Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “Digging Up Dirt,” Ep 505

Here is how it all ends!

The Reunion Show is due to be taped soon. Natalie D and the Gnat keep tweeting about how they are going to bring dirt on each other. To be honest, I can’t even keep up with the tweets, that’s how many there are. They keep flying back and forth like bullets on a battlefield. Things just keep getting worse as the insults keep coming. You really should be following along on Twitter because I am exhausted with this season’s drama on and off the set. Here we go for the recap . . .

Renee talks to Karen about Junior

Renee’s House. Karen stops by with the newspaper. Renee is reading about Junior’s list of the people he ratted on.  It just got longer. Renee is sick Junior is putting more people in jail, including Ang’s cousin. Renee is concerned for the families. She feels AJ has to walk around with shame because of what his father did and she is upset that they have to pay for Junior’s sins. AJ is her first priority. Renee is concerned people will call Junior a “rat” and it will hurt AJ. Loyalty is not bringing up the person who ruined her life.

Gnat tells her version of why she called the cops

Big Ang and Drita go to Gnatalie’s apartment to confront her about being a “cop caller.” I don’t know why they needed to do this because Karen told them several times she tried to call the cops on her. Karen doesn’t lie, especially about things like that. Drita insists she doesn’t want to associate with a rat and yet she keeps hanging out with Gnat. Go figure.  Gnat wants to give them a tour of the apartment, but Ang says that is the last thing she needs; she just wants to know the truth. Ang immediately brings up Drita’s makeup session in Philly and tells Gnat that a model told Drita something about her. Drita ajumps in and says the model told her Gnatalie is a rat and to be careful who you hang out with. Ang is totally against rats, yet there is she is still talking to Gnat. Drita says they have been sticking up for her all along and she can’t defend rats. Drita says the model told her Gnat had a fight with her boyfriend and called his PO (parole officer). Gnat says yes, she did call the cops, but the fight got violent and she had to call the cops to protect herself.

Here are the pictures Gnat tweeted as proof of the attack

Gnat says it is none of the model’s business. Gnat tells them it’s something personal and she never brought it up. Ang says it’s a different story if she called the cops to protect herself. Drita agrees that it’s the only excuse where it’s ok to call the cops. But what about her saying she would call the cops on Karen? That doesn’t count? Now Gnat wants to find out who is talking about her. Drita is very angry and is tired of being in the middle and going back and forth. Gnat is going to find the b*tch who is talking about her. She is going to do her own investigation on this b*tch.

Karen listens to Storm apologize

Karen is going to talk to Storm at dinner. She is waiting to see if he says the right things, if not, she is walking away forever. She misses him. He looks nervous, but he screwed up and he has to fix it. He admits he acted like a jerk and handled everything wrong. He is 100% sorry and she doesn’t ever have to worry about it happening again. She accepts his apology. Karen says trust is important in a relationship. She feels they have too much invested in their relationship to throw it away. He says he gets it. He owns his mistake. She doesn‘t condone cheating and won‘t tolerate it. “If he ever disrespects me again I will go Lorena Bobbitt on his ass.” I love Lorena Bobbitt! I’d be very, very careful if I was Storm.

Natalie doesn't like what her boyfriend, Ronnie, tells her

Natalie Didonato (related to Frankie Flowers) is at the gym. Her boyfriend, Ronnie, comes in. They have been together, off and on, for four years. But they always have each other’s back. He tells her that girl, Gnatalie, called him and asked him if he could come to New York and spackle some stuff for her. Natalie tells him Gnat is known as a scumbag whore in Philly. He tells her Gnat told him that Natalie D is trying to ruin her life by saying she is a rat and that she put her ex in jail. He says it’s true, he had the same parole officer. Gnat wants him to give her dirt on Natalie D. He thinks she is nuts to ask him that. Natalie says she is sending Gnat a 20 pound provolone for Christmas, she is a bonafide rat. Natalie isn’t about to let Gnat dig up dirt on her. “You’re not delicious, you’re delusional.”

Renee gets text about AJ's accident

Renee can’t sleep. Junior is in the news again. On top of that Ang went to see Gnat about “her side” of the “parole officer” story. So Renee is seeing a doctor about her stress. She can’t take pills, so she needs alternative healthy options. He hooks her up to a 30 minute, nutritional therapy IV and she tries to relax. Five or ten minutes later she gets a text that her son was hurt in a car accident. Renee goes crazy and makes them pull out the IV. No answer on AJ’s phone. She hears that AJ can’t walk and he is in a lot of pain. Renee drives to the park and runs to find her son. AJ is on a stretcher. The ambulance is pulling away.

