Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “Philly vs. Philly,” Ep 506

It ain't over just yet!

And the fight continues . . . All hell breaks loose at Drita‘s magazine party. Renee and Ang are at each other’s throats, or they would be if Karen Natalie D. weren‘t there to keep them apart. Ang yells, “I want to cut your throat, b*tch, to Renee. She adds “Renee is a rat, she crossed the line when she said Gnat's DNA was on the dollar bill.” Now how the hell is Renee a “rat?” I think Ang just throws that insult at Renee because she knows it’s the worst thing she can call her and press her buttons. Karen says she never saw this side of Ang, "this b*tch is turning into Godzilla!". Karen keeps trying to break up the fight. Ang yells to Renee that she is an embarrassment. Drita’s party is a mess. Ang tells her that what Renee said is unforgivable. Drita finally gets Ang to get in her car after several attempts. Karen is upset that an outsider like Gnat is going to ruin a 25 year friendship. Karen tells Renee Ang it’s done, get in the car, it’s over. Renee says her friendship with Ang is over. There is no going back, she is on Gnat’s side, so she better stay there.

The alliances are clear!

London and Gnat funeral home scene. Can I just say how totally ridiculous this scene is? People die 24/7 and they do not take breaks when Mob Wives is filming. You can’t live in New York City and run a funeral home in Philly, which is at least 90 minutes away without traffic. I think this whole thing is a farce. It just goes to show how dispensable Gnat really is at the funeral home. She wants everyone to believe she is running things, but in reality she isn’t even there to do anything. I’m sure her grandfather had to hire another cosmetician to take over where Gnat left off.

Karen stops by Renee’s house. Renee says she is really pissed off. Ang lunged at her after she said she married a rat. Renee still worries that what Junior did will impact AJ’s life. Ang's calling Renee a “rat” was really the last straw. Renee was going to dragged her out of the club. Renee says she gets Junior is a rat, he did it to her father! She gets it. But she isn’t accountable for what he did to Ang’s cousin or anyone else. Karen doesn’t understand how Ang doesn’t get Gnat is rat for all the things she has done.. There is nothing appealing or special about Gnat. I don’t understand it either. Karen feels Ang was way out of line. She wants to talk to Ang and hear what she has to say. Renee says this is done, Ang called her a rat. She picked Gnat’s side, so stay there, because she can never come back from that.

Drita goes to see Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Ang is still pissed off at Renee. Ang feels bad that Renee’s rat move ruined Drita’s night. Renee crossed a line that can’t be repaired. Ang keeps hearing her voice in her head. Ang says Karen is not getting involved in this because it’s not her business. Ang wants to break Renee’s jaw so they could wire it shut for 12 weeks and she can keep it shut.

Gnat is packing up her apartment to take everything to NY. London gets there too late to help her. She tells him about Drita’s photo shoot and the model, Natalie D, who tells her she is a cop calling rat. Gnat says she has been calling around trying to get dirt on Natalie D. She got some and plans on getting more dirt on her. She hears she is the biggest whore there is and a douche bag. I wonder is Gnat ever looked in the mirror? Sounds like some projection to me.

Karen is listening to every word Natalie D says

Karen is looking forward to talking to Natalie D after what she heard her say about Gnat. Karen wants to meet Natalie D and learn what else she has to say. They have a conversation. Natalie D says she hung out with Drita the whole day and everything was fine. She says Drita asked her for her opinion on Gnat and she told her the truth. She is known in South Philly as a “rat scumbag.” She doesn't like her, she doesn't like what she is about. She's a "f*ckin' cop caller." Karen wants to know what her motive was to say she is a cop caller. Natalie says she has no motive she is just telling the truth.

She's a rat scumbag!

Natalie D tells her Gnat has been calling her boyfriend, Ronnie, to get dirt on her. He shut her down and she didn't stop there. She called 15 other people she knows for the same reason. Karen feels Natalie D is real and doesn't pull any punches, and she respects that. Karen says Ang and Drita have her back. Natalie D says she isn’t afraid of anyone. There won’t be any helping Gnat, even God coming off the cross can’t help her. Natalie D sure means business! I was hoping the wars between the South Philly girls was in this episode, but since it’s not, we have a lot more to look forward to!

Drita talks to Lee. They never get to see each other since they are so busy. She tells him about Ang’s cousin and how Junior ratted on him. She says, Junior shot the guy during a robbery and he is walking around free (not true he got 11 years, Ang’s cousin got 38 years).

Renee’s house. AJ is nursing his foot. Renee tells him how scared she was from the call she got after the accident. He wants his grilled cheese sandwich. Renee goes to bring it to him. He starts laughing. I guess Renee doesn’t make many grill cheese sandwiches because AJ’s sandwich looked grilled, but it had hard cheese in it.

