Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “Baptisms and Betrayals,” Ep 511

We are all sick of the battle of the two Natalies

Gnatalie meets Drita at The Stone House. Big Ang arrives to join them. Ang says Natalie D’s Christmas party was a horror and f*ckin' torture. They start talking about Natalie D’s party. Ang says that party was annoying and Carla was there too, kissing and hugging. Drita says for four years Renee tried to turn her against Carla and now they are kissing cousins. Ang says all she knows about Natalie D is that she hates Gnatalie.They never talk about anything else. Ang tells them Natalie D had a problem with Drita not coming to the party. Drita is glad she didn’t go and have listen to more of the same Gnat bashing. Drita says she wanted to kill Gnat at one point because of her. Ang says Natalie D wants to talk with Drita. Drita isn’t too happy to hear that. I have to agree with Drita and Ang here. At this point I think everyone is sick and tired of the storyline of the two Natalies. Did it really have to take so many episodes to get to the truth, whatever that may be? It's just exhausting.

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It may be the holidays, but it's spring in Philly.

At Natalie D’s house, Renee and Karen are visiting. They are sitting outside talking (even though this was supposed to be during the holidays). Natalie D says she is annoyed Drita didn’t show up at her party. Karen says Drita has a hard time believing what people say. Natalie D thinks Drita is naïve and a flip flopper. Natalie D says Gnat hurt people she cares about and she feels she will turn on Drita. Renee understands Nat D’s frustration, but she doesn’t want any drama in her life. Good for Renee! Stay out of it, that's smart. Natalie D says she broke up with her boyfriend, Ronnie. They have been working on the relationship for four years. He still chases other females. She feels if he doesn’t change she has to move on without him. I say cut your losses, what is it going to take? Speak of the devil, Ronnie shows up and Nat D starts fighting with him to get out of her house. He is not allowed anywhere near her family or her mother’s house. The fight is getting Renee upset. Renee thinks there night be a real problem between Natalie D and Drita. We'll see.

The God-Sister

Renee’s house, Karen arrives. Renee says she is a new person, has a new outlook, is moving in a forward direction, she feels calmer and more rational. She feels exhausted due to her relationships with the girls, her past relationships and her drug addiction. And she was upset by Natalie’s fight with her boyfriend. She feels it sent her backwards to a time when she was with Junior and that it could be a trigger. So she wants to be cleansed by a new baptism so she can start fresh. She wants her past washed away by the "Boss." Karen agrees with Renee that this is a good idea. Renee asks Karen to be her God-sister. Karen is thrilled and honored. The baptism will be at church. It will be a personal, quiet ceremony with 4 or 5 people coming. She will invite Big Ang and Drita. Renee wants to be closer to God than ever before.

He's no good!

Natalie D and her Mom go shopping and chat. Natalie D trusts her mom with her life. Natalie tells her she was fighting with Ronnie and they broke up. Her mom says he has a lot more bad than good in him. Natalie has broken up with Ronnie several times. She loves him, but her mom says he is not good for her. Her mom says she can’t give him any more chances. He has made Natalie cry on too many occasions. She says it would take a really long time for her mom to trust him. Her mom says you deserve to be happy and she doesn’t believe he can make her happy or that they are meant to be. I agree with Nat D's mom. Stop trying to make Ronnie into the man you want him to be, it ain't gonna happen.

Renee needs some peace in her life.

Big Ang pops in on Karen. Drita follows. Karen plans to tell them about Renee’s baptism and how she wants to wash away all the negativity from her past. She hopes they will support her. Ang and Drita are all for it. Natalie D will not be invited. Karen tells Drita that Natalie D is pissed that she didn’t go to her party. Now Drita is even more pissed that Natalie D is telling everyone except Drita that she is upset with her over the party. Drita wants to hash this out with Nat D. This has to be resolved so there is no negativity for Renee.

Back in Philly Gnatalie drops in on a friend, Amy. Gnat needs some advice from her best friend. She starts by saying Natalie D is a real trouble maker a pot stirrer, calling her a cop caller. Drita and Ang keep coming to her every five seconds to ask about something Natalie D said about her. They keep sticking up for her, but they shouldn’t be put in the middle of this. Gnat is pissed that Natalie D is trying to ruin her friendships with Drita and Ang. Gnat doesn’t want to fight, she is done.