Drita is shopping for dinner after work and calls Lee to see what he wants. He literally tells her to get everything. Does anyone know what the hell Lee does all day? As she waits for her order, Antoine calls. He tells her the photos from the magazine photo shoot are amazing and he invites her for the viewing party. Drita would love to invite Gnat, but Natalie D will be there and there would definitely be a fight. Drita says no one would ever hire her again.

Renee bares her soul to Ang, who doesn't seem to care

Ang arrives at Karen’s house. Karen called Ang because Renee is stressed out and needs good friends to lean on. AJ had to have surgery after the accident. Big Ang loves Karen’s place. Renee arrives soon after. Renee says her life is a mess and she can’t cope. She tells them about her doctor visit and that she got a text about AJ’s accident as soon as they hooked her up to an IV. Renee says she can’t take anymore. Ang says the girls’ drama is nonsense. Renee cries and says it hurts her that Ang defends Gnatalie because it shows she isn‘t being loyal to Renee. Ang gets annoyed that Renee is bringing up Gnat and says that that is nothing compared to her cousin facing life because of Junior. Now what does Junior’s informing on her cousin have to do with Renee? Nothing! Karen says it bothers her that everyone is sticking up for Gnat. Renee warns Ang that Gnat will tell everyone her business. Ang says she can’t tell my business, I have nothing to hide. Renee says Gnat told everyone she was doing drugs and that’s because Gnat was doing drugs with her [in Las Vegas last season]. Renee tried to warn Ang, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Ang tells her to worry about AJ right now, not Gnat.

Gnatalie is having a party at her new home. There are her friends from Philly, obnoxiously loud, like Gnat. One of Gnat’s friends brings some legal documents on Natalie D. According to the papers Natalie D had her boyfriend locked up three times. They laugh and say Natalie D is the cop caller. Gnat is planning to air her dirty laundry. This news has yet to be confirmed, and I am sure Natalie D will explain what they are talking about.

Ang is going to court for her cousin Ronnie, who has a wife and a family. He is going to be sentenced. Meanwhile, Renee is at the shrink’s office. First she tells her about Junior’s cooperation and how many people he sent to jail. Now he is putting Ang’s cousin in jail and she is worried Ang will stop talking to her because of it. Renee needs to know how to cope. Renee trusts no one. She feels the girls are playing with the enemy. Ang comes out of court and calls Drita to tell her that her cousin got 38 years! He is already 46 and will die in prison. Whose fault is that? First of all it’s his fault for committing the crime and second it’s Junior’s fault for ratting him out. It has nothing to do with Renee! Ang wonders how Renee is going to feel. Ang says she has always been there for Renee and wants to see what Renee is going to do in this situation.

Renee and Karen listen to what Natalie D has to say about the Gnat

Natalie D has plenty to say!

Ang is at home getting ready for Drita’s magazine party. Ang is excited, it’ll be a nice distraction. Drita wants to have fun. Drita thinks Renee and Karen will love Natalie D because she hates Gnat. They walk in and look at some of the pictures Natalie D posed for (photos on our blog). Ang is still pissed about Renee questioning her at her house. Drita introduces Natalie D to Renee, Ang and Karen. Natalie D tells them she was born and raised in South Philly. Drita tells her that Karen doesn’t like Gnat. Karen tells her “she wanted to call the cops on me.” Natalie says that is her M.O. Renee says she and Gnat did drugs together and got high. Renee says she has Gnat’s DNA on the dollar bill they used. Ang is disgusted and makes a big deal out of the “dollar bill” comment. She tells Renee "That's being a f*ckin' rat!" How the hell is Renee a "rat" when Gnat is the one who said Renee was doing drugs on the last Reunion show? Renee is really fed up with Ang defending “Ratalie.” Ang hates the word “rat” and says Renee married a “rat.”  Renee is pissed and gets up.

There goes Drita's party! Fight, Fight!

It's outta control!

Renee tells Ang that her taking her ex-husband’s business out on her isn’t fair. Ang gets up. Karen gets in the middle to prevent a fight. Ang turned into Godzilla and goes after Renee. Let’s hope Ang doesn’t topple over, she is top heavy after all.

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Anonymous said...

Im sorry but Ang looks like a clown .... also i was looking threw twitter and saw some intresting stuff regarding Nat D not really being "Frankie Flowers" cousin wonder if its true or if its apart of Ratalie's smear campain -gk

Anonymous said...

Enough with Renee's drama...I just can't anymore!

Anonymous said...

