Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mob Doctor: Fluid Dynamics

December has barely started, but it's Christmas in Chicago!  I guess when you are OFFICIALLY CANCELLED and have ONLY 5 EPISODES LEFT, you really start getting in the Christmas spirit.

As we near the end of this series, less and less details start to seem important, so I'll gloss over some nonessential stuff.

Grace gets paged by a shady character who has come into the hospital with back pain.  You can tell he's shady because he is wearing a leather jacket.  He heard Grace sees patients off the grid.  But before she agrees to see him, he collapses, which I can tell you from experience, is not a good thing to do in a doctor's office or hospital.  That kind of draws a lot of attention to you and keeps you very much on the grid. 

Grace calls Constantine and tells him he can't send her patients like this.  But Constantine didn't send the guy.  Grace describes him, and Constantine recognizes the description as belonging to Russell King from Detroit.  Grace meets up with Franco who admits to sending King.  He needs to be hooked to someone in the biz to stay in the biz.

King's daughter comes to the hospital and they discuss their plans for the night.  Grace tells them she doesn't think it's likely that Russell will be able to make it, and his daughter assures him she can handle it.

I'll sum up the medical plot quickly, because as usual, it's useless.  This kid comes in named Kyle Bennett and he has an antler embedded in his head.  Dr. White acts really weird around this patient, until he reveals that he once had a stepson named Kyle Bennett who would have been about this age, but he and his mother died in an accident.  Patient Kyle talks about baseball, which is something Dr. White's son used to love.  And Patient Kyle's mother is also dead.  Do you think anything comes of all these coincidences?

Constantine comes to the hospital and visits Russell.  He tells Russell that there are no individual contractors in Chicago anymore, so I guess that's what last week was about.  He tells Russell if he's planning a job, he has to kick into the syndicate.  Russell says he doesn't think so.

So Grace talks to Russell and asks him if he told Constantine who referred him to her.  Russell says something to the effect of, he's not stupid and ever so nicely compliments Grace saying that she must be pretty slick to be a lady doctor and what not. 

He goes on to babble about how he and Constantine are both fathers, to which Grace asks if Constantine has kids.  King says Grace must not be as slick as she looks.  Because, duh, he just said so, and probably Grace is Constantine's daughter anyway.  WE WERE ALL THINKING IT.

So the plan for the heist, and it IS a heist, is that King and his daughter are going to sneak into an auction house through a water main that is going to be drained for construction or something.  Russell needs some emergency surgery because something is terribly wrong with him, but when Grace looks for him, he's escaped the hospital.  She calls Franco to make Russell come back, but Russell is already in the water main and he's too far down to get service.

Franco goes down the main, and Grace rushes over.  When she gets there, she sees Constantine paying off the city workers.  The tunnels are going to flood, and once again, Russell is collapsed.  It's touch and go for approximately 4 seconds, but it turns out everything is alright.

Grace starts to perform surgery on Russell right there.  She makes an incision and then makes Franco stick his fingers in it and pull the skin apart.  IT.  IS.  NASTY.

Russell survives.  It may seem weird that I said it like that with no explanation in between, but that's kind of what happens in the show.  They get to the hospital, Grace is straddling him on the gurney as they roll him into the ER and then, next thing you know, he survives.

THEN, Grace goes over to Franco's new place.  And they hook up.  It is the most awkward 90 seconds of television I've ever seen.  It is more awkward, even, than Twilight.

Constantine's men tell him that Franco and Grace were both there to save Russell.  Constantine says he'll deal with her on his own time.

Mob Doctor is giving me a break!  No new episodes until December 29th. We're only 4 episodes away from an unsatisfying conclusion!

How do you guys feel about the ~official cancellation?  Anyone happy about Grace and Franco getting together? Anyone rooting for those two?

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Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for breaking it down. It's obvious you have never gotten into the show and I can see why. The cancellation proves you aren't alone. I am happy for you that you will soon be out of your misery. It's too bad too because the premise for the show was good. I think they tried to do too much with it and failed.

Anonymous said...

I like the show enough to watch it every week. It is not my fave so my world won't crash down if it's cancelled, although I would like it to continue with better story lines.

I was happy that Grace and Franco hooked up.