Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Karen Calls GNATalie Cop Caller!

Wait a minute. I do not like this girl,
she has no f*ckin' place in my life!

Season 5 starts with a bang when Karen shares her news with Drita and Big Ang!

Karen and Big Ang show up at Lady Boss to pay Drita a visit and shoot the breeze, but things get a little intense when the subject of GNATalie comes up! It seems Ang is having an anniversary party and is inviting everyone except Renee, including GNATalie and London. When Karen hears that she can't keep quiet any longer and starts to fill Drita and Ang in on the Gnat. Drita wants to know what happened between them and Karen pulls out her phone to show them some tweets on twitter. (We did a blog on a few of those here).

Why are you (Gnat) calling Renee a rat?
"Because she is and so is Sammy the Bull!"

Ok, that's it. GNATalie brought Karen's family into the tweets when she was in Arizona and Karen has a score to settle. Drita and Ang are shock to hear this even though they have access to the same Twitter we all do. Karen has a lot more to say about the Gnat, none of it good! When Karen's boyfriend, Storm, warned London that GNATalie better back off from Karen, Gnat said she wanted 24 hour security against Karen, she was going to call the cops and she wanted an order of protection! Drita and Ang sit up and take notice! Karen repeats, she's a cop caller. Drita has a fit. She doesn't hang out with cop callers, she punches them in the face. Karen tells them you know me over twenty years, you know who I am, you don't know who she is. Karen says she is trash. "I'll tell you this, if she tries to address me or has one thing to say about my f*ckin' family that will be the biggest mistake of her life, period." For all her big mouth talk on Twitter, Gnat seems to be afraid of Karen! SWAT!

Picture?Video Credit: VH1

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Drita's new gimmick this year is to refer to herself in the third person during the green screen interviews.

Chiara Soprano said...

She must think she is mob royalty lol

Anonymous said...

Oh God! I'm tired already.