Great recap as always!
Where to begin with this mess?
Drita and Ang continue to appall me but I am not sure why ? Guess mainly Ang. What a disappointment. After all her talking with Miss Gotti, this is how she is doing things? Im shocked. Drita proves she can fit in with the ladies but goes back and forth with Gnat drama- why? She keeps telling people she will be hitting people. Again I ask why? I can't stand that part of her. Its dreadful to watch and listen to. Now on to hypocrisy with these 2. They claim they cant take word of Nat D, but what the hell did they do with Gnat??? Are they kidding me right now? They are both flipping and a flopping and its too much especially by Angela. She more then anyone on that cast should hold tightly what Gotti told her about not holding anything against the family. Renee is INNOCENT. Renee is crazy but no liar. She flips out but never intends to hurt her true friends. And she would not hold a husband ratting against Ang if role was reversed- she would be compassionate.Renee and AJ suffered too along with rest of Grazianos due to Junior. Im disgusted by Ang right now.
Karen- so glad she is back. She is killing it this season!She is loyal, she is honest , she is fair and can hold her own rather well with anyone during any issue.
Back to Drita- gets hype when Nat D tells her about Gnat, Brings her around, but still wants to hold out hope for Gnat? What am I missing? I think Drita proved what type of friend she really is a few seasons ago and its not a good one. Why are she and Ang both being so forgiving and giving multiple chances to Gnat? Something not right here.

maharet1965 said...

I think Ang acted like an IDIOT last night !! Gonna rewatch today may have more to say on this episode later.

Anonymous said...

I understand why Renee is upset but she's out of control. Her son is injured and she's all worried about that, but she picks that time to bring up Natalie again? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Ok, It is going on again this season, to kick Rene when she is down. Her husband used her and ratted her own father out, plus people after A.J. I understand her crumbling. Thank god for Karen! Drita cares only about her self and foul mouth Caveman husband, so I don't think she cares either way. With Ang I think it is personal and she seriously does not like Rene at all! Drita will stick by Ang for now, we see where the flip flopper where land eventually. Gnat has trashed Rene and Ang has never stood for her, but we all saw who she stood up for last night! Ang has officially in my mind chosen sides. I am feeling differently towards her, the way my mind was changed about Drita when she practically turned her back on Carla, to be Karen and Ramona's friend. Actually the show is frustrating me now, because my favorites are now flip flopped and I feel betrayed!

Anonymous said...

You know, this show is awesome, and I still love it, but I'm beginning to wonder if they are beating a dead horse here, because they have no other story lines to go after. This whole "rat" deal is getting OLD, OLD,OLD!!! My gosh, let it go already. Why is it ok for Renee to be mad at Drita and Big Ang for still talking to Gnatalie, but not ok for Drita being upset with Renee for still talking to Karen and Ramona when they double teamed Drita! I mean, give me just a small break! These are grown a** women!! I wish they would go back to the original dynamics of the show (along with the original opening song...hehe), and just make it a cool show to watch about Mob Wives and Women associated to the Mob.
I believe Drita's husband Lee, does not want to be shown because he had true ties to the Mob, (as did Jr.), and probably doesn't want to seem like a "sell out", to his former associates. Or it could be for legal reasons as well. You know men....and their egos, issues,etc. I think they know there is a genuine interest in "Lee" and that is why he agrees to let his voice be used. Why question what he does, when there's no questioning what Jr. used to do, or Neil, or Storm for that matter. Even Carla's ex husband. Come back "Old Mob Wives"

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but, Ang has really made a fool out of herself this season.

She tosses away a twenty year friendship with Renee for that Philly rat tramp.

Makes no sense.

No one famous said...

Just like eye witnesses, we may all see something different when looking at the same thing. For me,it was already obvious DURING the Las Vegas trip that Rene was in trouble with a relapse. Sad ? Yes , but , anyone who is holed up for a week with an active addict can tell you how wearing this can be on ALL !
Also, Ang and Drita were totally turned off by Nat G when they 1st met. Rene brokered the piece, asking them to be supportive because that was her "mini-me" and Mob Candy and so on. That was until of course Nat G said delicious. Someone please explain that crime to me because I never got that.
And finally, I never see anything positive on this blog re:Drita, now Ang too ?
C'mon, even a broken clock is right twice a day!
Thx for the space to share

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell, Nat D and Nat G are cut from the same South Philly cloth. Trashy girls with foul gutter mouths that makes even the Staten Island ladies look like nuns. I don't like either one of them and hope they are both off of the show next season.

