Monday, December 10, 2012

Mob Wives: Joe Ferragamo’s “Picture Perfect” Family

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It was back in May when we first blogged about Joe’s new girlfriend. He had already been seeing her for awhile. She was mentioned on Mob Wives during the second season in a scene when Joe and Carla were at the gym together. Joe was telling Carla how well his girlfriend gets along with the kids and he thought it was nice. If you remember, a snarky, insecure and seemingly jealous Carla asked Joe, “Does she bring over her Barbie dolls?” Well, the girlfriend must be doing something right because they are still together. They live together, they have a dog, Achilles, together and they spend lots of time with the twins, Carmen and JoJo. Joe seems quite happy with his little family.

Girlfriend with "her man!"

When Joe got out of prison there was plenty of speculation that he and Carla would try to patch things up. It looked like Joe might have been inclined to try. Carla’s mother always loved Joe and thought they should be together. Carla even said she was waiting for Joe to make some kind of effort to prove himself and show he had changed. And when she was asked about them ever getting back together she would answer, “never say never,” keeping her heart and door open. So what happened with that?  Word on the street has it that Handy Man was still tinkering around in Carla's "toolbox." Soon after this Joe and his girlfriend got together and the rest is history!

The girlfriend is always taking pictures! 
Here the twins are showing how old they are...10!

Joe and his girlfriend recently celebrated Carmen and JoJo's 10th birthday with them this past November. It looks like they all had a very nice time, doesn't it? The twins are adorable!

So Joe really has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. He seems to have found himself a nice, beautiful young lady who “loves her man” and strokes his ego.  She is great with his kids. She has no bags, no sags, no wrinkles, no handyman, like Carla aka "HOT COOCHIE" (as Mob Mistress likes to call her). They look wonderful and happy together. They go everywhere together and always have time for the twins.

Quality time with Carmen! that an engagement ring? Thanks @MobBabyy!!!

And what about Thanksgiving? Well Carla aka HOT Coochie spent it with Handy, Big Ang and her family, while Joe and his girlfriend seem to have had a nice, cozy little celebration at home. Where were the twins? Beats me.

Big Ang= Team Carla

The Lovebirds!

And SOURCES tell us we can expect to see a lot more of Joe Ferragamo in season three of Mob Wives along with his pretty girlfriend! The new season premieres on January 6th, 2013! The viewers and readers of the blog seem to have fallen in love with this charismatic man. We also hear that Season Three is really heating up and lines are being drawn! Friends are quickly becoming foes. Allegiances are being tested. And Mob Mistress says, "cunts will be revealed." There goes Mob Mistress, always keeping it real!

One thing I am very sure of, if there is ever a Team Carla vs Team Joe, I am Team Joe all the way! Carla has always been my least favorite mob wife and I wouldn't miss her one bit if she was replaced. Speaking of being replacing Carla...I think Joe has already done a very fine job of that himself!

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Nancy said...

Seems that Joe has "Traded Up. Its refreshing to see a man who served time in prison come out and better himself. I am very happy for his children. Joe's girlfriend is a very pretty young lady and I wish them both well.

Deana3452 said...

That picture of them at Rockefeller Center with the tree! WHOA I really thought that was Carla at first glance!

Anonymous said...

Joe obviously listened to Beyonce's hit song, Upgrade You.

Jane Springfield said...

Meh, Joe may be good-looking and a charmer but then I remember how he financially destroyed so many lives, which makes him not-so-charming. But I do sincerely hope these men learn their lesson and remember the consequences of their actions when they're in the slammer. Hopefully Joe learned his, learns to make an honest living and he'll live a much better life with his kids and will feel better about himself overall.

As for Carla, who cares? She provides no substance to the show and will go after any sausage that will show her the $$$.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see carla's true colors be revealed this upcoming season. She portrays herself as innocent no drama. She just hides her past little better then others do.