Rena the voice of reason

Karen is a the bar with her cousin, Rena. Karen wants to talk to her about the new law reduction in sentencing for nonviolent drug crime. Rena says she doesn’t think they are going to consider Sammy nonviolent because of his past crimes. Karen says that has nothing to do with his current incarceration. Karen feels bad because her father pleaded guilty to protect her and her brother. He got 20 years in prison for his kids. Karen says she will spend her last dollar to fight for her father. Rena says she has her mother and her daughter to consider before she fights too hard. Rena is trying to be realistic. I always enjoy scenes with Rena and think she would make a great permanent cast member. She is grounded and level headed and we could use more of that on the show.

Ang’s house. Drita is there and they are snacking by the fireplace. Drita says she called Natalie D because she can’t take it any more. She wants to see proof of what she is saying about Gnat or she should shut the f*ck up. Drita says she thinks Natalie D’s agenda is to bad mouth Gnatalie. Ang says Gnat doesn’t bother her. Ang says the only one causing trouble is Natalie D. Drita is going to meet with her one on one and worse case scenario Nat D is going to get beat up. Ang hopes that Nat D is the one who is weeded out of their little circle.

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Karen comes home and Storm tells her the mail is there. She hates mails because it's always bills. Karen says she and Storm are both in a good place and have each other’s back. She finds a letter from her father. She reads it out loud and gets emotional. He tells her how much he loves her and what a wonderful daughter she is. The letter gets her choked up. He told her how much he respects her and Karen is even more determined to get him home. She feels his love and loyalty is what made her who she is today. He signs it "Sammy The Bull."

Renee looking stunning at her baptism

Church time. Renee and Karen arrive. Karen is proud of Renee. Renee is letting everything go today, the things that have been holding her back. It’s about letting God handle everything. Ang says hopefully this baptism can help her move forward and bring her peace in her life. Renee says walking around with all this hurt is bringing her down. She needs to let that all go. They are waiting for Drita to show up, she was invited. She doesn’t show. The ceremony continues without her. Renee gets baptized.

Drita gets an earful

Apparently Drita skipped the baptism to cleanse herself of all the BS with Natalie D. They meet at a restaurant for a sitdown. Drita wants to talk about why she didn’t go to the party. Drita says it’s not that she is taking sides, but she is sick of hearing all this BS. Drita brings up the PO officer story and the toxic relationship Gnat told her about. Natalie D wants Drita to know the truth and takes out her phone to play a recording. Here goes. No tape is being played that we can hear, but Drita gets an earful. Drita is shocked and stunned. Here is the tape that was allegedly played for Drita. It was posted on facebook by Nat D several days ago. Natalie D says her friend's voice was disguised to protect his identity..

Back in November 2013 
Gnatalie confirms her ex cheated.

Apparently Drita believes what she hears in the tape. Drita says Gnat is a f*ckin’ liar and she is pissed. She wants to drive into her living room. She will kick her ass back home to Philadelphia. Maybe the old Drita needs to come back. Drita feels played the whole year and she has been sticking up for this douche bag. This time her words have sealed her fate. Natalie D says it has been eating her up inside, but she didn’t want to start out their friendship by playing tapes for Drita. Drita says that is why Gnat is afraid of Natalie D. Natalie D wants to sit Gnat down and have the truth come out. She wants her to eat every lie she ever told. Is this really going to happen?

Next week is the season finale! What did you think of the tape Natalie D played for Drita? How many times has Drita switched sides between the Natalies?

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Zach Beebe said...

Do you think NatD's source is the one who you interviewed a while back? The anonymous associate of NatG? Disappointed we didn't get to listen to the recording. The whole NatG being a rat thing is a lost cause anymore honestly

Anonymous said...

Great recap as always :)
Im so over Drita and her antics. I have been since season1. Just when you think there is hope she shatters it. I dont understand how she is so hypocritical and still violent every season.
The Nats. Both are driving me crazy. I never liked Gnat and never thought she had good intentions. The whining this week is exactly what she did on the show; coming on , running he mouth and meddling in life long relationships and real friendships for years. I don't know why its ok for Ang and Drita to keep on keeping on with this Rat, but are so easy to dismiss Nat D? Nat D ruined it for me wither non-stop train to Gnatville. Driat and SAng both have shown that at the end of the day, the originals can all get along and make a show so why have so much flip flopping and unnecessary drama for and because of Gnat Rat? Or Nat D? Drita is the one who introduced us to Nat d ,and ran with her new versions of truth before flip flopping 100 times. We have learned that Gnat is a liar, a racist, a cop calling rat troublemaker. Who can defend that? More importantly , why defend that?
Love Karen! Wish Ramona was still here. So nice to see Renee happy and drama free.