From watching this show for 5 season, its obvious when Renee is on something and when she isn't. She even said in the voiceover that she was self-medicating again at it was obvious at Karen's house and again at Drita's party. When she is high, her whole demeanor changes; the tone of her voice, her facial expressions, everything. Its sad that she went through this again, but it seems like she's back on track currently so thats good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah to the first poster, Nat D is not related to Frankie Flowers. Going into this episode, Natalie Guercio was definitely my least favorite person on mob wives and thought she had to go, but honestly, Nat D has lost all of her credibility and I feel like shockingly, Natalie Guercio gained a lot of it in this episode. This post was so insanely biased, even controlling for the fact that it is allowed to be an opinion. You talk about Nat G being a cop caller yet when there was all that proof about Nat D being the same, you say that she'll have the opportunity to explain it away. When Nat G claimed to have connections to the mob, you called her out. Yet when Nat D claimed to be Frankie Flowers' cousin and it's proven to be bogus, you don't even mention it in your blog. Three relatives of Frankie Flowers on Twitter, THREE verified relatives, said that she is in no way related to Frankie Flowers and no one in their family knows who the hell she is. Yet of course that's not mentioned in your blog. She then basically admits in responses to their tweets that she's not related to Frankie Flowers. So either Nat G isn't this liar that you've called her OR both of them are liars and if that's the case, admit it.

Lastly, I'm very disappointed how you handled the domestic violence portion of the episode. You handle it almost like how there are men at there who apologize for a rape but then blame the victim because of the revealing clothes she was wearing or something. Domestic violence is a serious issue and no matter how much you despise Nat G and her presence on the show, it would have been nice for there to be SOMETHING written about how awful it is that she had to endure that and has pictures to prove she really took a beating. It is in no shape or form being a "rat" or "cop caller" to call the cops on someone who physically abused her. I wish that was clearly outlined in your blog. No hard feelings because I generally enjoy your blogs very much. I simply felt like there was some hypocrisy here.

Chiara Soprano said...

There is no question my blogs are biased and based on opinion. I am never going to please everyone all of the time. Natalie D insists she is going to prove she is related to Frankie Flowers and I am waiting for her to deliver that proof, if not she is digging a big hole for herself and going to lose all credibility. We will have to see how this plays out. Personally, I hope she didn't shoot herself in the foot. Gnat, on the other hand, doesn't have any mobster ties as far as I can see, and if so it was better for her to leave that blank on the intro.
As for Natalie's pictures of domestic violence, I have no way to verify if those are real or not. I hope they aren't and she is just trying to justify calling the police. If they are real, of course she doesn't deserve being called a "rat" in that situation. Victims of crime should call the police. I hope her shining a light on the problem does hep others too. However, at the same time, she too is always talking about beating people up and maybe she put her hands on the boyfriend first? We may never know the truth about that situation.
This season is full of surprises and I have no idea what to expect next.
Thank you all for your comments. This would have made for a great Reunion Show of Fans.

maharet1965 said...

As I said yesterday I am disgusted by Ang's behaviour. Being mad at Renee' because her EX is a rat. WTH ??!!GNat is just plain annoying and we do not know what was really in papers her friend brought or if they are real court documents we will find out soon I'm sure. Drita needs to stop with the threats of hitting ppl she is grown and sounds like an idiot talking like that. Karen is doing great I am so glad she is back. I don't know about the Storm thing though. She's more forgiving than me.

Anonymous said...

I should have posted this with my original comment yesterday. I hope and pray Gnatalie is not lying about those pics of her alleged domestic violence pics.
I am having a really hard time believing her with this as she never once spoke of it, or supported one charity for it until this week after she was called out for being a rat. Another reason Im finding it hard to believe her, is the way she herself is so very violent and loud . Its like she is competing with Drita. She was ready to throw down with Karen's man and said on tv she has no issue fighting a grown ass man, but now is a "victim" of abuse? Not buying it. If Im wrong, I will say sorry at that time. If Gnat can lie about other things and cause so much drama between life long friends, she can lie about this too. She probably is the one who hit the boyfriend but when cops came blamed his butt.

Anita said...

This series so scripted. What are the chances a "model" is a part of the cast? I'm sorry but this show is got damn fake.

Anita said...

It's hard to blog and not be biased. Why it's called a blog. I do appreciate the all the info on the cast members and their families.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anita you know what may have happened is the photo shoot was arranged and Natalie was one of the models and met Drita. They got to talking and maybe later they re-enacted that conversation OR approached Natalie for the show after the conversation because there was a "connection." I can understand your feeling it's scripted because of the convenience and I can't say it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Chiara, I started following you on twitter to get updates for when a new post is made. However for some odd reason.. I was blocked. Why? I have never tweeted anything negative towards you.

