Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Didonato's Photo Shoot Pics!

Natalie chatting with Drita as she gets her makeup done
for a photo shoot in Episode 4

Looking beautiful, Natalie Didonato made her debut appearance on Mob Wives in episode 4. She was a model in a photo shoot for an Italian magazine. Drita was called in to do the makeup of the models in the shoot. We were able to see the makeup session and the conversation between Drita and Natalie about "Ratalie." Unfortunately, we were not able to see the photo shoot itself. But, I was recently contacted by a source and he sent me some photos from the actual photo shoot that took place that day for her fans to enjoy.. 

The photo credit for the following pictures goes to Alloyius Mcllwaine @culturesclothing on Instagram.

Rimaj Todd @danceking23 & Natalie

Natalie & Chris Nauss @cnauss1723 & Kharisma Mcllwaine @RealKharisma

Natalie & Chris

Natalie & Chris

Thanks to Mr. Alloyius Mcllwaine for permission to post his pictures on our blog.

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