Chiara Soprano said...

Zach, Nat D's recording was allegedly made by her friend, Gnat's ex boyfriend. The tape is posted in the blog recap near the end. Nat D tweeted his voice was disguised, probably to protect his identity. Make of it what you will.

Chiara Soprano said...

I have to be honest, I didn't think this week's recap was so great, but it covered all the bases. The show this week was more of the same, the Battle of the Natalies and neither one of them are from New York. I'll be happy when all this is put to rest next week. Now I will take two Tylenol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. You do a great job. I didn't like this recap. I am over the fight between the two Natalies but I hope they bring Nat D back. What show would there be this season without them? Big Ang playing with her grand kids. Renee finding peace? Karen and Storm? Drita and her kids? I think they had zero drama and had to bring out outsiders to stir things up this season, hence that is why Carla is back. Maybe the original cast are turning into boring Sea Hags. LOL Just joking Love the show and them all.

Stephanie Plunkett said...

It's crazy wasn't into this weeks like usual to much he said she said crap. I'm gratefully satisfied with how Karen Renee Drita Big Ang are doing with one another. And even more happy that Carla is getting along with the girls as well now. Only if Ramona could come back it would be great. Take the 2 Nats. Off put them 2 back on. Everyone of them has experienced a lot of pain hurt lies and so on. Why continue to allow them to be on the show with the continued bull surrounding pain lies and hurt. It is way to much for sure.

Chiara Soprano said...

I didn't like this recap either to be honest. there were few places to add my two cents and the whole thing was repetitive of previous episodes, beating a dead horse. Then when we get to the BIG scene, no tape is played! I tried to make up for the lack luster in the blog by adding Nat D's tape and Gnat's admission that her ex did in fact cheat Hopefully the finale will be more entertaining since I hear Renee is having a party and inviting both Natalies...WHY I do not know!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Alicia making an appearance? Drita vs Carla -better story, Bring Ramona back - she's gotta be doing something interesting, I liked Love too. I just don't care for the Philly girls.

Maybe merge Chicago with Staten island wives? Or find more New York wives that actually have a connection with original cast. One their cousins, sisters, best friend, neighbor, somebody!

maharet1965 said...

Well I was excited for this weeks show until it came on !! It was just disappointing as usual. I hope the party next week is a little more entertaining. I saw a tweet yesterday about an interview with GNat G. on a Philly channel, So I asked if she was gonna ask her about the movie she got kicked off and being prejudice. They deleted my tweet so I guess someone does not want to talk about all that. Chiara your blog was great as usual.

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad racist gnatalie got fired from that movie. NOW it's time for the Mobwives producers to fire that racist from Mobwives. She has no connection to the mob anyway. I loathe racists.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would tell us when the finale really is. I tend to believe you, Chiara, that it is next week, but the previews did not say "Next week on the Season Finale" like it usually does, and the Staten Island advance is saying that it is in April sometime...unless they mean the reunion.

Chiara Soprano said...

The season finale, episode 12, will air march 4th and it's called "The Final Face-ff" Drita tries to keep calm after learning about Natalie's deceitful ways; Renee throws a party; the Natalies nearly meet; unexpected guests disturb the celebration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Unexpected guest??
"nearly meet"

OMG.. I love reading between the lines!

Anonymous said...

So that means Alicia almost comes face to face with Karen...

I know what the beef is with Alicia and Karen.. But I'm confused why it was ok for Alicias father in law to do things.. They were all in the same lifestyle.. Is the only reason that Sammy killed her father in law allegedly.. She says Blood money Karen is profiting from.. But her lifestyle isnt flowers and birds.. So if someone else had her father in law wacked then she would be cool with Karen..

Chiara Soprano said...

Not only did Alicia's father in-law commit crimes, so did she and her husband. One of Karen's arguments against Alicia is why is she blaming her when she was born into the lifestyle and had no choice. Alicia entered this world by choice. And the excuse she makes that she didn't know her husband was in the mob doesn't hold water because his father had a prior history.

Anonymous said...