I don't understand why a blogger would block people who find their blog interesting.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon I'm sorry if I blocked you unintentionally. Every day there are "fake" followers I get rid of who are simply Stalkers. You didn't leave your name so I don't know who you are to unblock you. If you tell @carmelacorleone of my blog I will take care of it. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Renee can just have a lot of anxiety. I don't judge her by that. Some people are really anxious and can over react. I am one. And I relate to Renee. She expects loyalty from the people who've known her the longest. And she expects that loyalty from lifelong friends. And feels like them taking the side of Gnat... Is betraying her and in a way it is. Her word should be good enough if this is real. I know if it was me and my lifelong friends who I refer to as my family basically. Didn't just take me at my word and have my back. I would feel some type a way no doubt.
As for big Ang. I'm surprised she got salty with Renee. It's not Renee's fault what her EX husband is doing. I believe he did have her own father incarcerated as well and Renee shouldn't catch the slack for it...
Nobody should. When someone snitches. The only person who benefits is them. And the cops.
Because they're hurting innocent people in the process... You think Renee knew every bit of dirt that junior did. Hell no. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.
And for her. (Or anyone connected to someone committing crimes) the less they know. They better off they are...
Renee is a very anxious person, maybe even dramatic. But that's how some people are. And then there's some who are much more laid back and much more blazay about things.
Can't judge her on that.
Being one who suffers from anxiety (and I can own my sh*t!! I tend to often make a mountain out of a mole hill... And have to remind myself "this too shall pass") we can get overly anxious quite easily. Especially when we know we are right or telling the truth and people aren't listening to us. We feel like we wanna beat it into their brains! And make them
See what's really going on. But I've learned I cant do that. Took me a while.
I guess I just can relate to Renee.

I'm not understanding the mix of the girls from Philly. What does gnat have to do wit the mafia??
The funeral home buried a few wise guys WAYYY back in the day. Like the 60's maybe the 80's.
I don't get it.
And the new one was like 2 when Flowers was killed.
If they're going by that.
Then I should be on the show!!!! Lol! Seriously though. That's why I question what's real and what's set up by production... Idk... I guess it's all for entertainment and im guilty of watching the train wreck... As most people can't look away!!!! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Renee needs to go back to 12 steps. If she wasnt using with Natalie G she wouldnt be worried about her being a rat. Typical of an addict trying to control the chaotic environment which they create. She needs to own up & get help. Stop the madness and stooping to Nat's level with the dollar bill comments. So tired of her blaming everyone else for her stresses.

Hey you said...

I can see how Renee is srressed by Big Anf being friends with someone whom caused her pain. I truelly dont see how Eenee has anyrhing to do wirh JR ratting out Big Ang's cousin. I suppose Big Ang has an idea of how Renee feels.
The new Natalie is new and Im watching, lol. I saw ine of her tweets about helping women being abuse. That I like, so shes good in my veiw.
Karen and Storm, lol, Lorena Bobbitt, thanks to the vested in their relationship he got another chance.
Its bad what happen to thr party Drita got invired to. Lol, brought the MobWives, lol.Love the show:)

Anonymous said...

Every reality show has a script and it's not really a script in terms of dialogue but more in the realm of a situation that will occur.

And, by no means do people randomly run into each other in restaurants because contracts have to be signed beforehand (and I'm sure people notice that there are often time little to no other diners around the cast in many of the restaurant scenes).

Also, contracts are signed with any cast member that will have spoken dialogue on the show so Natalie D. had a contract when Drita was applying her makeup in that scene.

Now, in the early days of the show and script--they had Renee being mad at Karen for her father being a rat and that kind of parallels what is going on with Renee and her ex-husband right now. Of course--a lot of that was dramatized because Renee and Karen were friendly prior to the start of the show and so were Drita and Karen (they did not go for as long a time without communication as the show wanted people to believe).

Jennifer Graziano is a genius who knows how to make some very good television for sure!

Chiara Soprano said...

We will never know exactly what went on behind the scenes, but we can do a lot of speculation. I hope one day Jenn will write a book and let us know LOL

Anonymous said...

You know, I really think that Ang, Drita and even Karen better wake up and look at the Big picture!
They don't have to believe anyone else. Just look with your own eyes!! Look at how everything started with Nat G. and then look at the episode from when all the girls went to Vegas. All of a sudden, pictures show up in the press. Think back to what Renee said before about Natalie needing her and then needing the other girls? Seems to me you don' t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that someone wasn't feeling the love and set it up to look like someone else was the problem.
As for Nat D., come on Karen!! I know you're smarter than to listen to her. Ask her to provide phone records showing the exact date Natalie G. supposedly called her boyfriend again!! I bet she can't! I am not really a Natalie G fan but I can sure smell the BS.