Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mob Wives: Ang & Drita's Take on Season 5

In this interview, Drita and Ang talk about Season 5 from their perspective. Their comments were so fascinating that instead of recapping I decide to create a little transcript of the relevant parts. Oy Vey.

It all starts with a question about Renee and bada bing, bada boom . . .

Big Ang: “We know each other’s family, but after Renee’s behavior this season we are definitely not family.”

Drita: “Someone saw Renee and confused her for Big Ang and said ‘Hi Ang’ and Renee answered “Don’t associate me with that clown.”

Drita: “In truth, Renee doesn’t get along with a lot of people. Renee had fights with Karen, she didn’t even like Karen, I’m the reason why they talk.”She ripped Karen, she called her father a rat, she did exactly what Gnatalie is doing. I make you guys friends cause I said like each other, like each other. And when I blinked my eye they turned on me. So let’s be real and let’s call a spade a spade. So what the f*ck is everyone talking about, this circle, this circle? This is the most banged up . . .”

Big Ang: “It’s more like a f*ckin’ Bermuda triangle.”

Drita: “Now Karen, all I did when I made her make up with Renee, was fight with her for three f*ckin’ years. So what friendship is everybody talking about? It’s beyond me, I have no idea what show I’m watching this season. And, Gnatalie comes along. They don’t like Gnatalie. The last three years they don’t like me. Now I had fights with Karen in the past and then Ang came on the show and hung out with her. Did I ever say to Ang why are you hanging out with them? I know Ang since I’m 16.  No. Let it be what it is. You have a fight with Gnatalie, settle it on your own time. Don’t fight with us because we’re talking to someone you don’t like."

Ang: “They wanted us to take sides.  I’m fine with Renee now. She apologized. That’s all she had to do. She probably didn’t mean it, but whatever. I’m fine with it, I’m over it." 

Drita: “You know how many times Rene said, you now Gnatalie how can you talk to her, she talks about my family. Renee talked about my family. Karen talked about my family." 

If you want to cut to the chase go to the 4:40 mark and sit back!

Picture and Video Credit: The Lowdown


maharet1965 said...

I still think they are douchebags this season. Karen and Renee' were fine with each other after the 2nd episode of season 1 as far as I remember. Whatever. They have to justify their behavior somehow I guess.

Anonymous said...

I canot believe that Ang drank the Drita Delusion juice.. We all know by now Driat lies and believe herself and rewrites history like no other but Ang? Dispapointing

Anonymous said...

The reason Karen and Renee get along on the show now is bc Karen went to Renee when JR got arrested when NONE of the other girls showed up for her!!

Whatever to justify their twisted behavior and attempt to take over the show.

Chris Gonz is a female btw, not a dude!

Anonymous said...

This is a clean up effort FOR Nat G's new lead role in Black Point formally Skeletons in the Closet that NEVER aired.
Chloe Finch claims to have written and produced Tears of the Sun starring Bruce Willis yet there are NO credits for her besides her own.

I gave up trying to find where Chloe Finch's name went with the movies she's claimed to have written, produced and/or directed... I can't find any except Skeletons in the Closet which never aired.

The whole Mob Wives season has been one ugly fat lie to cover up the damage Nat G has done to VH1 and for Chloe Finch!

Jen should have let Nat G go after she quit the gig she was brought on the show for... modeling for the Mob Candy line.

And Nat G's CREEP Damage Control Crew she has out there stalking fans on every social media outlet they can find a person on and they are simply relentless until you close the account or agree with them! It's BULLSHIT!!

Nat G talks a lot about suing people, well she's gonna end up in one huge lawsuit herself if she doesn't step back off the fans on Twitter and YouTube bc it's gotten fricken RIDICULOUS!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon above please know that we are on Black Point and will look into it further if need be. A new blog should be out shortly, you my want to comment there as well. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm following you on Twitter. Thank GOODNESS, although you have your favs on the show you are NOT out terrorizing people to recant or see things Nat G's way.

WAY too much for a show and a person that's supposed to be a professional actress and instead acts like she's the lead in a HS production!!!

What BS!!

Anonymous said...