I know GnatRats ex. I remember when he wound up getting in trouble for that and yes his voice should have been protected. I will be shocked if he makes a public statement on her behalf. SHOCKED maybe money can buy anything tho. Of course nobody knows what goes on in any relationship. But I know another girl that this same was with. And he never laid a finger on her. In fact. She used to get violent with him and he would walk out and leave.
Also. The people saying that it's not her. Or altered or whatever. Get your heads out of her butt. IT IS HER! Omg wake up and smell the bull$^t. Seriously. The people who know him and remember him goin back to jail on a violation know this for a long time. And I don't know Nat D. So I am not writing this on behalf of her or as a fan of hers. I haven't seen enough of her to make any judgement. I know "rumors" but if everyone in south philly believed the rumors we heared we all might as well just start a big giant war. South philly is rumor central. Lol everyone got everyone on drugs or this one sleepin with that one. Its just South Philly. So I can't form any real opinion on Nat D until I see more. See. I'm realistic in knowing that she's not on show just blabbin away about Nat G. There's this thing it's called production and they basically call the shots on what's to be discussed. The who's. The whats. The where's. I can probably guarantee you Nat D. Doesn't eat sleep and drink Gnat Rat. But even though she's on reality show. I don't think anyone can say what she's about unless they know her personally. So to form an opinion based on what production is allowing us to see in less then what 12 hours (& that would be if the show was about her for an hour straight each episode. But it's not so we got maybe like an hour of footage of what production wants us to see)

It's shocking how shallow some can be. The fans of Gnat Rats who keep saying the recordings are fake. Omg. Open your eyes. She needs to just make a public apology. And a few select few one on one. Maybe she would gain some small shred of dignity.
But. I will say this. Lol. To the dude who makes all those Twitter pages and who's crawled up Nat D's butt. You may wanna crawl out. We can't see what kind of sneakers you have on. You need to really stop making her look bad.
Honestly that's my biggest issue. I don't care about a name of a family who's probably trying to get on the show. Obvi!!! Lol but who cares who's name was used (other then family of course ok I get that)
But. Why would Nat D hang with this guy when he is no doubt goin to do to this to her to. He can't control himself. Nat D. Get them sneaks on get to runnin! You got a SWM that seems a bit needy & clingy!!! Oh did I say mental and fatal attractionish but I guess the old saying applies friends closer.. Enemies shoved up ur butt closer! If he was that obsessed with Gnat imagine how obsessed he will be with Nat D. We pray he finds his way to not make any more Twitter accounts!!! You can always tell when it's him lol. And he definitely has used racist comments and remarks as well but hey whatever floats your boat. So far I've been rooting for Nat D from the beggining but she must get rid of that awful accessory who stalks everyone on Twitter begging karen and others to follow him oh how pathetic he looks any with him is flat out asking to be betrayed. Let him stick with Gnat Rat. He's bound to bring Nat D down!!!

Mob Mistress said...

Or the voice on the tape is disguised because it is not Natalie Guercio’s ex-boyfriend on the tape. And instead it is Natalie D’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Ronnie actually pretending to be the ex.

We might not ever know the truth on that one.

I will just share when I heard alleged recordings of Natalie Guercio last year one of the primary reasons I believed it because I heard long conversations that revealed filming details that I would later watch in following episodes.

As always we just share our opinions and information we feel Mob Wives viewers make like to know about.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Jen Graziano's intentions, but she has effectively ruined the show by bringing in those Philly girls. I don't see why she had to bring them in anyway, neither of them have mob ties. So it makes no sense that they are on the show.
If the Philly girls are signed on for next season, I am done watching the how.

Shannon said...

I read this blog religiously but this my first time leaving a comment. I agree with Anon above me. These outsiders are ruining the show. There is no point to them being on other than to start drama. And there is enough without them! I have not watched the last two episodes, just came here to see what happened. I can't imagine watching next season if these two Philly girls are back. I can't stand either of them. Thanks for the great recaps Chiara!

Anonymous said...

That last word on my post above should be *show.
I am done watching the show, if those Philly girls are signed on for next season.

Anonymous said...

My take on the audio:
(and because NatG also posted what happened on Twitter)

Nat G did get her ex violated.
She did NOT call the cops.
She did NOT call the PO.

The PO showed up at her and the ex's house to see if he was in Atlanta.

How Nat G got the ex violated (sent back to jail).

When the PO asked if the ex was in Atlanta. Nat G said, "yes he is". That's what got him violated.
She should have said, "I don't know".

I think she TOLD on him because he was in Atlanta without her probably with the girl he was seeing for so long behind her back.

I also don't buy that she's a victim of DV. I think that was a big lie to cover up the PO coming to the house.

I also don't think the ex knew exactly how she got the news to the PO that he was in Atlanta... neither did Nat D.

They both assumed she called bc they didn't know the PO had shown up at the house. Nat G begged him not to tell the ex he was there.

That's my take on the audio and video clips. hee-hee!!