Karen, Ang and Drita meet at the park. Karen wants to tell them about her meeting with Natalie D. Karen says she got good vibes from her. Natalie says everyone from South Philly hates Gnat. She tells them how Gnat is calling her boyfriend and all her friends to get dirt on her. Drita says if they want to kill each other, let them. “May the best Natalie win.” adds Karen. Karen wants Ang to try and make amends with Renee. Karen says her father used to make people meet on a boat and talk things out because no one could run away. Drita thinks it’s a good idea. Ang agrees to meet Renee on a boat. I guess Karen knew what she was doing but I wonder if anyone was going overboard!

Ang’s house. She bought the worst house in the best location, so she could renovate it the way she wants. Drita pops in and is very impressed with the house. Ang is drained from all the work. She tells Drita how many thousands everything costs. Neil is painting, but he is good for nothing. He is dripping paint. Ang wants her children and grandchildren to live with her.

Gnat and London go clubbing at the Whisperclub. They have been so busy with the funeral home (yeah, right) and moving to NY. Gnat just wants to have fun. She is sick of all the Natalie D stories. London isn’t as much fun as Gnat would like. He says he just doesn’t want to go overboard. I should have just left this scene out altogether, it was pointless except to show that all Gnat wants to do is party.

Karen wants the girls to make up and move on.

Karen and Renee get to the boat. Renee doesn’t really want to be there. Renee is mad that Ang doesn’t have her back and called her a rat after being friends for 25 years. Drita says she doesn’t know if Renee can own up to what she did. What exactly did Renee do? I don’t get it. In any case Drita is Team Ang, big surprise there. All the girls are on the boat to talk. Lines have been drawn, Karen has Renee’s back and Drita has Ang’s. Ang’s hand is bandaged because she fell and got 12 stitches, and that could be a good thing as far as her trying to fight Renee. Karen feels they can hash out all their differences on the ocean. Renee thinks the whole rat thing is unforgivable. Ang says Renee started it. Karen says no, no, no. Renee was offended at Karen’s house when Ang sided with Gnat, and then it escalated at the restaurant when she started calling Junior a rat and then Renee a rat. Drita starts to say that Junior ratted out Ang’s cousin, but Renee yells he ratted out my father! Renee is sick of being the one everyone points their finger at. Renee says she has no control over Junior. She never did. He is a rat. As for Gnat, Renee says Gnat outted her publicly for doing drugs in Vegas. Renee is just saying if she did drugs then so did Gnat because she was in the bathroom with her.  That's what she meant by both of their DNA’s are on the dollar bill. Karen says they established that Renee shouldn't have said that to Ang at Karen's house. Then Ang admits she shouldn't have said that the next night. Ang agrees to take Renee's word of how she meant it. Karen wants complete resolution. Karen wants Ang and Renee to get over it completely, not just say they are over it. Ang says she could be okay with everything. Ang takes out a big Bible. Renee and Ang both swear on the Bible that they are over it.

The Bible brings closure!

Now Karen wants to know what they are going to do about Gnat, the social media bully? Karen starts to tell them all the things Gnat tweeted about her on Twitter, which she ignored. But, then she started calling her a “dead beat mother” because she left her daughter in Arizona. Karen is very upset about that.

"NOW, it's a problem!"

Karen says, "Now it's a problem!" She has gone too far, she has no regard for people's families, she is rotten to the core! Ang says it was very uncalled for that Gnat called Karen a dead beat mom. Ang is going to talk to Gnat about it, she doesn’t like it, no one brings up family. Renee wants to know what kind of person are they allowing in their circle to cause trouble? Drita says "if she said it she would knock her teeth out in front of everybody". Is Drita all talk again? Listen Drita, you just heard it from Karen, you don’t have to hear it from Gnat. Besides that, it’s on Twitter and I believe we have a print screen in our blog, so there is NO question about what Gnat said about Karen! Karen is disgusted with anyone who sticks up for Gnat, she wants to be in a room with Gnat. She will break her f*ckin' face the second she sees her. Will someone please grant Karen’s wish and book a room??? And one more thing . . .

"If she said it I'll knock her f*ckin' teeth out right
in front of everybody."

Well Drita, here it is! There are no "if's and's or but's" about it! Will someone please pass the following picture on to Drita so she can do some dental work on Gnat?

Picture credit: VH1


Leigh said...

Firstly I'm so sick of the word 'rat' it's just to much now...this storyline is losing its lustre the constant back and forth she said he said I's petty and I'm pretty sure the show has been edited hence the confusion on some of the subjects.
Renee loves drama that's for sure and I get annoyed she feels like she is the only victim and its all about her.
She brought Natalie into the group then when they fell out she wanted everyone to turn on her.....which brings me to why drita and ang hanging out with Natalie now Drita was never friends with Renee people she was friends with her sister its all for the show so she doesn't owe loyalty to Renee there. But I am over Dritas tough talk....
Karen is the only one making much sense this season and its good she is back. However they are listening to nat d another outsider....what's with that when the while thing is not listening to outsiders...
Big Ang I think everyone needs to give her a break she has a son in Rikers which is notorious for corrupt guards, gangs and violence so of course she is worried, then she is trying to build a house for her family, she has financial worries, her cousin getting 38 years and on top of it she is dealing with this crap....everyone knows she is a good person deep down.
She needs the support more than Renee.
Bottom line some fowl stuff was said by nat they kept her on the show drama and fights brings viewers. Reality t.v is not all that ,,,back in episode one I saw Renee walk through a door in a short dress and come out the other side in a long dress.... I heard an interview with love majewski saying the fight she had with Carla was staged she was told she had to hit her etc.....
So it's fun to have opinions and take sides etc but they edit it how they want to portray it.....