"dritas problem with Carla? Yes , I know exactly why. I also know that dritas daughter aleeya is going through some hard times, and its all because if her parents. Let's start off with the Carla "situation" the only reason drita is making sure to stay away from Carla, is becaut of Lee. Lee does not want drita to have anything to do with Carla. He knows that drita dated or had a thing with some men that she met while Lee was locked up. Carla was always trying to hook drita up. Lee thinks Carla is a how, and does not want them being friends. That's it. Nothing More. Drita is just trying to keep her family intact. Now as far as aleeya. She is depressed, and trying to figure out life. She isn't a bad kid, but has one nasty mouth for being so young. She goes to kick boxing, because kids were bullying her in school. I think that was a good move, to help her with self defense, but drita and Lee let her gang out with girls she shouldn't be near! They also let her swear when ever she wants and act out, because they feel she is going through something. They favor their youngest, and their oldest just feels lost. I feel so bad!! She has a mom that acts like a train wreck on TV, and talks about making people get on their knees and be forced to suck d-@k, and how she's going to break everyone's face open. Then there is her father that robbed banks, and has been out of her life for most of it. Both Lee and drita, are constae arguing, and say the most disgusting things to one another. Aleeya is so down and out. We can only blame these so called parents! Yes, I know all of this for a FACT. And no I will not say who I am. I'm just clearing some stuff up, and letting some light in to dritas real world. I know a lot. I could write a short novel!!

Nick said...

U know what I want to know... These ladies know where each other live.. So why dont they ever do anything outside of the show and stop waiting for the cameras to capture everything.. Thats what always gets me.. Yeah i know they might be under contract..

I really wanna see what happens at the reunion.. Is this interview with Ang and Drita recent.. Cuz if it is gotta watch really closely at the Reunion for Massive Fakery

Anonymous said...

Here are the lies again... Karen and Renee made up, because Karen by herself, showed up to Renee's house when the "Mob Bust" happened on season 1... She gives herself way too much credit... Bye

Anonymous said...

Poor Ang couldn't get a word in! Drita pretty much told her what to say. Angela looked very uncomfortable through this whole interview. Drita sounds like a scorned lover. Seriously? As to she made Karen makeup with Rene? Give me a break, I don't think anyone can "make" Karen do anything. Funny how the Carla issues were not discussed. Whatever Drita get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I stopped liking drita when I saw how she did not have Carla's back when Carla was getting ganged up on. BUT the season before, Carla went to war for drita. drita is a snake, just like Ramona said.
drita is not a friend to anyone and does not know what the meaning of loyalty is.
It's funny how big ang said she and Renee are family and have made-up, but as soon she, big ang, gets in the company of drita, she says she and Renee are not family anymore. What is wrong with that woman, big ang? drita's flip-flopping is rubbing off on her. big ang is the one who started the fight with Renee, by blaming Renee for something Junior did.

Also I think the reason big ang and drita clung to gnat g so fast, they like the way she trashed Karen and Karen's family, and they like the way gnat g fought with Renee.
I think big ang and drita do not like Karen and Renee, and this is why they got so close to gnat g, because gnat g was feuding with Karen and Renee, and big ang and drita liked that, because gnat g was doing something they wanted to do but was too cowardice to do it.

Anonymous said...

Big Ang has history with everyone but I think she's the relationship has always been different when it comes to her and Drita. I see Big Ang, Drita, and Nat G have a youthful spirit and are fun to be around so they all bond in that respect.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster that wrote that Drita doesn't talk to Carla anymore because of Lee, that is exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking that Carla may have discouraged Drita from taking that lying, cheating, abusive asshat Lee back after he got out of jail. But you are probably more on target, Carla was dating when her hubby was in jail, and did encourage Drita to date. Lee is such an animal, Drita actually looked scared when she saw Carla walk in at that party. I bet Lee has forbidden Drita to speak to Carla. He lets her hang around with Ange because like Renee said, she is a clown. Karen is the lucky one to have gotten rid of Lee.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above. I agree with you. Maybe drita's husband has forbidden her to associate with Carla, and also Karen and Renee. You notice how drita shuns all three them now.
Perhaps Lee thinks big ange is safe. Also, perhaps he thinks gnat g is safe for drita to hang out with.
Like you said, drita did look scared when Carla walked into Renee's party, like she had seen a ghost. Then drita jumped up and hauled ass, like someone lit a fire under her ass. Her actions were just so strange.
It seems like drita is just content to hang out with big ange and gnat g., and wish they had the show all to themselves. It looked to me like drita was happy that Carla and Karen left the show, and she was not happy to see them return.
Yep, Karen is the lucky one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Big Ang has history with everyone but I think she's the relationship has always been different when it comes to her and Drita. I see Big Ang, Drita, and Nat G have a youthful spirit and are fun to be around so they all bond in that respect.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
big ange's, and drita's spirits are no more youthful than the other women.
I am with the posters who think drita has been forbidden to associate with no one but ange and gnat. As for ange I think drita latched on to her, and swayed her from being tight with the other women. BUT they both accept gnat g because she is younger than them, and they can handle her.
big ange agrees with whomever she is in the company of at the time, and now she has become a flip-flopper like drita.