrespected. Karen tells him to leave. Storm wont leave, so she takes off. Karen drives off. He stays on the couch. She tells him he better be gone when she gets back. Storm really screwed up.

Renee knows how and why there is a problem
(and she looks fantastic too)

Renee is meeting Ang to set the record straight. It was a big deal for Ang to show up. Ang wants to let Renee know how badly she hurt her. Ang says she is very uncomfortable, she isn’t used to sitdowns. Ang says something went wrong somewhere. Ang wants to straighten it out because she doesn’t like it, it‘s uncomfortable since they always say they are like family. Ang want’s to know why Renee is bad mouthing her family? Before Renee can tell Ang what she thinks went wrong, a woman walks into the restaurant wearing a black suit . . . is it Victoria Gotti? I’m pretty sure I saw Victoria in the white car . . . blonde hair and glasses! Take a look people . . .

still can't see?

Who else could it be?

More advice? Well we will have to wait for it until January 7th! And it looks like everyone wants a piece of Gnat come January 7th too.

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Anonymous said...

Why do they all act like 18 year old drunken bar fighters all the time! These are supposed to be grown women and they are embarrassing to watch. BTW Renee is starting to look like Big Ang and not in a good way

Anonymous said...

Your recaps are so one sided, however, you're like a trainwreck, I can't stop looking.
Why not recap the scene between Renee and her son? I still don't know what he told her that was bleeped out, which made her look at him crazy. I rewinded and rewinded and could not make it out. Knowing you pick apart each episode, I was hoping I'd find it here.

Chiara Soprano said...

Blogs are based on opinion, opinions are biased. At least you admit you keep coming back for more, so I must be doing something right. I did write about the scene between Renee and AJ in as much detail as I saw necessary. Maybe you skipped it because there was no drama?

Anonymous said...

I know what I am watching, but I know something else is up behind the scenes. I don't think Rene or Karen are friends with Drita or Ang and I believe they are still keeping Gnat around as their pet. Jen needs to dump Gnat off the show ASAP for the show's sake. I know people will stop watching if Gnat keeps coming out smelling like a rose, when anybody that watches her knows she is an attention grabbing disrespectful person!

Anonymous said...

Nope, re-read it, not looking for drama, I just know he said something she didn't like. This scene was of them in the car. Either way, I do enjoy your blogs, just pointing out that your loyalty if evident. BTW, I'm no fan of Natalie at all, I know you didn't say that, just letting you know. LOL....she and her voice DRIVE ME NUTS. Like the dynamics of the originals, PLUS Big Ang. Keep up the good work!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for comments, sorry you didn't find what you were looking for.

Anonymous said...

Great recap!
I agree with your opinions about Gnat. I too ask why would Drita still associate with her after saying over and over what she does about cop callers? Why would she not want Renee and Ang squared away? Drita has always been a flip flopper. She has also liked to block others from having relationships with others. She made sure Carl-er was only able to side with her, then Ang! She only likes those she can persuade. How is that friendship with Carl-er by the way ? Non-existent since no tv time!
I was also taken back last week that Ang was so quick to believe Gnat /gossip which I thought she was above without first contacting Renee whom she has known for a lifetime.

maharet1965 said...

Gnat is an attention whore !!

Anonymous said...

GNAT makes me want to jam a dull pencil in to my ear every time she talks. I feel bad for her boyfriend

Anonymous said...

Once again great my question is..what made Miss Victoria Gotti do the show now? If I remember correctly didn't she bash the show when it first got started?

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for asking Anon, many people have the same question. Yes, Victoria Gotti did bash the show on more than one occasion. All I can think of is they made her an offer she couldn't refuse. lol

C.nikki said...

I have truly become a fan of your blog and I agree with you when it comes to Drita and the trouble maker. Can't believe Drita and Ang will believe the first thing they hear without investigating, that drives me insane!

Chiara Soprano said...

C.nikki thank you and welcome! It's going to be a great season.