Anonymous said...

I am SO waiting for Karen to punch the crap out of Gnat. Karen is FAR from a deadbeat mom, but Gnat... well... doesn't she have a kid she left in another state to do her own thing in New York? From the very beginning
Karen said that leaving Karina behind wasn't what she wanted, but was the best choice for the time. Karen came to NY for business opportunities.. Gnat leaves her kid and comes to NY for a booty call. Who's the crap mom???

Leigh again said...

It feels like the show has lost it's way....the new theme song is crap and its suppose to be about women connected to that lifestyle and the struggles, tears and stress it has created for them due to them being associated with those men etc....
All I see is women fighting over the word 'rat'......
I hope we go to season 6 and sammy will make an appearance or hell maybe lee....
Philly girls gotta go let's keep this New York based only.

Anonymous said...

I think Ang meant rat by saying that Renee was throwing info out there or "telling" on Natalie G. about how she used the dollar telling about her business...I mean, I could be wrong, but I don't think she was referring to Jr. Renee started blowing about using the same dollar bill and Ang turned around and said THAT was being like a rat, too. Next week looks off the chain.

Anonymous said...

Both Natalies are nothing more than Philly trash and both need to be off this show ASAP. Nat D is just as much an oustider as Nat G. The only reason Karen and Renee entertain her is because she doesn't have anything good to say about Nat G. If some random model from Philly came around to defend Nat G., they would dismiss immediately.

I sometimes like Renee and sometimes don't, but my favorite scenes with her always involve when she is laughing and having fun with AJ. The grilled cheese scene was hilarious.

Yet again bored with hearing Drita's tough guy routine. For someone who never stops talking about cracking skulls, we haven't actually seen her hit anyone on this show since the beginning of Season 2.

I think my main issue with this show now is that its obvious these women don't care to be a part of group together anymore, they are only doing it for the sake of the camera. I still enjoy watching it, but it just doesn't seem as real as it did in the first couple of seasons.

Anonymous said...

I know that next week, I'm going to be in front of my TV watching that bum Natalie get her butt kicked by my girl KG.

Big Ang and Drita look like complete fools by not only hanging around that chick, but for defending her.

Real friends don't do that! Your enemies are their enemies. Period.

Anonymous said...

I'm OVER hearing Drita say that a rat put Lee in the clink! I really like Drita but Lee put his own self in the fuckin clink by engaging in criminal activity hahaha is she really that fucking stupid that she can't hold LEE responsible for his OWN incarceration?? It's not the fuckin dime dropper. They all know what they are signing up for INCLUDING the wives. I know they don't EVERYTHING but they definitely know their husbands aren't aren't the average 9-5ers either! Also why are Karen and Renee so pissed that Ang and Drita are letting Ratalie in their ears??? They are letting the other Natalie get in their ear too. Same thing??..... Ratalie is a fucking piece of shit though. Not to mention a fucking intellectual wasteland. That blow job cunt could't find her way out of a paper bag with both ends open!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for all the comments. I always enjoy other points of view. For the most part many of us agree, but when we don't it's even more interesting to me to see why not.

Wade said...

Drita and Ang are siding with Ratalie over longtime friend Renee. Karen and Renee are listening to one outsider over another outsider that they have good reason to dislike. Huge difference. Ang took her anger out over her cousin/Jr. on Renee. Ang brought up Renee's husband being a rat in the argument. I'm glad they made up but it showed who Drita really is when she did not tell Ang the truth about her messed up actions re: Renee (aka the easy target).

Sandra steenson said...

Seem like Ang and Drita are not arsed how long they have known Renee and Karen. Their loyalties lie with Ratalie they defend her week in week out. Well Drita said Karen and Renee will befriend Nat D because the common factor is they all hate Ratalie well I think the same can be said for her and Ang I think they don't really like Renee and Karen and that's why they keep siding with Ratalie. If I was Renee and Karen I'd cut all ties with Ang and Drita they have proven who they would rather stay friends with and it clearly Ratalie. Real friends don't chill with your enemy's period. 👊👊

Chiara Soprano said...

Great point Wade. Drita should have told Ang, even privately, that she was wrong. Sandra, I think if Karen didn't intervene these friendships would be over. I still can't believe they would side with Gnat over Renee and Karen! Leigh, I am sure some of the scenes are staged and scripted to make for good drama and high ratings.