Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mob Wives Saving Lives Photos!

Toni Marie Ricci and Karen Gravano

Did you miss last night's event? If you did you missed a huge opportunity to meet a few of your favorite Mob Wives! Many of the Mob Wives were hosting this event and raising money for victims of Sandy. We were lucky to get some pictures of those who were present for a cause that close to all their hearts. I am sharing what I have with our readers and maybe we will get some insight into season three (lol chirp) from who was and wasn't there. I learned from Twitter that Renee Graziano was not well and unable to attend. Michael Bell donated a piece of his artwork for the fund raiser and some of the Mob Wives autographed it. Joe Ferragmo was there with his lovely girlfriend. Toni Marie refers to Joe as a real "gentleman" and his girlfriend "a doll." I love Joe's white, fresh, crisp shirt!

It looks to me like everyone had a great time for a good cause. Maybe they filmed some of the event for season three of the show and we can get a better idea of what went on? I wouldn't be surprised.

Toni Marie & Renny

Renny & Ramona

Ramona signing Art by Michael Bell
while NEW Mob Wife, Love Majewski looks on!

Love Majewski adds her signature!

Toni Marie & Love Majewski

Toni Marie & Love with Michael Bell's
donated artwork

Love with @Dondig

Jennifer Graziano signing art by Michael Bell

Toni Marie & Karen

Karen & Love

Joe Ferragamo & Toni Marie

Joe & "Girlfriend"

Picture Credit: Various cast members Twitter Accounts


Anonymous said...

Where were the other Mob Wives Renee,Carla, Drita & Big Ang?

Chiara Soprano said...

Renee tweeted she was sick, Big Ang had her own event to go to, Drita...who knows.

Anonymous said...

Whoa... Joe F is with the woman who lost her hubby to Carla's cheating paws???? Thats hysterical.